1. RomanEmperor

    Captain Dale Dye Talks Vietnam, Korea, Lebanon, and more!

    Check it out! Let me know your thoughts. The Ajay Bruno Show - Dale Dye Interview 05/08 by Ajay Bruno | Military Podcasts
  2. JaddHaidar

    Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990)

    43 years (and a day) ago, on 13th of April 1975, the decade and a half long Lebanese Civil War started. A bit of background information. Since the declaration of independence from France in 1943, Lebanon has always had a fragile (yet sustainable) peace due to a variety of reasons, whether it's...
  3. JaddHaidar

    Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri Resigns

    Apparently the Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri resigned from his office as Lebanon's prime minister in "protest of Iranian influence in the region" and blames Iran and Hezbollah of "sowing strife in the Arab world", believing there was an "assassination attempt" against him. But what makes...
  4. S

    Documentary On Lebanon.

    Good morning/evening everybody (depending on the time zone) Recently, the award winning Filmmaker and Journalist, Ms. Daizy Gedeon has travelled to Lebanon, to begin filming her Documentary about Lebanon. This is a story that focuses on one person, one country, one purpose…but its relevance...
  5. Gaius Julius Civilis

    Great Famine of Lebanon (1915-1918)

    A century has passed since the Great Famine that hit the Mount Lebanon region of the Ottoman Empire, thereby killing an estimated 200,000 people or half of the total population. I'm familiar with the factors that caused the famine, but there appears to be very limited documentation available on...
  6. Romanianboy2013

    1958 Lebanon crisis

    In July 1958, Lebanon was threatened by a civil war between Maronite Christians and Muslims,a situation created by their neighbours who interfered in Lebanese affairs. Tensions with Egypt had escalated earlier in 1956 when pro-western President Camille Chamoun, a Christian, did not break...
  7. Romanianboy2013

    Operation "Blue Bat" in 1958 Lebanon

    It seems that the trouble in Lebanon was a crisis started by president Nasser of Egypt because Lebanon choose to remain neutral in the quarrel between Egypt , Syria on one side and Israel and USA on the other. The president of Lebanon called the americans to come and protect the peace in the...
  8. Y

    ensuring Christian dominance in Greater Lebanon (from 1920s-1930s)

    To ensure Christian dominance in Greater Lebanon (today's Republic of Lebanon), was it easier or more expedient to come up with the National Pact (National Pact - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), based on the 1932 census, than to effectuate population exchanges between the Christians in...
  9. B

    Why are there soo many Lebanese all over the world, but hardly any in actual Lebanon?

    Why are there something like over 100million people around the world of Lebanese/Phoenician descent, while there exists only 4.8million in actual Lebanon?? There are huge numbers of people who originally hale from Lebanon in several area's including Mediterranean Europe, North Africa, and South...
  10. Underlankers

    Why did Israel fail in Lebanon?

    By any objective standard, the Israeli war in South Lebanon was the first major military defeat the IDF suffered. The only real change was replacing a secular nationalist movement firing Katyushas with Hezbollah and its religious fanatics firing more up to date rockets into Israel. Why did the...
  11. Niki86

    Arabic language in Lebanon

    BBC News - Campaign to save the Arabic language in Lebanon It appears that most of the younger generation there prefers to speak French or English and many professors are doing a campaign there to save Arabic. Very interesting.
  12. Bamboozle

    Byzantine invasion of Syria, Palestine and Lebanon, 975

    Tzimiskes had most of Syria and Palestine north of Jerusalem under his control at the end of his 975 campaign. What happened to those cities? Did they gradually relapse into local rule, or were they quickly reconquered later?
  13. Mohammed the Persian

    Five Year Anniversary: 2006 Lebanon War

    Lebanon is slowly reconstructed, five years on from devastating war | World news | The Guardian Five years, it was. To the day when Lebanon was once again invaded by israel. For five weeks, this war has ran. And during that time, thousands of Lebanese civilians had been killed. Hundreds of...
  14. fire_of_sekhmet

    Cleanup to start at old sites in Lebanon

    BYBLOS, Lebanon - Cleanup is set to begin within days at the first of three ancient World Heritage sites damaged in the summer's Hezbollah- Israel war — a crumbling old castle rising from the Mediterranean whose foundation stones are now coated with oil sludge.Tens of thousands of dollars from...
  15. Commander

    How big will the Isreal and Lebanon war get?

    When will nations from around the world begin to take notice about what's going on over there. They are bombing the crap out of each other. It seems like Isreal is just responding in Self Defense.