1. T

    Why are lions so frequent in European iconography if lions weren't native there

    The last lions in Europe vanished around some time around 100 BCE And yet, over a thousand years later, we still see the lion in European iconography, from places as diverse as the Kingdom of England...
  2. V

    Venetian lions - a question

    Hello! I have a question (part of a bet, actually) about the Lions in Venice ... Is it true that Lion of St. Mark was carved with an open book, if it was made in a time of peace; and with a closed book if it was made in a time of war? Open book - peace? Closed book - war?
  3. Scaeva

    Lambs that Fought Like Lions

    Usually green troops are considered the most unreliable. Inexperienced and untested, no matter how well equipped or trained, they are typically not the troops commanders position to hold a key position that the outcome of a battle may hinge on, or to lead the most vital of attacks. Commanders...
  4. Son Of RA

    The Four West African Lions

    This is NOT a battle thread, but who was more influential to modern culture and consciousness. Another thread from a different site inspired me to create this thread. Sundiata Keita -Sundiata started Mali and everything that came as a result of this empire can be traced back to him. Mansa...
  5. HistoryFreak1912

    Did the Romans really feed Christians to the lions? If not, why is the image popular?

    Something just occured to me when thinking about the early Christians and Rome, and the persecution of early Christians by the Romans. We've likely all heard that popular story of Romans feeding the poor Christians to the lions in the Colosseum, or finding other, bloody, ways of killing them...
  6. Pedro

    Vegetarian spider? What next? veggi lions?

    I find this so fascinating I reprint the whole article.[from a local newpaper] Costa Rica: Home to the worlds only Vegetarian spider. There are approximately 40,000 species of spiders in the world, all of which have been thought to be strict predators that feed on insects or other...
  7. Commander


    Where did fire breathing dragons come from? A lot of mythological/medieval type stories have instances where knights went out to fight and kill a dragon or sea monster or something. Where did these stories come from? We know fire breathing dragons don't exist, so why are there so many "fairy"...