1. Futurist

    Plausibility Check: An Imperial German Maginot Line?

    Had Franz Ferdinand survived the assassination attempt on his life on June 28, 1914 and World War I would have thus been prevented (at least in 1914), would it have been plausible for Imperial Germany to eventually construct something similar to the French Maginot Line on its border with France...
  2. R

    Royal Anglo-Saxon blood in the line of Russian tsars?

    I remember reading somewhere, a long time ago, that one of King Harold Godwinson's daughters married a Russian monarch...Considering the fact that my memory grows weaker every year, the details of this episode have escaped from me. Can anyone please help me with my research on this theme?
  3. P

    Which stops did the Holland East Asia Line make in 1938-39

    The Holland East Asia Line (Holland Oost-Azie Lijn), a shipping company, had the following route, I learn from a poster from 1922: Rotterdam – Lisbon – Genoa – Port Said & Suez – Aden – Colombo – Singapore – Manila – Hong Kong – Shanghai Did it follow this route in 1938-39? Were there stops in...
  4. Moros

    Adopted vs birth family

    In helping other people with their genealogical research, I've come across a number of persons who are adopted and would like to trace their birth family. Often they seem quite obsessive with the idea of tracing their 'real' mother, father, siblings and cousins; sometimes to the point of...
  5. notgivenaway

    France adheres to the Maginot Line plan properly

    If France executes the Maginot Line properly, and is backed up by the BEF, how would this change WWII? Would Hitler still have defeated France, or would this have halted the invasion of the USSR, or even the North Africa Campaign? Hitler may have tried to attack North Africa still, with...
  6. grey fox

    Why didn't the AoP have a picket line on their flank at Chancellorsville?

    I recently watched the movie Gods and Generals. In Gods and Generals, the Army of Northern Virginia (ANV) attacks one of the flanks of the Army of the Potomac (AoP) to begin the Battle of Chancellorsville. In GOds and Generals, the AoP did not have any picket line at the flank that the ANV...
  7. M

    Did officers during the 18th and 19th century really stand at the front of their line

    Did officers during the age of musket, the 18th and 19th century really stand at the front of their line while UNDER musket fire? Seems suicidal, much like in the game Empire Total War....
  8. Moros

    Maternal line of descent.

    What is the longest line of maternal descent with named individuals (ie NOT just a MtDNA reading)? Agatha, the wife of Edward the Exile (11th Century) had direct female descendants into the 18th Century (including Sophia, Electress of Hanover). Queen Victoria (who has direct female...
  9. S

    The red line between religions . christians or jews or muslims

    Please remember the chamber were you are in before answering . I am Romanian and proud about Eliade
  10. BlackViper

    Northern Limit Line

    Watched 'Northern Limit Line' (2015). A film about a brief 2002 naval battle between North and South Korea. I liked it and its on Netflix.
  11. Futurist

    The Bolsheviks Stop At the Curzon Line in 1920

    If the Bolsheviks would have stopped at the Curzon Line in 1920 and would have allowed a rump Poland to remain independent, could the Bolsheviks have successfully conquered some or all of the Baltic states and/or Finland shortly afterwards? If so, then how exactly would the history of the Baltic...
  12. Futurist

    The Missouri Compromise Line is Extended to the Pacific Coast

    After if, after the U.S. victory in the Mexican-American War, the U.S. government decided to extend the Missouri Compromise line to the Pacific coast? Would this have prevented the U.S. Civil War? Any thoughts on this? For reference:
  13. Nemowork

    Heroes form a neat line please, no pushing!

    I'm currently reading Iain Gales 'Keenes challenge' with a hero who is suspiciously but not entirely like Richard Sharpe. He's into the battle of Cuidad Rodrgo and Almeida. The magazine has just exploded. Richard sharpe in 'Sharpes gold' blew it up. Adrian Goldsworthy has also run Bills...
  14. EmperorTigerstar

    Appeasement vs Compromise: Where's the Line?

    I'll often hear in political debates: "Should we just APPEASE the Iranians?" or something similar. Appeasement is always a slipperly slope because sometimes minor appeasement in a compromise can restore relations and help. Other times we have a Hitler situation. Where's the fine line of when...
  15. Celtae

    Drawing the Line Between Freedom Fighters and Terrorists

    Hello all, I remember reading some accounts concerning the activity of the Fenian Brotherhood and their armed raids in Canada. One of the occurring themes I found, was that the Fenians were often being referred to as "Freedom Fighters", which at the time I didn't have an issue with. However...
  16. Futurist

    Two questions about the 1914 McMahon Line (between China/Tibet and India)

    Basically, heylouis and I are having a debate in regards to this here: Anyway, I have two questions for you in regards to this: 1. Did China offer to let India keep...
  17. U

    Why didn't Romans fought in single line?

    Hello everybody, I read that historically, Romans were deployed in checkerboard formation, composed of 3 lines. But I play Rome Total War and in the game, that deployment means a nice recipe for high casualties. In the game, I deploy in a single line, with my cavalry (or a couple of units)...
  18. H

    In the Line of Fire by Philip McCutchan

    I've just finished reading this book by Philip McCutchan and it's absolutely ideal for anyone who, like me, is interested in historical thrillers (especially around the time of WW2). The reviews were quite promising which is why I gave it a go and it was definitely worth the £0.99/£0.99 that it...
  19. Ajathashatru

    The Rozabal Line

    Anyone read 'The Rozabal line' of Ashwin Sanghi? I started reading it, but could not compete as the book belonged to my friend. It did seem interesting at the start. Is that book actually good?
  20. Republique

    Most effective line infantry of the Napoleonic wars?

    What country do you guys think had the most effective/strongest line infantry in the Napoleonic wars. I'd probably say Britain or France. :deadhorse:llk