1. Futurist

    Early Proponents of the Concept of Lebensraum

    Other than geographer Friedrich Ratzel (who coined the term "Lebensraum" in 1901), General Friedrich von Bernhardi (in his 1911 book Germany and the Next War), Pan-German League president Heinrich Class (in his 1912 book If I Were the Kaiser), and professor Karl Haushofer (who taught Rudolf Hess...
  2. Futurist

    Additional *realistic* Lebensraum for various countries after 1800

    Basically, the U.S.'s successful acquisition of additional Lebensraum in the 19th century makes me wonder exactly which additional cases, if any, could there have been of a country realistically acquiring additional Lebensraum after 1800. (Also, though, please keep in mind that a country needs...
  3. G

    Where could India have had its Lebensraum and when

    Where could India have had its Lebensraum and when and how could this have been achieved in realistic circumstances?
  4. Futurist

    Free scholarly analyses comparing Manifest Destiny and Lebensraum

    I was wondering if anyone here knows of some free scholarly analyses which compare Manifest Destiny and Lebensraum? Also, please feel free to mention and talk about free scholarly analyses which talk about slightly different topics in this thread as well. :)
  5. Futurist

    No World War II; Hitler Uses Czechia for Lebensraum

    What if Hitler experienced a personality change (say, as a result of accidentally severely hitting his head on something), indefinitely postpones plans to invade Poland and Danzig, and instead focuses on getting as many ethnic Germans as possible (from both Germany and from abroad) to settle in...
  6. Panthera tigris altaica

    The abandonment of Lebensraum

    I have no idea if this has already been tried here, but just for kicks...let's say Hitler wasn't the genocidal maniac he was in reality, but more interested in increasing Germany's standing and power on the continent of Europe (A true Bismarkian), with less of a emphasis on outright colonial...