1. Visigoth Panzer

    large Oversea Indian Communities

    What regions of the world have significant communities of Indians (from India) that amount to large % of the regional population? Examples being Durban in South Africa and Guyana in South America. Britain and the USA don't count because the populations are dispersed across the country. Any...
  2. larkin

    Large Families vs Small Families

    Large multi-generational families can take its toll. Living with a bunch of people causes each to fight for food, nurturing or just plain attention. There's on going struggle and fights for privacy, space and possession. 9 or 10 people living in a 2 room tenement in turn of the century New York...
  3. Millennium

    Poll: Are Large Countries Nations?

    Refer to thread: ‘Poll: Is India a nation?’ under the Asian History Forum. This poll is the same as that but referring to the other nation giants of Asia: China, India, Indonesia, Russia, etc. How do New World nation giants of North America, Brazil & Australia, considering the...
  4. Millennium

    Poll: Are large countries nations?

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  5. Jake10

    First Cashier Free Large Grocery Store Opens, But Will it Work?

    So, Amazon has opened their high tech grocery store, where you just scan your app, walk in, take what you like and walk out. Then, they automatically charge you. But, will all this be accepted? Amazon's 1st high-tech grocery store opens to the public - Technology & Science - CBC News
  6. Old Spartan Veteran

    Large protests in America on November 4th?

    There has been talk of large protests that will take place in America on November 4th, ever since an advertisement appeared on a full page in the New York Times (see link below) on the 1st, declaring the intention to put an end to the current government by continual protests. As a person who...
  7. B

    Were there large land holding in New England

    The New England delegates to the Continental Congress were mostly merchants. Were there large estates as in the south and New York State, or only small family farms?
  8. JeanDukeofAlecon

    The imperial image on a large scale in the middle Byzantine Empire

    In the classical Roman empire every prominent emperor had their image plastered all over the cities of the empire, but this practice was stopped during and after Iconoclasm, or at least so I thought. After reading many primary sources for the middle Byzantine empire, I've been left with a...
  9. W

    Why do you need entire units of pole-arms behind the front row as a large wall block?

    This is something I've been wondering about. Obviously spearmen, pikemen, and other pole arms were designed to fight cavalry and also they were cheaper weapons to equip and they were easier to train with. So it makes sense for militia. With that said I am wondering about spear and other pole...
  10. Azad67

    Ghaznavids had large number of Hindus in their armies

    The core of the Ghaznavid army was the slave force (ghilman). The slave army of Ghaznavids consisted of Indians/Hindus, Turks and some Tajiks. The Indians/Hindus in the army resembled the Turks in their lack of home ties , lack of local connections. Like Arabs and Kurds, the Indians/Hindus had...
  11. A Vietnamese

    Large scale rebellions in Europe

    We all know large scale rebellions in China such as An-Lushan rebellion, Zhu Yuanzhang rebellion, Li Zicheng rebellion, Taiping rebellion. Some succeeded, some failed but all of them are rebellions of large scale, large enough to have a chance to crumble the dynasty or even replace it. But I...
  12. Aham Brahmasmi

    Large Hindu Minority in Pakistan and north India.

    According to this map, both Sindh and Punjab had large Hindu minority from 25% to 5% in 1910 even after continuous islamic rule since Arab Conquest. can somebody tell me why both regions had large hindu population even after moretn 1500 years of Islamic rule ? and why Muslims were over 75%...
  13. V

    Does DNA chart shows Turks were Mongoloid ? (Turkey, Chinese, Mongol , Kazakh, White)

    I feel like DNA charts can really tell us histories that happened 1000 years ago. Turkey was originally called Anatolia and only became Turkic when Central Asian Turks conquered it in the 11th century. The Turkic migrants were a minority but were a elite group, they assimilated every ethnic...
  14. Underground

    In 1941 Stalin was offering Hitler large territories Baltics, Ukraine etc.

    This might be a little known part of the WW II history. First, I would like to include the link to the Russian newspaper Red Star describing in positive tone Hitler's speech on 1 September 1939 and other events of September 1939, when Russia was occupying new territories towards West...
  15. Karl XII

    How did the Grand Duchy of Lithuania get so large?

    At one point during the middle ages they were the largest state in all of Europe. But looking at their demographics leaves one questioning how they could rule over such a gigantic tract of land. At their peak ethnic Lithuanians made up only 10-14% of the total population. How was this possible...
  16. Americanknight

    How did Rome become so large?

    I am fascinated by the Roman Empire and its ways. However i don't know how Rome got to be a continent controlling empire. how did Rome dominate almost all of Europe?
  17. G

    Why have mainland Indians not settled in North East India in large numbers since 1947

    I understand there are a few tribal districts and a few regions that are out of bounds. But by and large chunks of areas are open for outsider settlement. Why havent mainland Indians settled in larger numbers in these areas and create a demographic change in tangible sense. I ask this coz lots...
  18. G

    How did Sindh & Punjab had large non Muslim population and not Kashmir in 1947

    Sindh which was ruled continously by Muslims for over a millenia still had a substantial I believe between 30% to 40% Hindu population. Same goes for undivided Punjab. Yet Kashmir which fell to Muslims much later, after a lot of resistance and eventually even came into Hindu/Sikh rule (even...
  19. G

    Was there a large scale European war involving Protestant vs Catholic nations

    Was there a large scale European war involving Protestant vs Catholic nations on each side (without exceptions) and where the religious factor added a layer of complexity to the conflict. Qualification both sides should atleast have 2 nations on each side.
  20. G

    Despite Greek kingdoms ruling large areas why is Greek speaking area in Europe small

    Despite having had empires rule large areas Greece as a nation is much smaller than Italy, France, Germany and Spain? Why is this the case? Are there other Greek speaking areas outside of Turkey in Europe that were ethnic Greek and did not come with Greece nation?