1. M

    Kriegsmarine Surface Fleet during WW2 : Too hesistant or too weak to be effective ?

    During World War 2 while German Navy surface fleet caused concern for Allies eventually it turned out they were not as much as a threat as U-Boat arm or Luftwaffe. Especially after Norwegian Campaign and loss of Bismark German admirals did not press attacks and instead preffered to sortie...
  2. S

    Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and Waffen-SS

    W7JRZDuTD5M I hope you enjoy guys. It was for a college work. I'm not a nazi, just a history student.
  3. 1759

    Weather Station Kurt - Nazi ops in Labrador 1943

    Weather Station Kurt (Wetter-Funkgerät Land-26) was an automatic weather station, erected by a German U-boat crew in Northern Labrador, Dominion of Newfoundland in October 1943. Installing the equipment for the station was the only known armed German military operation on land in North America...
  4. J

    During WWII, did the Kriegsmarine have a surface fleet formidable as the UK and US

    In terms of having large quantities of sophisticated ships and amphibious warfare capabilities. Like the Japanese, did Germany have the ability to take over territory by sea while facing powerful naval adversaries like the Royal Navy and US Navy?
  5. Temujin


    I know next to nothing about the Kriegsmarine and would like some enlightenment. How did it match up to the other major navies in the World War? What were its weaknesses and strengths? What did it achieve and fail in World War II? What were its best or most notable ships? What role did it play...
  6. fredleander

    The German Navy (kriegsmarine) War Diary with reference to Operation Sea Lion

    Looking in at the various discussions on Operation Sea Lion – Unternehmen Seelöwe – the planned German invasion of England in September 1940, I get the impression that it is not taken very seriously, or misunderstood, by debaters - that there was little, or inferior, planning and training of the...
  7. diddyriddick

    Interesting site on the Kriegsmarine in WWII

    I stumbled across this site and thought some might find it useful. In the strictest sense, it covers the whole Wehrmacht, but there are numerous resources already available on that topic. There's relatively little out there on the Kriegsmarine. kriegsmarine 1935 to 1945
  8. Edward

    Strength and weakness of German Wehrmacht (Army), Kriegsmarine (Navy) and Luftwaffe (Air Force)

    Strength and weakness of German Wehrmacht (Army), Kriegsmarine (Navy) and Luftwaffe (Air Force) Wehrmacht, Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe have been created for aggressive war with conquest of the Word as an ultimate objective. This war machine failed to achieve this objective. What was their...