1. Naima

    Heneid legends

    Does the Legend of Heneas and the stories of the foundation of Rome by Virgil derive from real precedent myths from Roman traditions? what were the sources of Virgil?
  2. Blue

    Would there be more historical legends that would turn out to be true?

    Many of what we consider as facts now were once considered as legends. Some of the examples are Troy in the Illiad, the Minoan Civilization, the Shang Dynasty, etc. The story of the Great Flood is now believed to have come from the rising sea levels after the warming of the Ice Age. Many...
  3. BordoEnes

    Is there a connection between the Legends of Asena and Roman Capitoline Wolf?

    Its appears to be somewhat similar in terms of the core believe. Both wolfs essentialy raises children that then establish great empires, among a few.
  4. mnsr

    Painted Grey Ware - connecting archaeology with textual records and legends.

    Painted Grey Ware was an Iron Age culture that existed from 1200 BC - 600 BC. It was mainly spread over what we now call Harayana and Uttar Pradesh in India. B.B. Lal identified this with Later Vedic Period and Mahabharata. Here in this thread we will try to connect the dots between...
  5. P

    King Arthur and similar legends

    I watched recently the series about King Arthur. It is of course well known Legend, placing him in 5th century or similar. Now what paid my attention is his death. English newer version tells about Avalon Island. Welsh version tells, that he sleeps with Guinevere and his knights in the...
  6. kdbooklover16

    The Legends of History: Thoughts?

    You've probably heard the words, "Legend has it..," or, "As the story goes...," more times than you can count when studying history. Little anecdotes that can never be fully proven (much to the bane of the historian), but that we pass down anyway. To clarify, I'm not talking about full-blown...
  7. R

    History Episode of our Podcast!

    Hello one and all! My friends and I started a podcast all about rumors/myths/misconceptions and every week we hit a different genre. This week we did one all on pre-revolution (slightly into it) North America and a tiny bit of Mesoamerica. We'd love to hear your thoughts on it - there are all...
  8. G

    What is the truth behind Thapar's theory on the Somnath legends

    Just heard a Somnath podcast of Romila Thapar. As per her theory no mention of temple destruction in Sanskrit or Jain sources. Persian sources talk about desecration of idol not temple itself. She also mentions different poetic descriptions mentioning the idol in wood, metal, iron etc. inlcuding...
  9. B

    Legends of Sunken Cities: Winetha & Kitzeh

    Does anyone know a good source on the city of Winetha, in the Baltics? Zimmerman's "The Hansa Towns" gives this one paragraph on it as a legendary city presumed to have some root in truth lost to history: "This town of Winetha, of whose exact site we are no longer sure, since it has been...
  10. ghostexorcist

    Attention: I'm Looking For Primate Folklore

    Attention: I'm Looking For Primate Folklore By Jim R. McClanahan I'm interested in writing a book that collects folklore about monkeys, apes, and prosimians (lemurs, lorises, and tarsiers) from all over the world. They are present in Africa, Europe (e.g. Spain), South Asia, East Asia...
  11. Emperor Trajan

    Norse Mythology on Dwarf on Dwarf legends and how they mixed in with the norse gods

    Dwarfs are my favorite part of Norse Mythology and since The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is coming out soon I thougt I would write an article on Dwarf legends and how the Norse Gods did to them The dwarfs are small and misshapen creatures made from the maggots in the giants Ymir dead boday...
  12. W

    Urban Legends and some others!

    I wanted to make an thread on Urban Legends where we can discuss our beliefs. *Was Sweeney Todd real? Somone Claims that Sweeney Todd was a historical person, this is strongly disputed by scholars, although possible legendary prototypes exist. I think he wasnt but i have heard about people...
  13. Midas

    Early Turkic tribes, myths, legends, language, origins

    I think such a thread deserves a place in historum. I am myself not a Turk, but I have special ties and interest to Turkic history. Please discuss in a civilized manner. This thread is purely about what the title says. No politics nor trolling! Teşekkür ederim
  14. Salah

    Flood Legends

    I put this thread in the Religion forum as it could easily turn into a discussion on that subject. One of Rasta's recent posts in my 'Native American/Indian Thread' describes a Lakota myth concerning their own origins - complete with a flood sent because of divine disfavor with mankind. The...
  15. Zeno

    Impactors in myths and legends.

    Has the memory of impactors survived in human culture? Any myths or legends you know that may possibly relate to them? I've read a theory once that the dragon myths may come from the memory of a cataclysmic impact...
  16. will_bloom

    Legends about your city ^ ^

    I've been thinking about collecting diffrent legends for cities around the wrold as a personal project, so i thought it would be interesting to hear all of your legends about your city - or more specificly the ones surounding the making of your city ^ ^ And don't forget to tell the name of...
  17. fangqingming

    what is the most early legends of japanese history?

    :)i mean the origin legend of japan, i had heard the legend is about two gods, they are brother and sister. royal family are their descendant.