1. antocya

    Movies condemned by the National (Catholic) Legion of Decency

    I was reading about censorship in movies and starting in the 30s this catholic group would condemn movies considered immoral. According to the book, people faced eternal damnation by seeing these movies. There’s a list on Wikipedia and I was surprised how many I’ve seen. They stopped condemning...
  2. C

    Why the Roman legion was superior to the Macedonian phalanx

    I've been thinking about this issue for a while now, but I think I've come to a conclusion, at least in my own head, and would like to know what you guys think of it. I think it's quite simple: The Roman infantry could act as its own flanking force, and therefore it's own decisive arm, whereas...
  3. K

    Roman legion vs Norman army from 1066

    In a hypothetical situation, and to purely satisfy my (and hopefully others) curiosity, if one could take a Roman legion from the reign of Augustus (say 27BC) and place them on a flat plan with no trees, and take William the bastard and his Norman army from the battle of Hastings and put them on...
  4. D

    American volunteers in foreign legion (1914)

    Hello.In 1914,when the german armies of Guillaume II arrived at 100 kms from Paris,a lot of american citizens of Paris engaged in the foreign legion.Is it possible to know exactly the number of them ? Thank you.
  5. N

    The French Foreign Legion in Narvik and "colured" troops

    I was in a discussion in another forum about the involvment of non-white troops in Europe in WWII. It struck me that the FFL fought in Narvik in 1940. It was the 13th Demibrigade, in fact. Were there "colured" men in that unit in 1940? I've never seen photos or read anything from the battle...
  6. JohnnyH

    IInd Augusta Legion after Boudica's revolt?

    Apart from the [forced, political?] suicide of 'shamed' acting II Augusta legion commander Poenius Posthumus- (his two superiors may have been with Paulinus's campaign staff), were the IInd legion's commanders executed or forced onto shame duties? After Boudica's revolt was finally crushed in...
  7. C

    Phalanx vs Legion: How would YOU do it?

    Phillip's reforms molded Macedon into a military superpower by giving its army a fighting advantage over every other form of army it met, until it met the Roman legion. The versatile Roman maniples were perfectly suited to exploit the phalanx's need to present one unified front, and could...
  8. gordopolis

    The XI Claudia Legion

    Here's a look at a famous old legion - Legio Undecima Claudia Pia Fidelis, or the XI Claudia - exploring their past and highlighting just how much they went through: The XI Claudia - a brief history If anyone has any theories or thoughts re. the eventual fate of the XI Claudia (phased into the...
  9. M

    The Roman Legion of 406 BC

    I’ve posted a paper on academia.edu titled “The Roman Legion of 406 BC.” https://independent.academia.edu/StevenJames1 Abstract Despite the vast research conducted by scholars for the last 400 years regarding the Roman legion, there is still no consensus among scholars as to how the Roman...
  10. F

    Foreign Légion in the First World War

    As early as August 1914, thousands of foreigners, at the call of Canudo, present in the metropolis or in the colonies, joined the ranks of the Legion in order to prove their attachment and their recognition to France. In total, there are 42,883 volunteers, representing no fewer than 52...
  11. Polynikes

    What made Caesar's 10th Legion such an effective fighting force?

    We're they in any way more distinguishable than any of his other legions in terms of battlefield effectiveness, or were they simply more trustworthy due to Caesar's rather lengthy history with them? Did they serve any particularly special purpose on campaign or in battle? Thanks.
  12. F

    Roman Legion Structure 90 to 120 AD

    Hi guys, This isn't for any assignment it is just for me to be better able to understand the period. I was wondering what the structure of a Roman Legion was like between this period, I know originally there were the Hastrati, Principles and Trarii but that the army reforms of Claudius changed...
  13. Belloc

    Legion Vs Phalanx: Which powerhouse Formation was better?

    Thought this would interest many here, and compliment to the revived Rome vs Sparta discussion. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/featured/legion-vs-phalanx-powerhouse-formation-better.html My vote goes to the legion for its greater flexibility and plus historically it was the legion that...
  14. H

    Letter to my stepdad's grandfather from Teddy R. about the American Legion

    I'm a big fan of this podcast called Hardcore History and I was talking to my stepdad about WW1 and Roosevelt. He went to the back room and brought this letter out. It's dated 1915 but mentions the American legion. Through all my searching I can't find anything suggesting the legion even existed...
  15. Lawnmowerman

    The Chzeck legion and the Tsar's gold

    When the Chzeck legion seized control of the Trans-Siberian railway they also captured the Tsars gold reserves. What happened to this gold??? Did it leave with the legion through Vladivostok??? Did they leave it with the Red or White armies??? I find it hard to believe they would give such a...
  16. Amarna

    French Foreign Legion

    I apologize if this is the wrong space for this thread. I wasn't sure what would be the best section. I've recently started a project of compiling the history of my Armenian ancestors. My great grandfather served in the French Foreign Legion when he was young, shortly after arriving in...
  17. K

    Czechoslovak Legion

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czechoslovak_Legion How is this not talked about more in well....anywhere(actually now that I think about it, not many know about Poland defeating the Russians right after WW1 either). These guys fought off the germans, the red Russians, had to deal with the fall...
  18. M

    the Arab Legion

    Is the Arab Legion still in existance ? Haven't heard anything about them for some time. Belief Jordan formed them from mostly bedouin tribesman .
  19. holoow

    Does the glorification of Latvian Waffen SS Legion mean the glorification of Nazism?

    Brodsky: Latvia's second coming - Times Union
  20. SNascimento

    Why the roman legion didn't use greaves?

    I was wondering this these days... I read somewhere that they would if they thought it was needed, like in Trajan's Dacia campaigns. Anyone could give a more concrete answer? Gratitude.