1. D

    The 100 Best Chinese, Japanese and Korean History Books

    The 100 Best Chinese, Japanese and Korean History Books Hello, I created this list to assist in my own education. I'd really like to hear what books people think are missing and are "must reads". It's also helpful to know which titles that are on the list you think are really worthwhile...
  2. C

    List of Different Kinds of Taxes

    What are the different ways that governments (federal, state, local, and any other) can raise revenue besides borrowing? So far I've got: Income tax Property tax Sales tax Estate tax Lotteries User fees Sin taxes Tariffs Fines and property siezures Monopolies on the sale of certain goods and...
  3. N

    Allies Zaibatsu list

    It surprised me to see that Matsushita was listed by the Allies as a 'zaibatsu'. I thought the Allies targeted the 'four' (three of which are mentioned in the citation below). Does anyone have/know the list of all Japanese conglomerates targeted by the Allies?
  4. Futurist

    A list of prominent ethnic/national unification movements

    I want to do a list of prominent ethnic/national unification movements (they don't have to be successful, just prominent) throughout history. Thus, here goes: -The unification of Greece between the 1830s and the 1910s. Greece also made some territorial gains after the end of World War I but...
  5. RidiculousName

    List of Crusades

    Like a lot of people I grew up thinking that the crusades were confined to the middle-east. So I was surprised when I learned that there were multiple others. I'm curious exactly how many crusades were carried out, and where they went.
  6. James Cook

    A list of Classical medical writers

    I've been researching topics related to ancient medicine recently, mostly to learn what kind of medical knowledge Romans and Greeks possessed in different times, but it rapidly got hard to find new sources. The ones I had some contact with are Galen, Hippocrates, Cornelius Celsus, and Oribasius...
  7. G

    Do you agree with this list of dominant Eurasian civilizations over time?

    Dominant Eurasian (and Eurasian offshoot) civilizations according to A. Van Sloan & James Sheehan: Time of domination (number of years) - civilization: 4300-2700 BC (1600) - Sumerians 2700-1075 BC (1625) - Egyptians 1075-745 BC (330) - Phoenicians 745-612 BC (133) - Assyrians 612-539 BC (73) -...
  8. Hanslune

    Help on finding a London Exchange share list

    I am looking for some source that would list (like a share list of the London Exchange), ie what stocks were for sale or available on the exchange in the early 1840. I'm unable to find anything like that so I believe I may be using the wrong key words. Any suggestions? What I would be...
  9. Karl XII

    I have over 450 history books on my amazon wish list

    I was kind of curious how many items I had on my amazon wish list so I downloaded some software that counts all your items and adds up the price. I have a whopping 501 items on my amazon wish list. Now not all of them are history books but I would say at least 450 of them are. I have been adding...
  10. E

    List the most important people alive at different times

    This is a pretty time consuming exercise but one I thought many would find interesting. Let's pretend being the most important and/or powerful(or combination of the two) person alive was a title like a throne, that would go to someone else upon that person's death/ceasing to be important. Make a...
  11. Y

    World History Timeline List by yellowhwang

    I modified the existing program so that we could make a selection to see the summary of the timeline on one screen.
  12. Lord Oda Nobunaga

    My List of the Greatest Commanders in History

    I've been compiling a list of the greatest commanders in history. The criteria for making it to the list is essentially that the general in question has to be a campaigner. That is basically the reason why you won't see me adding Divisional commanders or Panzer leaders into the this list. The...
  13. H

    List of states/kingdoms existing in 16th century Philippines?

    Is there anywhere I can find a map or list of states/kingdoms that existed in the Philippines over the course of the 16th century? When reading about the Spanish colonization I keep coming across mentions of various local "kingdoms" like Maynila, Tondo, Namayan, and Maguindanao, but it'd be...
  14. F

    List of ethno-states?

    Historically, what countries fitted the definition of ethno-state? Currently, what countries fit the definition of ethno-state?
  15. M

    Which autocratic monarch was most controversial or incompatent from this list ?

    Charles I (British) : Deposed at the end of English Civil War and executed Louis XVI (French) : Deposed during French Revolution and executed. His reign was end of Ancien Regime across Europe Kaiser Wilhelm II (German) : Antagonized half of Europe against German Empire , caused needless...
  16. T

    List of most decorated soldiers from the British Empire?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for the list of most decorated soldiers from the British Empire of all times. Does anyone know where can I get this? Thanks to all for your help.
  17. ThePhantomGuiness

    List of spelling errors in the constitution

    "Pensylvania" "Chuse" "defence" "controul"
  18. Kapyong

    List of Early Writers Who Could Have Mentioned Jesus

    Gday all, I have been looking into the evidence of the early writers around the time of Jesus who could have mentioned him, but did not. Here is my essay on the subject. (Sorry about the colours - I wrote this in a light-coloured editor and forgot it was dark background here. Because on this...
  19. civfanatic

    England, 1066-1217: Help Me List all of the Major Rebellions and Civil Wars

    I am compiling a list of all of the major insurrections and civil wars that took place throughout English history. I am starting with the period of the Norman and Angevin kings, from the invasion and accession of William I in 1066 to the second reissue of Magna Carta in 1217, during the minority...
  20. D

    Revisiting the old "Top 100 Generals" list

    letMy revision/variation of the well-known Top 100 Generals list The original list is here: And the top 100 generals in history in my opinion: 1. Genghis Khan 2. Alexander the Great 3. Napoleon 4...