1. G

    Why Did French (Mostly) Disappear in Louisiana, But Not Quebec

    Louisiana and Quebec both started off as French colonies with a substantial number of French-speaking settlers. Both came under the rule of English-speaking powers (Quebec became British in 1763 and Louisiana became American in 1803). They both exist in a North American economy in which the...
  2. Mercian

    Old English Dative Case + Word Order

    I know this isn't really the place to talk about grammar, but I've been struggling to understand how the dative case works in Old English. I start off by knowing that the dative case is for an indirect object or recipient, but when I look at the sentence se wer on þam sweartan hætt gesohte me...
  3. HackneyedScribe

    What do Ballista mean in the English language?

    In the modern English language, can tension powered siege machinery such as the below be called "ballista"?: I am having an argument in which the other guy says that only torsion powered siege machinery could classify as "ballista". But I think that since we are speaking in the English...
  4. Ladislao di Napoli

    Academic Guidance Tandem Ecxange language

    Hello there, i've a degree in medieval history and i'd like to do Phd, maybe at abroad. Because of this, I started studying english, but to improve it i need someone who wants to speak; i'm italian, so maybe i could help you with my language if you are interested. However, i'm looking for a...
  5. L

    Language shifts in Scotland

    Why were Pictish and Brittonic (Cumbric) languages replaced by Gaelic (my understanding is that Gaelic was not native to Scotland but came from Ireland, right?) and why was later Gaelic replaced by Scots, and ultimately Scots by [Standard] English? Were those processes more cultural or more...
  6. D

    Language of "pays Basque"

    Hello everybody.Please what are the origines of the language of the "pays Basque"?Thank you.
  7. B

    BC Thracian language, language of ancient Macedonians

    According to Rufus when Philotas son of Parmenio was put on trial in front of the Macedonian army (some of them were Greeks), Alexander asked him, "Philotas, the Macedonians are going to judge you, state whether you will use your mother-tongue in front of them." Philotas answered that he will...
  8. S

    Ashoka and Language

    Brahmi script was used during Ashoka's regin but what was the language used, was it Pali or Sanskrit? And what is the oldest known script in which Sanskrit was written?
  9. H

    Ainu language.

    Any statistics on it as of 2018? It had 10 speakers in 2007 alive.
  10. Naima

    The Horse, the Wheel, and Language

    What you think of this book? The Horse, the Wheel, and Language: How Bronze-Age Riders from the Eurasian Steppes Shaped the Modern World David W. Anthony
  11. S

    Why is the V sound uncommon in many East and Southeast Asian languages

    Without V Lao Korean Tibetan Burmese Japanese Most Chinese languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, etc) With V Khmer Mongolian Vietnamese Special Case Thai has no V in it's language but seems to have it in proper nouns. Unsure Bahasa Tagalog Interestingly, two of the languages that do have a V sound...
  12. RidiculousName

    Why is English Hard?

    Why do so many people say English is hard to learn? Why is English more difficult than many of it's continental neighbor languages?
  13. Bart9349

    Academic Guidance What Romantic Language to Learn ....?

    A young history student asked the following question: Which Romantic language would be best to learn (not necessarily speak) in order to read modern texts (but not speak) in the other Romantic languages? He hopes to be able to read in multiple Romantic languages and wants to know which would be...
  14. M

    Greek migration theory

    Herodotus described Persians and Medes and suggests they are Greek in origin. Persians They were formerly called by the Greeks, Cephenes, but by themselves and their neighbors Artaei. When Perseus son of Danae and Zeus had come to Cepheus son of Belus and married his daughter Andromeda, a...
  15. Ranefer

    Diplomatic language during Old Kingdom Egypt

    I have a question. Imagine a Pharaoh started a war or expeidtion into Sinai region during 4th dynasty. How was communicated with the local people? The language was different. I guess they used translators but where did they get them from?
  16. A

    Foreign Language for a US History Major

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and I had a question in regards to the foreign language requirements for Graduate School. Right now I am finishing my Bachelors in History at CSUB. I will continue on with my Masters and I plan on hopefully moving on to Graduate School after. I have decided...
  17. V

    Tamil - The Language, Puzzles and Its Origin

    1) Vivekananda said, Tamil the oldest Indian language 2) Present Syria was ruled by the Kings called Mittanis, at around 1200 BCE, they had a peace agreement with Hittites. Interesting Mittani mentioned so many Sanskrit terms and Indic gods called Indra, Varuna and Asvini. But the Interesting...
  18. P

    Emergence of language and robots

    Perhaps because I am an inhabitant of a country with two official languages, even three if you reckon with the German entity of Eupen-Malmédy, a bit as Switzerland, I was from the childhood on interested in languages. See for instance my thread on this board about the "Thiois" language, "Diets"...
  19. P

    Thiois what language?

    Especially for Isleifson/Laumesfeld and Authun. But other interested ones are welcome too :)...and perhaps also "motorbike"... When I answered recently to Reitia about the history of the Low Countries I met on a French site the term "thiois" I found nothing in English only this in French...
  20. AfghanistanBactriaAriana

    Why do historians consider the Kushan language Bactrian?

    Why do historians consider the Kushan language Bactrian if it was called "Aryan" by Kanishka the Great in the Rabatak inscription? It was not even found in what would have been Bactria instead Tukharistan. "And he issued a Greek edict then he put it into Aryan."...