1. T

    seeking sources for all roman letters of correspondence (besides cicero and pliny)

    Hello, I am hoping to get some direction as to where I can find publications of extant roman correspondence. cicero and pliny are the most famous, and are easy to find, but I know much more exists from many more people. I just found out augustus himself has some existing letters. Does anyone...
  2. Dios

    Searching Cicero's letters

    There are a number of websites that allow you to search a "selection" of Cicero's letters. There are websites that publish all of them, without any search tools (you might be able to search the one you're looking at, but not all in the archive at the same time). Does anyone know of a website...
  3. Z

    Writing letters to Cicero

    Hello, I am an amateur student of history. I write and read every day, as the authors of the ancient world inspire me. https://letterstocicero.blogspot.com/2018/07/dearcicero-onedrop-of-water-is-all-you.html My Blog is an ongoing collection of letters to the ancient authors, Cicero...
  4. DavidChandler

    Film - Letters From The Crimea

    Here’s a short film featuring the Crimean war memorial in Lancaster. It also features correspondence from Lancastrian soldiers, who served in the conflict. ‪ofBcoxk6XP4 Does anyone know of any other Crimean war memorials around Britain?
  5. Sertorius1066

    Quintus Sertorius letters

    Upon his assassination by Marcus Perperna Vento, Perperna took possession of his letters. These letters were meant to be very senators in Rome. When Perperna was defeated by Pompey, he tried to use the letters as a bribe to save his life. Pompey had him executed and then claimed to destroy the...
  6. S

    Exchange of letters between Alexander the Great and Porus king of India

    “The glorious battle between Alexander the Great and King Porus” – 18th century tinted woodcut When Alexander arrived with all his forces at the border of India, letter bearers sent by Poros, king of India, met him and gave him the letter of Poros. Alexander took it and read it out before his...
  7. H

    World Wars I and II (Family Wartime letters)

    Hello everyone, I urgently need published collections of family wartime letters of world wars I and II between a father on trenches to his wive and children back home in Britain (unfortunately IWM collections are not available for me). If you have any suggestions, id be more than happy if...
  8. LatinoEuropa

    Country world alphabet with few letters

    What country is the world with the fewest alphabet letters Alphabet portugues has 23 letters - letters k. W. And. Not part of the Portuguese alphabet.
  9. HackneyedScribe

    Letters of Self Criticism

    It was expected of Chinese emperors tend to sometimes write letters of self-criticism, first started by Han dynasty emperor Wudi (Repenting Edict of Luntai). Do anyone have translations for these letters? What other emperor's letters of self-criticism are there? I suppose they were read to the...
  10. Z

    WW1 family letters UK

    There are thousands of letters FROM the trenches but I can't find any resources of messages sent by family members to men serving abroad. Can anybody help?
  11. holoow

    What's your attitude toward Mark Twain's essays 'Letters from the Earth'?

    Letters From The Earth
  12. A

    Letters meaning on coins of Anastasius I

    Coins of Roman/Byzantine emperor Anastasius I, 11 April 491 - 1 July 518 A.D Anastasius I Dicorus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia After Zeno died without designating a successor, the Empress Ariadne was called upon to select a new emperor. Her choice was an obscure but successful finance...
  13. E

    Old letters from 1941 detailing the American entrance into World War 2

    Hello Historum forumers! I'm posting here because I want to share some very special letters that I inherited recently. I hope that the people on this forum will find them as interesting as I do! My grandmother who very sadly passed away 2 years ago, left me a stack of books filled with letters...
  14. K

    Casket letters from Mary Queen of Scots?

    Hi all, I've posted this in the European history section but I thought this would be a good place to post it as we'll as its for an academic paper. Hopefully someone can help! Here was my post: The life of Mary Queen of Scots is filled with controversy. In a nutshell one of the reasons she was...
  15. K

    Casket letters?

    The life of Mary Queen of Scots is filled with controversy. In a nutshell one of the reasons she was killed under the direction of Queen Elizabeth I of England is the murder of her husband and cousin, Lord Darnely (Henry Stuart) What was generally believed by the English and Scottish people was...
  16. L

    Shouldn't Slav nations that still use Cyrillic alphabet change to the latin one?

    For any foreign language that they learn they automatically learn the latin alphabet. for instance, as a tourist, in bulgaria it's very hard to find directions based on their signs (so i heard).
  17. Jax

    Paul's letters

    In an other thread http://historum.com/ancient-history/61422-name-paul-prenomen-cognomen.html I asked if anyone had any information on or links to letter writing conventions of the mid 1st century. Does anyone here know? Thanks.
  18. Aya Katz

    Letters to the President and the Naval Forces of the United States

    When you are president of the United States, you probably receive a lot of junk mail, but on the other hand, someone sorts what to keep and what to throw out, and you only ever have to look at the important mail. I have been browsing through the archive of President James Madison for late...
  19. CathareHeretic

    The Napoleon letters to Joséphine

    To JOSEPHINE, AT STRASBURG. Abbaye d' Elchingen, October 19, 1805. My dear Josephine, I have tired myself more than I ought. Soaked garments and cold feet every day for a week have made me rather ill, but I have spent the whole of to-day indoors, which has rested me. My design has been...
  20. AssyrianMelodies

    Paul's letters controversy

    The letters which Paul wrote dramatic changed the Christian church. Alot of what he wrote in his letter is not what us in the present day would agree with. I was shocked by the content in his letters saying it was evil and sinful to celebrate passover. In his letters he said "Slaves, obey your...