1. Maksym Chornyi


    OSKAR SCHINDLER’S FACTORY (DEF) IN KRAKOW I continue my 2018 Poland series of articles with an “in-depth visit” of the famous Deutsche Emailwarenfabrik (DEF) best known for the “Schindler’s list” movie. I encourage you to make your own reading tour along the Museum, room by room, installation...
  2. Maksym Chornyi


    SCHINDLER'S LIST MOVIE LOCATIONS IN KRAKOW I continue my series of articles from the Poland trip 2018 with a detailed historical tour along the all main movie locations in Krakow, where ‘Schindler’s list’ movie by Steven Spielberg was filmed. Thorough route within Krakow, Plaszow campsite...
  3. Maksym Chornyi


    KRAKOW GHETTO TODAY I continue a series of articles, devoted to my May-2018 journey to Krakow. In this material, I would like to share all the main sites of the former Krakow ghetto within a solo researched half-a-day walking route, with the history of the places, a brief comment on how it...
  4. Maksym Chornyi

    Plaszow concentration camp today (2008)

    PLASZOW CONCENTRATION CAMP TODAY I’ve visited Krakow and Plaszow in May 2018. The former labor and concentration camp became well-known due to “Schindler’s list” movie. In this detailed material, I would like to thoroughly describe an extensive walking tour with the history of each of more than...
  5. Y

    Prices in the Krakow ghetto

    What were the prices (Mainly food) in the Krakow ghetto during 41-43 both for the official prices and those of the black market?
  6. Y

    Many Questions : I am writing a novel .wwII Krakow ,Poland

    The book is being fact checked for one of the biggest publishing house in Israel. I am looking for help -Could be 'thank you " in the book's afterward. You can answer here or mail to: Thanks:):rolleyes: Where and when the first megastores appeared in Poland and...
  7. Y

    Currency .Krakow 1916

    this is a little tricky and I am struggling to find the answer. What was the prevailing /de facto currency that people used to buy goods in Krakow 1916?
  8. D

    Auschwitz History Course for Teachers 2014 - Krakow November

    Dear All - Teachers & Educators! We have a pleasure to invite you to attend the third edition of Auschwitz Teachers Training organised by Escape2Poland and Auschwitz Museum, providing excellent opportunity to continue your professional development. When: 7th-10th November 2014 Where: Krakow -...