1. N

    Why do we learn history?

    Hello everyone my name is Nick and i am new to this forum I am currently student at the university of History and Archaelogy in Greece. During the lesson which was called "The philosophy of History" our teacher told us that "Each person is different. That means that each historical fact only...
  2. C

    What are some writings/books that I should read if I want to learn about the Enlighte

    I would like to learn about the enlightenment, and more specifically the Scientific Revolution. Any literature suggestions would be appreciated. My background on the topic goes as far as reading this, Kant. What is Enlightenment. What kind of historical debates by historians have there been on...
  3. analysis17456

    A.I. Uses Video Game to Learn

    Playing for Data: Ground Truth from Computer Games: JGAIfWG2MQQ "Recent progress in computer vision has been driven by high-capacity models trained on large datasets. Unfortunately, creating large datasets with pixel-level labels has been extremely costly due to the amount of human effort...
  4. Jake10

    What did Canada learn from the Oka Crisis?

    It started with a group of people paying $5.3 million to expand a golf course, and it resulted in 4500 soldiers facing off against 600 warriors. What's the moral here? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oka_Crisis
  5. O

    When could people learn to read if someone could teach them?

    Say you go back 100 years, get a healthy baby, bring it back, and adapt it out to a great family, it can learn to read. Go back 200 years, same result, 300 years, same result, ad infinitum. Eventually the babies will not be able to learn. About how far back would you have to go to get that result?
  6. Bart9349

    Academic Guidance What Romantic Language to Learn ....?

    A young history student asked the following question: Which Romantic language would be best to learn (not necessarily speak) in order to read modern texts (but not speak) in the other Romantic languages? He hopes to be able to read in multiple Romantic languages and wants to know which would be...
  7. Kiara

    What are the best sites to learn History?

    I want to expand my knowledge on History so I am wanting to know in your experience what was the best site for doing so. I have a lot of good sites myself on History but I need more so I am set to fill my brain up with historical knowledge and then be able to question and have my own opinions on...
  8. L

    What are some good books for to learn about the medieval middle east?

    I want books that are suitable for beginners to learn about the history and culture of the medieval Islamic world.
  9. O

    Why can't the East Asian countries learn from Europe?

    Many in China, Korea and Japan still resent each other due to strong history of war and bloodshed. Kind of like the many European powers. Yet they have learned to work with each other. Why not follow the Europeans lead and wash away centuries of antagonism.
  10. A

    I would like to learn history

    I studied philosophy, English, and education in university. Now I work at a private high school where I routinely teach courses about subjects I know almost nothing about, like world history. It's not an ideal situation, but I need to make money. C'est la vie. I have never known much about...
  11. P

    You learn something new every day

    I thought that I knew a fair amount about Scotland's senior cavalry regiment the Royal Scots Greys known today as the armoured Royal Scottish Dragoon Guards. Like most Scots I knew about Ensign Ewart who captued a French regimental flag during the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.A standard that now...
  12. L

    What are some good books to learn about early modern Scandinavia

    Especially 15th to mid 19th century Norway. I know I'm being too specific but if someone could give me sources for learning about this topic I'd be super grateful.
  13. LatinoEuropa

    What Latin language would you like to learn to speak?

    What Latin language would you like to learn to speak? Romanian French Spanish Portuguese Italian. Now tell which one was easier.
  14. S

    Sim11 - new excited member, but one question

    Hi. My name is Simon. I love history, culture, geography and etymology. I love the idea of just travelling around, visit historical places and think "wow, this place has actually a great background". I think it is senseless to visit places but donĀ“t know the history behind the attraction...
  15. W

    What are the best ways to learn more about history?

    Hello all, I'd like to know the best ways ( In this forums opinion ) on how to go about learning more about history.
  16. S

    Has the French Navy surpassed the Royal Navy

    I've been reading articles and discussions on this issue with some indicating that the French navy has become more powerful than the Royal Navy for quite some time now. For cost cutting reasons Britain has dismantled much of its navy and currently relies on NATO countries like France to take up...
  17. LatinoEuropa

    What is the hardest language to learn Latin.

    What is the most difficult Latin language of learn.Para foreigners on this list of countries. Italian Spanish French Romanian Portuguese. Tell your opinion.
  18. P

    Would ancient civilizations be able to learn or reverse engineer modern technology

    If we gave the ancient Romans or Chinese for example, a modern gun or car would they be able to learn anything at all from it? Or would it just be tossed aside as a useless object. Similarly if we came into contact with super advanced alien technology would we be able to learn from and reverse...
  19. K

    Why learn History?

    Hello, my name is Karl. I'm currently in high school and I am wondering why learning History in schools necessary? I find some topics interesting - especially world war 2 - but I find it unnecessary for it to be an essential lesson. I don't really get the whole "Those who don't know history are...
  20. R

    Can we learn?

    Are we capable of learning from the past?