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    Lawrence of Arabia - "You know what they'll do to him if they catch him alive"

    Lawrence of Arabia - "You know what they'll do to him if they catch him alive" I'm watching Lawrence of Arabia and on a few occasions the Arabs say that they kill their wounded so the Turks don't catch them alive, because "You know what they will do to them if they catch them alive." What...
  2. ThePrioryPodcast

    A Very Gallant Gentleman - Lawrence Oates

    Evening all, If you're into the history of Polar Exploration, more specifically the fateful 2nd Scott expedition then I thoroughly recommend a book written by Michael Smith called "I am just going outside - Captain Oates, an Antarctic Tragedy". I have written an article about it or around it...
  3. gustavolapizza

    Amedeo Guillet, the italian Lawrence of Arabia

    it's an amazing story i only recently had come to know, and i think somebody may be interested in this incredible man who surely would have ended up being the protagonist of a hollywood movie if only he was born american and not italian. you can read his biography here, even if it's quite...
  4. bedb

    Bloody Bill Anderson and the raid on Lawrence

    William T. Anderson was without a doubt one of the most interesting of the Missouri Guerrilla leaders. (and I might add I've always been intrigued by a plaque outside of Baxter Springs that spoke of Black Union soldiers being killed during the Civil War. Now I know Anderson did it) This is...
  5. Schlom

    Lawrence Strike 1912

    Why was the Lawrence Strike of 1912 a success?
  6. warmoviebuff

    HISTORY or HOLLYWOOD: Lawrence of Arabia

    ARE THESE KEY MOMENTS IN THE MOVIE HISTORY OR HOLLYWOOD? 1. Lawrence was killed when his speeding motorcycle ran off the road. 2. Lawrence was working as an intelligence officer for the Arab Bureau in Cairo before being tapped for his role in the Arab Revolt. 3. The British authorities...
  7. P

    David Lean Portrays TE Lawrence as Wishing to be Arabic in "Lawrence of Arabia"

    David Lean Portrays TE Lawrence as Wishing to be Arabic in "Lawrence of Arabia" This is a big issue thats been bothering me for years. In fact I made a thread about it in the Middle Eastern section of this forum...
  8. P

    Did T.E. Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia,really wanted to be an Arab?

    In the movie Lawrence of Arabia,there's a scene after Lawrence got captured and tortured in which he's disillusioned with fighting for the Arab cause.In fact right after he Ali states that a a man can be anything he wants to be, Lawrence then took out a clothe and pointed at his skin(which was...
  9. W

    Lawrence of Arabia at 50

    To mark the exact 50th Anniversary of the international premiere of David Leans' mammoth film epic Lawrence of Arabia (5th December 1962) BBC radio has just broadcast a listen-only documentary charting this milestone. In so doing, commentary relates to the Middle East of Lawrence's day, the...
  10. bartieboy

    Lawrence of Arabia

    So I just watched the amazing film Lawrence of Arabia but I was somewhat surprised to see Lawrence of Arabia acting so... feminine... Tough I must admit that it was fun to see a man accomplish great things while he is not some Arnold Schwarzenegger it got me wondering: was Lawrence accurately...
  11. Brisieis

    Lawrence of Arabia

    What do you guys think about it, have you seen it?
  12. E

    Lawrence Of Arabia

    Don't know much about him, just small tid bits of the man and his story. I would like members to discuss him his "mission" and the consequences that followed. Discuss....
  13. W

    Lawrence James anyone?

    I have picked up his door-stopper 'The Rise and Fall of the British Empire' for a summer read (8 days and counting!!!), and I wondered if anyone had read this or any of his other work?
  14. Edward

    Lawrence of Arabia

    Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia: review - Telegraph "Seventy-six years after his death on a Brough motorcycle he still begs the question asked by one of many exasperated commanding officers: “Who is this extraordinary pipsqueak?” Michael Korda, the author of a...
  15. blacksmit049

    Lawrence of Arabia

    I've saw this last month, just remember when I was searching through some files in my computer. It was an amazing film, because there are no CGI effects everything was captured in desert, and it was totally fantastic for me. So anyone who also saw this film? Is the film accurate? I heard it is...