1. The General

    Legacy: Pompey the great

    There are countless historical figures throughout history, some are underrated, some are greatly revered. Me and my colleagues/friends often have lengthy debates and talks about different historical figures sharing our opinion on what kind of person they were, and what kind of legacy they left...
  2. Y

    Pyramids — the legacy of the Apocalypse

    There are many versions of who built the pyramids and how they were built, but I want to touch on only one question – for what purpose they were built. Having understood it, it is possible to make further assumptions to whom it was necessary to build them. There are many versions of the purpose...
  3. L

    What is the legacy of Ancient Persia

    Well, what cultural or scientific advancements or any other important thing did the ancient Persians give us?
  4. T

    The Crimean Goths and their Legacy

    I've recently developed an interest in these people and was wondering exactly who they were? Also, when did they disappear as a distinct people (are there any descendants) and what is (if at all) their impact today?
  5. R

    What was the legacy of Ferdinand Marcos?

    UpWhat was his legacy? On the other hand there were the human rights violations. On the other hand the Philippine economy expanded from 7 billion in 1965 when he took office to 37 billion in 1983, before the global debt crisis struck, and by the time of his final years very was largely bed...
  6. JoanOfArc007

    The character of Sir Francis Drake and the legacy of the Cimarron people in England

    Francis Drake is known as one of the great Navigators of history. Drake was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth I for defending England from the serious threat of the Spanish Empire. But perhaps something that may escape the mind of some is the respect and admiration Drake had for the native...
  7. notgivenaway

    Does Marcus Aurelius's killing of Christians tarnish his legacy?

    I don't think it should. Christianity was seen as suspect, and which ruler wouldn't want to sustain his culture from outside or internal threats? He wasn't the first Emperor to murder Christians, and it's not contrary to his philosophy which was about being hardened to life realities, and not...
  8. R

    Obama's legacy

    how will historians come to remember Obama and his legacy as president do you see him top 1-5, 6-10,11-15, 16-20, 20+ where does he rank among the presidents?
  9. B

    Offshoot from Legacy of the Mauryan Empire: quality of Indian armies

    No, what Civ did AFAIK was to use the wars between the Persians and the Greeks as an example of what qualitative superiority would look like, just like he brought up Sweden and Prussia. The point of the argument was to showcase that if Indian armies of the relevant timeframe were superior in...
  10. Aham Brahmasmi

    legacy of the Mauryan Empire?

    It was bigger than modern India....possibly bigger than Rome Empire...not to mention it was the most advanced Empire with mighty army and great wealth at the time.
  11. UzKhan

    W. Churchill's Legacy: Global Conflict and Crimes Against Humanity

    Churchill is indeed the Greatest Briton to have ever lived, because for decades, the myth of Churchill has served as Britain's greatest propaganda tool to bolster national white pride and glorify British imperial culture. "I hate Indians, they are a beastly people with a beastly religion", he...
  12. antiquarian

    Bismarck's Legacy

    How is Bismarck remembered? Hero or Villain?
  13. R

    Ferdinand Braudel's legacy

    i have often see where he is, in terms of a general consensus, often considered "the greatest historian of the 20th century" because of making the Anneles school so important.. what do you think...what is your view of his legacy
  14. M

    Why isnt there a bigger Ottoman legacy in fellow Tukic countries?

    The ottomans were at one stage the leaders of the islamic world, with the caliphs stationed in Istanbul. Surely fellow Turks in central asia would identify more closely with a people who shared some form of Turkic bloodlines, why then is there almost no legacy or great Ottoman influence...
  15. M

    Why is there a bigger Ottoman cultural legacy in Morocco/Algeria than Egypt?

    It seems the Ottomans were not able to influence Egyptian culture in anyway other than making the 'fes' hat very popular throughout Egypt. That seems to be their entire legacy. Meanwhile in Morocco and Algeria the influence is palpable, specially if somebody of a traditional turkish background...
  16. f0ma

    The legacy of the Four Classics

    Having studied both premodern and modern Chinese literature, I've actually been quite surprised to find them rather disjointed in terms of historiographical continuity. Perhaps it's the rather clear line of demarcation set by the May Fourth movement; perhaps it's our own (and of course Chinese...
  17. Kirialax

    The legacy of Theodore Laskaris

    What is the legacy of Theodore Laskaris? I understand that he is generally well-respected for his victory over the Turks at Antioch, but his early years in Asia were more dubious: the Latins defeated him at Adramytion, and his first major victory was against the Byzantine state of Trebizond...
  18. M

    Augustus' legacy; measuring up the Republic against the Empire's strengths

    One thing I am wondering about is that the most impressive strengths of the Roman Republic seems to be the exact weakness that destroyed the Roman Empire. The Republic seems to me impressive for the internal stability it had. With a start in 509 and ending 27 bc it suffered 1. A series of...
  19. purpleguy89

    FDR: Domestic and Foreign Legacy

    The FDR Presidency was quite unique in terms of scope, presence, impact, etc. In some ways, FDR was probably the definitive US President. Not necessarily the best (that one shall always be up for debate, as expected), and certainly not a flawless presidency by any stretch; but it's pretty much...
  20. Articshifter

    Legacy of Rome

    Western civilization has been greatly influenced by the cultures of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Customs, ideas and inventions of the ancient Romans have helped to shape modern Western culture. Language and knowledge Latin has had a significant influence on the development of the European...