1. Theodoric

    Natural disasters strike Japan: 6.7 Earthquake & largest Typhoon in 25 years

    1dblGe2dosc SFwS1BovTPw 9 confirmed deaths and 40 more still missing due to the earthquake. The typhoon has killed an additional 11 people.
  2. Futurist

    The largest post-WWII Soviet bloc if France doesn't fall in 1940?

    What is the largest post-WWII Soviet bloc that can be formed if France doesn't fall in 1940? As for my own thoughts on this, I think that, if France doesn't fall in 1940 and a long war subsequently occurs--with enough time for the Soviet Union to enter the war on the Anglo-French side--then the...
  3. Naima

    Largest invasions of history?

    Is there an esteem of the number of people that were involved in the largest invasions of history? Like Barbarian invasions, muslim invasion, mongol invasions etc?
  4. JaddHaidar

    Second largest mosaic in Syria dating from the 5th century uncovered

    The second largest mosaic in Syria was uncovered in the northern part of the country in the framework of the excavation works carried out in Uqeirbat archaeological site in Hama Province. The gigantic picture is 450 square meters according to the Directorate-General for Antiquities and Museums...
  5. M

    The largest military force that American Indians could Defeat?

    What was the largest military force that Indians in the Western United States could defeat? At the Battle of Pine Creek, also known as the Battle of Tohotonimmee and Steptoe's Disaster, on 17 May 1858, a US army force of 159 or 164 men and two mountain howitzers under Major and Brevet...
  6. Futurist

    AHC: Create the largest realistic 20th century Russia-**** you can think of

    Here is a fun AHC for you: Create the largest realistic 20th century Russia-waank you can think of. Basically, try to expand Russia as much as possible and to make Russia as wealthy as possible by the end of the 20th century. Also, please do this without Bolshevism; indeed, Russia would have...
  7. A

    Whats your favorite Largest Avian-Dinosaur (Bird) in the Cenozoic.

    Hey guys and gals. What is your favorite large Bird of the Cenozoic. Sure these birds are still been overlooked and are overshadowed by their famous ancestors. But are nonetheless dinosaurs. And what do you think about them and should Paleontologists and Scientists focus more of them. Also the...
  8. Visigoth Panzer

    Empire that ruled the largest % of world population

    The Persian empire at it's height was said to have ruled around 44% of the world population in 480 BC, skip ahead to Alexander's conquest in 323 BC and this would imply he ruled close to half the world's population if the population % of the region had not changed. Is there any other...
  9. Edratman

    Worlds Largest Pyramid

    I just stumbled across this story that was published in the Daily Mail about the largest pyramid, The Great Pyramid of Cholulaabout , about 1/4 mile wide, ust outside Puebla, the fourth largest city in modern day Mexico. Read more: Mexico's Great Pyramid of Cholulu lay beneath a church...
  10. W

    Was Islam once the world's largest religion?

    Some modern predictions state that Islam will become the world's largest faith by 2070, but I think that there was probably a time when it was the largest religion. I'm not sure when that time period would start from, but I believe that by the mid 1400s, it was the worlds largest religion...
  11. StatelessInSapporo

    Philippine electoral records breached in 'largest ever' government hack

    Almost 55 million Filipinos are at risk of cybercrime after a database was stolen from Comelec, the country’s electoral commission My indonesia husband to be sayed that philippine have more problem then indonesia. I think he is correct. Sad...
  12. F

    List of largest geographical areas named after cities

    The following list is certainly incomplete, please expand. Roman Empire, named after Rome (approx. 5 million km²) including Byzantine Empire, named after Byzantium Muscovy, named after Moscow (approx. 3 million km²) Kievan Rus', named after Kiev (approx. 1 million km²) Thebaid, from Thebais...
  13. DanielMisier

    Top 10 largest asian armies before 1800

    Does anyone know or have a link? It's for school so any help would be appreciated.
  14. J

    Budapest photos from 1860 to 1910 period.BP has the 3rd largest downtown in Europe.

    Photos of Budapest between 1860-1910 period. Notice, many of these buildings were destroyed during ww2. Until this day, Budapest had the third largest size historic downtown in Europe after Paris and Rome. I collected only different squares and streets.
  15. PaKeeza

    World's largest fort - Ranikot, Pakistan

    I did a thread sometime ago on forts but I think Ranikot Fort is unique because it's size so it deserves a thread of it's own. In addition I have got some extra pictures. Link > Quote "The fortification wall of the...
  16. G

    Your thoughts on Map showing 2nd Largest Nationality Living In Each European Country

    2nd Largest Nationality Living In Each European Country - Brilliant Maps What are your thoughts on this map. Any thing expected, any surprises and any trends you noticed that you otherwise didnt know about?
  17. J

    What was the largest planned, non-violent delegation of State authority in history?

    Interested in a broader definition of authority to include delegation to a zone or another state of legal system, regulatory, economic, security, education, healthcare and social services, therefore excluding modern free trade zones, including the Dubai International Financial Center (has...
  18. M

    Forget Grexit or Brexit, the largest threat to the EU will be a Merkel-exit

    Or so it seems according to this article: Europe's next big risk is the 'Merkel-exit' - Business Insider It seems after the cologne attacks, even in Germany the refugees policy of Angela Merkel is starting to be less popular, also making Merkel less popular. What do you think will change in...
  19. History 8 Teacher

    Largest impact of an invention on the United States

    Many inventions have played a huge role in American History what one do you think played the largest role?
  20. Iraq Bruin

    Giant ancient underground city found that may be the largest in the world

    Giant Ancient Underground City Found That May Be The Largest In The World | Spirit Science