1. Underground

    Leningrad blockade? Siege? Who engineered starvation and death of 700 thousand people?

    From Wikipedia: The Siege of Leningrad (Блокада Ленинграда) was a prolonged military blockade undertaken from the south by the Army Group North of Nazi Germany against the Russian city of Leningrad (St. Petersburg) on the Eastern Front in World War II. The Finnish army invaded from the north...
  2. grey fox

    What would have happened if the Soviets surrendered at Leningrad?

    Earlier tonight I discussed the Siege of Leningrad in World War 2 with my father. My father is not a World War II buff, and he does not know much about history. But my father said something that got my thinking. I mentioned how the Nazis besieged Leningrad in World War 2, and I mentioned how...
  3. Underlankers

    Operation Iskra and the Relief of Leningrad:

    Operation Iskra: The Red Army Effort to Break the Siege of Leningrad | Defense Media Network Operation Iskra/Spark was the moment in the long litany of dismal battles in the Siege of Leningrad where the campaign began an inexorable and steady shift in the favor of the Soviet Union in this vital...
  4. Sandels

    Hitler was going to give Leningrad to Finns

    I´ve just read Antony Beevors book on Second World War, and was quite surprised for the claim that he made. It was in Finnish, but it went something like this..: "After destroying Leningrad completely Hitler was going to give the ground to Finland" Does anyone know were this comes from, when did...
  5. Fire_Raven

    Zhukov falls at Leningrad

    September 1941-While attempting to survey the area after he is transferred to Leningrad, Zhukov's plane is jumped by Luftwaffe fighters and crashes into Lake Ladoga. Zhukov and his staff are killed. What happens to the course of the war?
  6. Mangas Coloradas

    Photos Of Leningrad WWII.

    I've never seen these before so I want to share them. Some are perhaps a little graphic but nothing gory. Some of those people look to be in pretty good health for the conditions at the time. Have a look. 68 Years Since The Siege Of Leningrad | English Russia
  7. tjadams

    St. Petersburg marks 70 years of Leningrad Siege

    St. Petersburg marks 70 years of Leningrad Siege By IRINA TITOVA Associated Press News from The Associated Press
  8. irishcrusader95

    the Siege of Leningrad

    the siege of leningrad in WW2 i think is in need of a study here so lets talk about it the prime objective of army group north, leningrad it had been decided would be blockaded and its population of 3 million people starved to death. hitler wanted it destroyed because of it being the cradle of...