1. B

    In 1936 - Unusual for Mother to Leave 2yr Son with divorced husband to pursue career

    In 1936, would it be unusual behavior for a mother who lived in Hawaii to leave her 2-year-old son with her now divorced husband who lived in NY for 10 years or more? In this context, the mother was an artist. She took her son (according to passenger logs) to NY, but there's no record of her...
  2. F

    When did European spheres of influence leave China?

    Did Sun Yat-Sen's government kick them out? Did Europeans flee from Japanese invasion in 1937?
  3. DeadCorn

    Could a Legionary take an Extended Leave

    Could a Legionary take an Extended Leave, was there a sort of FMLA back then, for lack of a better term? Civil War era men of fighting age could pay to have someone take their place in the draft. Could a someone in the Legions, a Tribune, perhaps, either take leave or buy his way out of...
  4. AlpinLuke

    Brexit ... don't leave room to politicians ...

    It seems that Brexit is no more a hot matter for the general public ... usually this means that politicians can play their cards and make their compromises ... Pay attention ... don't allow politicians [if you call me politician you don't offend me, so I know what I'm saying here] to play...
  5. AlpinLuke

    UK banks are going to leave UK !?!?!?

    What about this? I have to admit that, despite my economical education, I wasn't expecting this. Brexit: Leading banks 'planning to leave UK early next year' | The Independent Are they serious? The only reason for this I can imagine it's that they fear the isolation of the City from the...
  6. Ayatollah

    I leave the forum

    #95 I think it's time to leave this online community,since a large part of the audience plus a moderator simply tolerate my presence. It's the right thing to do,since many people treated me with hostility,being incapable though to counter my arguments, my sincere and well-read amateur love...
  7. Futurist

    Kazakhstan tries to leave the Eurasian Union

    Out of curiosity--how exactly will Russia respond if Kazakhstan will hypothetically try to leave the Eurasian Union? Will Russia annex some Kazakh territory? If so, then exactly which Kazakh territory? Also, will Russia sponsor a separatist rebel insurgency in Kazakhstan in such a scenario? Any...
  8. Wenge

    You must leave your own Country to know it more fully!

    Before I came to China more than 15 years ago I thought I knew the United States of America well, and I did but I did not realize the intricacies of the American System of life until I moved away. To all of you who think your country is truly wonderful, go away for a year or 6 months or for...
  9. C

    Did Antoninus Pius leave Marcus Aurelius with a mess?

    To be sure, the reign of Antoninus was unusually peaceful era for the Roman Empire. It also appeared to be a very prosperous period for the Empire as a whole. With the exception of the advancement of the border in Britannia up to the Antonine Wall, it appears that not much happened during his...
  10. Futurist

    Do you think that your country should leave the Eurozone?

    As for me, my country is not in the Eurozone, though I might very well enjoy reading what many Europeans here write in response to this question.
  11. xizhimen

    What Japanese history lessons leave out

    What Japanese history lessons leave out By Mariko Oi BBC News, Tokyo
  12. Earl_of_Rochester

    Eastern Front statistics still leave me staggered

    I've been aware of the enormous difference in human loss on the Eastern Front for a number of years now, despite the Western propoganda to suggest it was won on the Western Front. I'm just reading Beevor's The Second World War and some for the figures of Russian losses, when compared to other...
  13. Modest Learner

    Why did the British leave India??

    Even though they could still exploit Indian people and resources, still why did this thing happen ??
  14. Linschoten

    The Kaiser gives POW leave of absence

    This story is in all the British papers today, and a very good story it is too. During the First World War, a British prisoner of war, Captain Robert Campbell, wrote to the Kaiser asking to be allowed to be allowed temporary leave of absence in England to see his dying mother, and the Kaiser...
  15. C

    No blades, No bows, leave your weapons here

    Is there a recurring theme in portraits for the eldest son to be carrying/near a sword while typical for the second son to be with a bow and arrow? I am finding a lot of paintings that adhere to this rule but could definitely use another's opinion. Traditionally, the sword was passed from...
  16. Mrbritish24

    Why the Hessians leave?

    In the american revoulutionary war, the british hired Hessian mercenaries from the german state of Hesse Kassel. The hessians were equal in some skills to the british including rifleing. I know in the battle of trenton ( i think)the Hessians were "ambushed" by general washington at night when...
  17. pnoozi

    Leave Russia while you can

    Russian Lawmakers Back Jail Terms for Insulting Religion | Crime | RIA Novosti Who would vote for this?
  18. P

    What would be so terrifying as to make you leave your home to die?

    Consider for a moment what would be so terrifying as to make you leave your home to die? A recent project I Google Mapped that involved just such a scenario and got me to wonder how it would apply to me or you. Now apply that scenario to the mass strandings of whales. What was so terrifying as...
  19. C

    Longest lasting leave of absence in the British army in the last 50 years

    Exactly what it says on the title... what has been the longest leave of absence in the Royal Air Force in the last 50 years? Or what is the legal limit for a leave of absence from the Royal Air Force?
  20. Tuatha De Danann

    Will Greece leave the Euro?

    Will Greece leave the Euro? By this I mean everything euro. Eurozone, European Union, etc. My family seems pretty certain it will happen. What do you think? And if it does, what are the repurcusions? For them and for us?