1. F

    Islamic succession law

    So I am looking for how rulers in the Islamic era divided their lands and fortune Where their differences between sunnis shias and ibadi? Where there differences between cultures? In particular: Iranians, Arabs, Berbers, Turks, Indians, Somalians and West africans
  2. T

    who has the most power (to controll) during marshal law

    if your city declares marshal law, and the police have special orders from the ranking chief that goes against the orders from the military does the military orders out rank the highest ranking police officers?:suspicious: understand I'm thinking about a EMP attack that wiped out all...
  3. S

    If Hanover did not have Salic Law

    If Hanover did not have Salic Law Victoria would have been sovereign. Under these circumstances it would probably have remained neutral in the Seven Weeks War between Austria and Prussia (1866) and survived as a state. In general the British government had a hands off policy with regard to...
  4. SirOrmondeWinter

    Greatest law enforcement figure in US history?

    Non-fiction only, sorry Harry. 1. J Edgar Hoover-controversial but professionalised the FBI and US law enforcement generally. 2. Wyatt Earp-the archetypal tough guy US sheriff 3. Alan Pinkerton-revolutionised detective work 4. Daryll Gates-introduced many of the key reforms for the modern...
  5. JoanOfArc007

    Henry II and Common Law

    The following takes an interesting look into Henry II contributions to common law. Henry II has a good claim to be the founder of English Common Law. In a series of Assizes (meetings with barons that issued...
  6. AlpinLuke

    Charlie: Law VS Hope

    I have observed this matter from a distant and rational stance. So that I feel a bit, I don't know, strange, that now I'm moved by this. Everybody knows who is Charlie and his fight to survive. A Roman hospital has said to be ready to host the child and to try and cure him ... but, because of...
  7. L

    Protection under the law for Blacks during Jim Crow?

    During the Jim Crow era in the south, did blacks have any protection under the law since lynchings were not illegal at the time? If they were victims of crimes by whites would the police investigate or would the courts not take it seriously usually ruling against them or giving the most lenient...
  8. Redbad

    Canada just voted in favor of Sharia Law

    Canada?s M-103 debacle is a trial balloon for something much bigger | Furey | Co RdSihRRXJso 4hc8fCCRjkI
  9. W

    The Navigation Acts and British law on foreign crews

    So after the Navigation Acts were repealed in 1840s-50s did the Brits ever have any other laws restricting the portion of a British ship's crew that could be foreigners? The portion of foreigners under the Navigation Acts apparently could not exceed a quarter of the total crew. After their...
  10. stevapalooza

    The Tang Law Code

    For anyone interested in medieval Chinese law, I found a full English translation of the Tang law code available online. There are lots of other good documents on the site, but if you can't read Chinese they're not much use. Volume 1: The T'ang code. Volume I, General Principles | LSC Volume...
  11. P

    Newton's Law &

    Does Newton's law “for every action there is an equal and opposite re action” apply when a culture or its politics (as in the US) become polarized. Or can it be asymmetrical that the force of one side is responsible for polarization
  12. G

    Has Mongolia created a 'right to return' law for Mongolic peoples outside its lands

    I mean the Siberian mongols of Russia, Mongols in China, Hazaras and the Naimans etc. groups which are clearly Mongolic and some of whom face persecution. Has Mongolia created a right to return law for these peoples to ensure reinforcement for their nationalism. If not then why not? Because they...
  13. Precedence

    Should societies prohibit prostitution by law?

    In my opinion, the law should punish clients of prostitutes and employers of prostitutes, but not the prostitutes themselves. It's an issue when prostitutes are raped and abused, but cannot seek protection because they'll be persecuted. They're human beings. Raping and abusing a prostitute is...
  14. Kookaburra Jack

    Were Constantine's divorce law reforms a racket?

    In 331 CE Constantine imposed penalties on law suits for divorce that made it all but impossible for women and extremely difficult for men. [1] Shortly thereafter, in 333 CE Constantine decreed to the effect that Christian Bishops could override Roman law suits. [2] Did this include law suits...
  15. P

    Zhuan Falun (Turning The Law Wheel)

    Hi all, I've come across a fascinating book that talks about high level spiritual things from a scientific perspective. This book is intriguing as it talks about many similar things to what people in mystical states mention such as seeing into parallel dimensions and interacting with beings...
  16. Domhnall Balloch

    UK law: 'Asian' victims of abuse matter more

    As part of its sustained campaign to defecate, trash, and debase all that is good and just about the UK's legal system, our highest court has upheld a decision by a county court to give a paedophile a longer sentence because the victims were 'Asian' (legal slang predominantly used to mean...
  17. 2

    Career Guidance I want to work in international affairs/diplomacy, but I don't exactly know how

    My background: · Spanish citizen (Spanish nationality). · 35+ years old. · 6+ years working as a freelance translator (English, French and German) with several certifications (C2 in French, C2 in German, CPE in English, legal translator for the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc) · French...
  18. NeutralFellow

    Lanchester's law

    Video visualizing Lanchester's law and the importance of numerical superiority in engagements;
  19. ghostexorcist

    Tracking the Cat: The Biography of a Nazca Water Pot with Feline Motif

    Note: I would like to thank Prof. Mark Peterson, Chair of the Miami University Anthropology Department, for giving me permission to post scans of department archival material. Tracking the Cat: The Biography of a Nazca Water Pot with Feline Motif By Jim R. McClanahan Museum goers learn basic...
  20. Valens

    Law of majestas

    Initially a law dealing with the crimes against Roman people or the state it was expanded during Imperial times mainly as an offence against the person of the Emperor. A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities (1890), MAJESTAS What was the role of the law in Roman political life of the...