1. R

    Has anybody tried to take advantage of Alexander's inclination to lead cavalry charge

    Have any of his enemies tried to take avantage of Alexander's inclination to lead cavalry charges personally instead of hanging back and trying to control the battlefield from the the rear like what Caesar did by trying to lure Alexander into an ill timed cavalry charge and then try to cut him...
  2. H

    US report on UN voting records could lead to funding cuts

    want fund? buy it with "Yep" ;) https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/defense-national-security/nikki-haley-us-report-on-un-voting-records-could-lead-to-funding-cuts
  3. F

    Books about Rise and fall of European lead modern world

    Right now I am reading "Why did Europe Conquer the World" by Philip T.Hoffman. So far I found some good observations, not least about the role of military competition between European powers. On the other hand probably a tendency to not only try to find "the explanation", by excluding more than...
  4. R

    Did WW2 lead to the collapse of racism?

    Did WW2 and the Holocaust lead to the ideological collapse of white racialism at least. Or the idea that white countries and offshoots had an inalienable rights to their demographics? Did the Holocaust trigger modern day Western altruism and deligitimized racism? What will a world with WW2 and...
  5. Lawnmowerman

    Did the abolishment of slavery lead to the Industrial Revolution?

    Why did the industrial revolution occur in the UK but not in Ancient Rome or other Empires. I recently heard one theory for this which I found quite interesting. For the Industrial revolution to occur we needed, natural resources, a large market for products and an extensive trade network...
  6. C

    If the germans had won WW2 would it have lead to WW3?

    Hypothetical of course........... But lets say Hitler had won WW2 and controlled Britain, France and the rest of Europe. Would we have seen even more blood shed and more Wars as the other European nations fought back to regain their land? Would we have seen WW3 and even more tragic loss of life?
  7. A

    Opposition to war lead to American Revolution

    It is easy to argue the democracy of the US has always used military action to extend and establish its power. However, that behavior comes from the old war and the American Revolution was fought to break from the old world. The following is a quote from Thomas Paine. His words helped unite...
  8. VHS

    What render people fit for generalship?

    The repetitive failures by "textbook generals" mean that a military education or study will not render people fit for generalship. Some may function well as colonels or lower officers; they fail miserably as generals. Here is the age old question: What render people fit for generalship...
  9. Valens

    Exit Polls Put Macron and Le Pen in the Lead in French Election

    The turnout - 69,42 percent - is lower than in two previous elections. First exit polls claim Macron leads with 24 percent and Le Pen second with 22. TASS: World - LIVE updates: French presidential election 2017 PS Not politics. We have had similar threads before and they were allowed to go...
  10. T

    Would the death of Lloyd George lead to a British defeat in ww1?

    Exactly what it says on the tin. In OTL the HMS Hampshire was an armoured cruiser en route to Russia in 1916 when it was sunk by a German submarine. Several important officials were killed by the sinking , including the Minister of War, Lord Kitchener. Suppose Asquith had decided to send some...
  11. B

    Did the Civil War lead to greater democracy?

    I have seen this claimed here, but I am not sure about it.
  12. Azad67

    Events which lead to death of Suraj Mal Jat

    Events which lead to death of Suraj Mal Jat
  13. S

    Lead Disk Art Ottawa Valley Region Unknown Origin

    Hello all, Any art or art history experts who can shed any light on the designs on this disk that I have found, please do so. I found this item many years ago when I was 8 years old hiking in the Hog's Back Falls, officially known as the Prince of Wales Falls, near Ottawa. (See attached...
  14. S

    Did Persian assistance in the Peloponesian war eventually lead to their downfall?

    There is one thing that always strikes me about what I know about the Peloponnese war. Did the Persians help the Spartans and allies monetarily and militarily to defeat the Athenian Empire? Was the end of the thirty year long war between Sparta and Athenian hegemonies and the war exhaustion...
  15. P

    Seeking other unintended consequences e.g. Flint, MI lead poisoning?

    Considering the lead tainting of the water system in Flint, Michigan as part of an austerity program, it seems to me that there must be a long history of examples of unintended consequences of pragmatic thinking gone wacko that go way back past John Locke and Adam Smith. So does anyone have some...
  16. T

    Could widespread Nation-State failure lead to a tribal future?

    I read an article about modern Native American secession movements and wounded knee incident in the 70s a while back. It claimed that the world has been more affected by ethnicity, and tribalism than by states. While I don't think there has ever truly been conflicts between two races or...
  17. Valens

    Greek referendum - No in the lead

    Early results show No is in a comfortable lead. Greek referendum: live results | World news | The Guardian
  18. M

    Does unrestrained Capitalism always lead to Corporatism?

    Does an unrestrained free market always lead to what Libertarians call "Crony Capitalism" always lead to Corporatism, an elite merge between the Corporations and powerful politicians who benefit by supporting policies that profit from powerful businesses and monopolies. Libertarians love to...
  19. Gilda

    Did the Glorious Revolution lead to British militarism?

    So, some historians use the term Second Hundred Years' War for Western European history from 1688 to 1815. The shorter wars encompassed by this period include the Nine Years' War against Louis XIV (1688-1697), the War of the Spanish Succession against Louis XIV (1701-1714), the War of the...
  20. Jake10

    Does keeping a journal lead to self-absorption?

    Writing a journal can be fun, and it can improve our writing skills, but can it become a way for us to unrealistically view ourselves? http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/08/opinion/david-brooks-introspective-or-narcissistic.html?emc=edit_th_20140808&nl=todaysheadlines&nlid=27289574&_r=0