1. T

    Are there any Afro-Abkhazians left?

    Afro-Abkhazians are descendants of the Ottoman Slave Trade from East Africa who were sent to the Caucasus (probably to work on citrus plantations). When the Russians conquered that region, they freed any slaves they encountered and as late as the 1920s some elderly Africans could be seen there...
  2. O

    American prisoners of war left behind

    I recently saw a documentary, about how american soldiers were left behind in communist hands. Some of the things reported blew my mind. For example: - The soviets overrunning german prisoner of war camps during the Second World War and deporting american, british, french, dutch, etc POW's...
  3. R

    Why did the modern left decide go from workers rights to SJW concerns?

    Why and when did the modern left decide to go from fighting for workers rights and things like the 8 hour working day and 2 to 3 weeks or paid leave a year to things like third wave feminism, supporting mass immigration which lowers wages generally speaking, and LGBTQIA rights? This trend is...
  4. M

    Is there any credibility that US POWs were left in Vietnam after retreating in 1973 ?

    I know this was subject of several Vietnam war movies , conspiracies and led to legends. Were any US POWs left behind at the hands of North Vietnam due to whatever neferious reason ?
  5. A

    Vietnam War - left and right positions then and now

    I am curious about what the views were on the Vietnam War with regards to whether or not and why the war was justified. 1) What were the views on this at the time What was the spectrum of opinion and what was the reasoning. I'm curious to hear any minority opinions besides what the consensus...
  6. accorditunes

    Why was 'aetheopius' left out of the original iliad?

    Quintus of Smyrna compiled The Fall of Troy in the 4th century AD, long after Homer or the high time of the classical age of Greek literature. This story tells of two personalities- Penthesilea queen of the Amazons and memnon, king of Ethiopia. Both come to the aid of Troy with their legions...
  7. T

    Why didn't the left Rhenish provinces of Germany stay romanized?

    I'm speaking about Germania Inferior , Germania Superior and Raetia. Why didn't these provinces become fully Romanized like today Spain and France who are still Romance speaking today.
  8. Earl_of_Rochester

    Psychologist Jordan Peterson vs Left Wing Media

    This video has been doing the rounds: aMcjxSThD54 What are your thoughts? I only heard of this fellow today, I hope he continues to destroy the lefty establishment.
  9. xMathFanx

    The Self-Contradictory Nature of Both the Left and Right

    The Self-Contradictory Nature of Both the Left and Right A huge problem with the typical talk surrounding the Left-Right dynamic is that the many of the positions/views on both sides are self-contradictory and often highly out of step with theory. A few examples I have previously given about...
  10. J

    Was Hitler's nazism on the extreme right or left in the political compass?

    Hi everyone! Nationalism is just one small aspect of the many many aspects of a political compass. Read about it: https://www.politicalcompass.org/analysis2?ec=0.0&soc=4.36 I also suggest to fill the test yourself! The edification: A person or party doesn't need to be on the extreme edge of...
  11. RidiculousName

    Why are we the Only Humans Left?

    How come all our upright-walking relatives are extinct?
  12. AssyrianMelodies

    Do Center Left to Right people need a liar?

    It seems that throughout the world, their is little support for center, center right or center left ideals. It seems that politicians like Jeremy Corbyn receive a large level of support from the electorate whilst others like Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker or Ed Miliband are largely considered...
  13. S

    Who are the "Ministers of the Left & Right"? - Japan

    I've been reading books on Heian Japan and these Ministers of the Right and Left are always mentioned, but I still have no idea who they are exactly. :deadhorse: Help?
  14. U

    Political note on the board left by US History teacher -Utah school

    This was left by the permanent teacher and has been up since the election. I saw it when I was subbing last week at a public high school near Salt Lake. "If you are Mexican, Muslim, Mormon, gay, transgender, disabled, female, an immigrant... I will stand with you and I'll always stand up for...
  15. SirOrmondeWinter

    The myth of US P.O.Ws left behind after the Vietnam war?

    Just back from Florida, lovely place, especially Key West but I was amazed to see so many buildings still fly the Vietnam MIA flag. Surely that legend was dispelled decades ago? And even if it hadn't surely everyone accepts that there would be none left alive now?
  16. T

    Academic Guidance Is there anything left to study in history?

    This question goes to historians from a candidate historian. It seems that there is nothing/no field left worth too much to study in this field except for some tiny details. Pretty much everything has been studied and written by others. I can’t find a reason to pursue being historian.
  17. J

    Was indian national congress always left wing party ?

    Today INC party is totally left wing party but was INC left wing party from beginning or later it become left wing party ? if later then why INC switched to left wing ?
  18. G

    Has the Israeli left ever been in power and how has that affected Palestine policy

    Has the Israeli left ever been in power and how has that affected Palestine policy of the country historically? Has there been any major divergence from the nation's stated theories? Why has the left been unable to win offlate and has there never been any disillusionment with the right ever...
  19. Son Of RA

    Refuting the myth:Why Africa left behind no "civilizations"

    Aye... I didn't even want to make this thread really, but I feel I had to clear things up, because the topic of "did Africa have any civilizations" is a popular talking point on here. And to be honest I am kinda getting tired of it. Anyhow I'm not going to be talking about Ancient Egypt or...
  20. SSDD

    Contribution of Indian Left wing to Indian Freedom Movement

    So what exactly was contribution of Indian Left wingers to Indian Freedom Movement? I know Bhagat Singh was socialist and so were members of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association. Apart from this, what was the contribution of leftists?