1. R

    The Luxemburg crisis in 1867 leads to a Franco-Prussian war

    OTL France offered 5 million guilder to Holland for Luxemburg and the Dutch accepted. However, Luxemburg was a member of the German League and Bismarck refused to withdraw thousands of Prussian troops stationed in Luxemburg so France could occupy it. This led to a crisis which was resolved by...
  2. B

    Seeking Nevada Historical Society Leads for Civil Case details

    I’m trying to find details of a civil suit filed in Nevada. On June 23rd 1936 page 12 of the Reno Gazette-Journal in Reno Nevada, under “Suits Filed” there is a “Frank Marvin Blasingame vs. Marguerite Louis Blasingame”. I’m looking for details of this suit. I have contacted the archivist at...
  3. S

    A NATO field exercise in 1986 leads to World War III: A Timeline

    Background: Throughout the 1980s the division of power between Gromyko and Gorbachev increasingly leaned more and more in favor of Gromyko as the latter began using the Afghan debacle to marginalize the former. The slow and gradual Soviet pullout from Afghanistan a month before the cold war in...
  4. Space Shark

    No Martin Luther - who leads the Reformation?

    My religion class has got me running several scenarios regarding the Protestant Reformation. One of the currently consists of what would happen if Luther never got around to posting his 95 Theses. Maybe he dies of the monthly plague epidemic or falls off a horse in a freak accident. In any case...
  5. Valens

    Front National leads in French regional elections - first results say

    According to first results, Marine Le Pen's Front National, considered as an extreme party by some, leads in the French regional elections, ahead of former president Sarkozy's party and the incumbent president Hollande's Socialist Party. Europe - LIVE: French regional elections 2015 - France...
  6. Menshevik

    The Gulf War: Britain leads the Coalition

    I came across a alternate history site recently. They were discussing how the first Gulf War was very much an unfair war, being that the presence of the U.S. gave the Coalition an overwhelming advantage. Someone said that the UK vs Iraq would have been a better match, and that the UK would still...
  7. titanium

    Does knowledge of history leads to pessimism?

    those of you who have studied history and has really gone deep into the subject by study and research, has this study of history led to you becoming more pessemisitc about the future of humanity?
  8. Emperor Trajan

    Lincoln leads in the 2013 Academy Awards

    According to MSN and other online news outlets are saying that the movie Lincoln is leading. I hope it wins it was such a great movie 2013 Academy Awards on MSN Movies Sorry if I spelled it wrong wrong in the thread my computer is being immpossible with me
  9. A

    Proliferation of nuclear weapons leads to stability?

    I'm virtually completely ignorant on the issue of nuclear weapons and only recently started thinking about it. I'm curious to hear what the opinions are on this topic. What are the pros and cons when it comes to policies of trying to stop proliferation and letting nuclear bombs proliferate...
  10. Smoke the Librarian

    Atheism leads to Nihilism?

    Do you think it's true?
  11. WeisSaul

    Napoleon leads a free Corsica

    So the Bonapartes were a party that was big on Corsican nationalism. Napoleon's father was even an aide to the leader of the movement. Let's suppose he becomes leader of a free and independent Kingdom/ (Dictatorial) Republic of Corsica. What now? Does he attack Italy? Spain? (Balearics) Malta...
  12. Y

    Japan leads the way to abandon nuclear

    It seems that Japan, the nation that has been severely touched by one of the two major nuclear accidents ever, and by the only nuclear bombs in History, leads the way to abandon nuclear energy. All but one nuclear plant has been shut down. One year after Fukushima accident, one of the further...
  13. Belloc

    Poland Leads Wave of Communist-Era Reckoning

  14. Kronos

    Time leads to History...

    Hi all of you !!Most pleased to become part of this group as sharing passions makes them greater! I'm from Portugal and i am interested mostly for ancient history and warfare, egyptian golden age, mesopotamic and middle ages. Happy to learn from you and to share :rolleyes:
  15. Comet

    Belief in Reincarnation leads to memory errors?

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/20070406/sc_livescience/beliefinreincarnationtiedtomemoryerrors People who believe they have lived past lives as, say, Indian princesses or battlefield commanders are more likely to make certain types of memory errors, according to a new study. The...