1. VHS

    What led to the current African poverty?

    Except a few spots of prosperity, much of Africa is behind the rest in Human Development Index other socioeconomic indicators. "Blame the colonizers" sounds simplistic; if history is as simple as typical alternative history, we would not have that much debate about history. Ethiopia is never...
  2. Futurist

    Would a Britain led by the Labour Party have been more willing 2 help Czechoslovakia?

    Would a Britain led by the Labour Party have been more willing to help Czechoslovakia in 1938? I'm curious as to how much Britain's position in regards to Czechoslovakia in 1938 was influenced by the Conservative mindset of Neville Chamberlain. That way, I'd like to figure out if the Munich...
  3. R

    How did the German army perform so well in WW1 and 2 despite being led by a nobility

    How did the German army do so well relative to its citizen army opponents despite being led by an inherited aristocracy class where the primary qualification was to whom you are born to? Aren't armies led by an inherited aristocracy like the Junkers supposed to perform a lot worse than citizen...
  4. M

    Why slavery issue led into Civil War in US ?

    In 19th Century was slavery still important economically or culturally enough to retain in US South while every other western power other than Spain banned it ? Didn't defenders of slavery look upon the World and realise that slave labour or owning or domestic slave trade was diminishing if not...
  5. Voltaires Hat

    What historical factors led to the divergence of American and Canadian culture?

    Curious if anyone has insight on this. If I understand it right the U.S. underwent some pretty rigorous religious development throughout it's history, which accounts for it's overly Conservative culture What then, if anything, has led to Canada taking a more socially progressive, liberal bent?
  6. Valens

    U.S. Congressman Says Missile Attack on Syria could led to nuclear war with Russia

    “It angers and saddens me that President Trump has taken the advice of war hawks and escalated our illegal regime change war to overthrow the Syrian government,” Gabbard said. “This escalation is short-sighted and will lead to more dead civilians, more refugees, the strengthening of al-Qaeda and...
  7. VHS

    What led to technological revolutions of the Homo sapiens sapiens?

    In comparison with many species, especially the sponge (the 700 million old group of animals or perhaps the first of animalia), we are an incredibly young species. Even so, we are the most powerful species on Planet Earth due to our technologies. Martial arts as powerful as those in Dragonball...
  8. Balian


  9. T

    Would a WW2 continuing many more years have led to the use of "Super heavy" tanks?

    Would a WW2 continuing many more years have led to the use of "Super heavy" tanks? During the course of world war 2 , one can see a clear tendency towards, bigger, more powerful tanks as the war progresses. Take for instance, the German Panzer II, their mainstay at the beginning of the...
  10. Haardrada

    Mongols invade the Jin empire led by Akuda.

    What if the Mongols invaded the Jin Empire under Wan Yen Akuda? Ghenghis Khan was not born when Akuda was establishing the Jin empire.By the time the Mongols did invade the Jin the army of the empire was not at its peak, yet was only defeated with great difficulty.If the Mongols had to fight...
  11. weezer17

    Jimmy Carter research led me to Suharto and East Timor

    Hi all, I've been reading a lot about Jimmy Carter recently and trying to better evaluate his presidency in retrospect. It seems to me that he wasn't as bad as he's made out to be when compared to chaps like Harding, so I wanted to follow this line of thought in my personal studies. I came...
  12. MountainMoose

    Who led the worst campaign or battle in American Military history?

    The possible answers to this question are probably legion. Answers can be either tactical failures, logistical failures, strategic failures, or a mixture of all three. Answers can also include subordinate officers who disastrously affected the outcome of a battle. If there is already a...
  13. G

    What led to the decline of the Nationalist historian breed in India post 60's

    After producing some great nationalist historians in the previous decades why did India see a paucity of nationalist historians upto the modern time. How did they cede space to the Marxist historians? Did it have anything to do with the lack of a need for a strong nationalistic narrative as...
  14. weezer17

    What led to Wolfe Tone's defeat?

    I've been reading about the Irish Rebellion of 1798 lately, but I'm confused about the outcome. It seems like the United Irishmen had a lot going for them; they had pretty good numbers, they were fighting on their own land (like the Americans were against the same troops some years earlier)...
  15. G

    What led to the decline of the Mongols

    What led to the decline of the Mongols after the peaks they had reached previously during the era of the initial descendants of Genghis Khan? What specific conditions led to their decline to such an extent that they were no more the same brutal, ferocious power?
  16. A

    Understanding the historical conditions that led to the rise of ISIS

    The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a jihadist, Sunni militant group that has captured huge swathes of land across Iraq and Syria. Employing a strict interpretation of Sharia law, the group imposes harsh punishments and oppresses civilians in the territory it controls. Waging violent...
  17. dreamregent

    Female UAE fighter pilot led airstrike against ISIS

    http://www.cnn.com/2014/09/25/world/meast/uae-female-fighter-pilot/index.html?hpt=hp_t1 What a powerful symbol for women she must be in much of the Middle East! Although, I wonder if this will get much press over there...
  18. SSDD

    What if Hari Singh Nalwa led Sikh Army in 1st Anglo-Sikh war?

    What would happen if Hari Singh Nalwa led Sikh Army in 1st Anglo-Sikh war. He died in Battle of Jamrud against Afghans, and I think he was best general in Sikh Empire Army. The common reason that is attributed generally to Sikh's defeat in 1st Anglo-Sikh war that was because Sikh Generals'...
  19. Romanianboy2013

    What was the Ottoman view about the Sudan uprising led by the Mahdi in 1881?

    Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah was a religious leader of the Samaniyya order in Sudan who, on June 29, 1881, proclaimed himself as the Mahdi or messianic redeemer of the islamic faith. His proclamation came during a period of widespread resentment among the Sudanese population of the oppressive...
  20. T

    Montezuma, an Azetec who would led to the demise of his empire

    There was a thread earlier on about why the Spanish weren't stopped by the zetecs on their way to the capital. I've looked into the subject now in more detail, and I remember someone saying that the Azetecs did not believe the Spanish were gods. This is partially right. The people didn't really...