1. sparky

    Roman legions manpower replacement

    . I've been wondering for a while how the Roman legions refilled their ranks when depleted often it is mentionned that they would be raised in a geographical location but where did their new recruits came from , their original area ?, their present location ? from a central or provincial...
  2. Haardrada

    Roman Legions that fought for Juba I

    Which Legions or Roman units fought with the Numidian King Juba I against Caesar and his allies?
  3. Le Hoang

    Best defensive legions in provinces

    We know that Roman had 25 to 30 legion which divided into provinces: Germania,Gallia,Italica,Britainia,Africa... at Western and Thracia,Moesia,Syria,Aegypt...at Eastern.Which legions do you think that they fought most effectively? In my perspective,three legions in Britainia is the best force...
  4. DeadCorn

    Legions under Vespasian 43 AD

    As best I can see, I have from the Making of the Roman Army, Lawrence Keppie, Barnes and Noble 1994, that the invasion into Brtiain included these four legions. "...XX and XIV, along with II Augusta... and VIIII Hispana (why isn't this written IX?). I always thought, to begin my usual typical...
  5. O

    Were the Ancient Roman legions bullies?

    They sure acted like bullies to their subject populations, but in times at desperate struggles such as Gaius Marius's struggles with the Germans and the Second Punic War they really manned up in the face of strong opposition, something which I thought bullies weren't supposed to do.
  6. Polynikes

    At what time period do you think the Roman Legions were at their apex?

    I think this has the potential to be a really interesting thread, when do you think the Roman legions were at their most lethal? Judging from what you've seen/read, what is the general consensus? Goldsworthy, IIRC, said that the Hannibalic veteran legions that fought at Pydna were some of the...
  7. Gasparov

    Late Republic roman army and Philip II macedonian phalanx

    First of all, this is my first thread on this forum and with this occasion i wish to salute all members :) . I first discovered this forum a year ago but this is the first time joining in... so HELLO :):) Good, let's start by saying that with this thread i'm not seeking to create another topic...
  8. DeadCorn

    Illegitimate birth in the Legions

    As the right to marry while serving (conubium) was denied to legionaries while serving does this mean that children born to them during their service were automatically labeled "illegitimate?" I read of the thousands of camp followers who would attach themselves to a legion in the field. I...
  9. DeadCorn

    Were any if the Legions from Teutoburg

    Were any of the Legions from Teutoburg involved prior to their demise in the "Bellum Batonianum?" 17th, 18th, or 19th...
  10. Bullit

    The Roman Legions

    I often hear about 'legions' being mentioned as Roman military formations. You hear it so often that you become familar with that term (movies etc) but without knowing exactly what was the nature of 'legion'. 1. Was it a organic unit of the Roman Army? 2. What numbers did a legion have? 3...
  11. History Craft

    The ethnic composition of roman legions

    Have any records been preserved that give us a clue about how the ethnic composition of the roman legions evolved over time? How would the legions in the different parts of the empire have looked like? Do we know anything about it? (Please state if you know any good materials on this subject)
  12. K

    Publius Quinctilius Varus, give me back my legions

    General Varus is dead his legions are decimated. What if the Germans decide instead of melting back into the forest where they came to attack the Roman Empire itself - sweeping into Paris, down into Italy, and / or head for Rome itself. How long would the Germans fair?
  13. M

    Regarding the Legions in Roman Britain

    Hello, all. I'm new here, but I've come across the Historum forums a couple of times in my Google searches, specifically the lists of ancient Gaulish and Briton names (a BIG help!). I'm hoping to get some answers to my questions here today because the Roman Legion confuses me. I am writing a...
  14. Ben Kane

    The Shrine - think Teutoberg Forest...

    This is the first part of a digital short story I wrote recently. It's a prelude to my new novel, Eagles at War, which is about the infamous battle of the Teutoberg Forest, when the Romans lost 3 legions at the hands of German tribesmen. The main character, Tullus, is also a central character in...
  15. Polynikes

    To what extent did Sicilian Greeks serve in the Legions?

    To what extent did Sicilian Greeks and Greeks living in the South of Italy serve in the Roman Legions during the Republic, Principate, Crisis of the 3rd Century and Dominate? Was recruiting as active in the South as it was in the North? And how did Greek sentiments regarding service in the...
  16. C

    Were Roman legions as disciplined and well trained as modern armies today?

    If a Roman legion was brought back today and given enough time to adapt and equipped and trained with modern weaponry, how well would they perform? Would their ancient training allow them to make up for the difference in technological power that the US Army has in terms of efficient training and...
  17. G

    Byzantines and Legions

    Did the Byzantine still have "Legions"? If so, how did they look like by the 1400s? Was any old Roman Empire gear still used? If so, for how long?
  18. R

    HomoSexuality in the Roman Legions

    Hi, Okay so this is really intriging me. What was the opinion on Homosexuality in the roman legions? Ive read a few books which says it was 'Fine everybody loved a bit of bum fun' and others which say 'BY JUPITER HAVE HIM KILLED IMMEDITELY'. I coudnt really find much online just wandering if...
  19. The Last Praetorian

    When did the Legions cease to exist?

    Been trying to research a definitive answer to a question I've had for awhile, but I'm coming up short. In which war, or battle did the last Roman legion take to the field? What I mean here is, when was the last time that a Roman army took to the field looking (both in arms/equipment and in...
  20. Polynikes

    Caesar's legions in Gaul

    Hey guys, sorry to bother you, I'm hardly an expert on Caesar. I'm currently reading Philip Freeman's 'Julius Caesar' and something had caught my eye. He states that Roman-ized Gauls comprised the majority of his legions, is there any truth to that? And just a few more questions, did these...