1. wigglywaffles

    Literacy rates in the past

    Does anyone know any statistics about literacy rates worldwide before ww2? Just how large percentage of a population in a developed country in the early 20th century like France or America could read and what about their colonies?
  2. N

    Literacy in Japan before Neo-Confucius

    I view the neo-Confucianist Tokugawa Japan as an era of education and literacy for the Samurai class. Not sure about the Artisans, farmers and merchants. But I inquire about the samurai before Tokugawa time because a Kindle Direct novel has samurai who spend free time with poetry. The book...
  3. Menshevik

    Jewish literacy rates throughout the ages

    Did Jewish communities have a higher degree of literacy than their neighbors? I'm not referring to any specific time period. For example, if the majority of people in the ancient world were illiterate, is there any reason to think the Jews of the time were less so(more literate)?
  4. N

    Literacy of sengoku kannushi

    Illiteracy was commonplace in Japan before the Edo time. Buddhist monks could read, yes? They lectured those daimyo on the Buddhist, Confucius (and any classic Chinese) teachings, so I think they could at least read kanbun. I wouldn't be shocked if they could read kana, but I'm not sure why...
  5. B

    Comparisons of level of literacy in different societies during the medieval period?

    In what societies, literacy was most prevalent during the different times in the medieval period (400-1500). At the risk of being a Euro-centric classification, we can use this classification of the medieval period into 3 phases: 1.) Early medieval, 400-1000, 2.) High medieval, 1000-1300, 3.)...
  6. V

    New perspectives on the literacy during early historical period of South Asia.

    According to most of the scholars,Indians did not know of any form of writing or scripts after the demise of Sarasvati-Sindhu civilization.Early historical Indians are considered as illiterates mainly because of the statement by Megasthenes that Indians at the time of Mauryans did not know of...
  7. heirtothewind

    Literacy in ancient Rome

    Although the classical authors [such as Cicero, Virgil, or Ovid] wrote for the educated and wealthy elite, I am guessing from epigraphic evidence on tombstones and monuments, as well as graffiti on walls, that the ordinary population was basically literate. The words and sentence structure of...
  8. marx8

    How prevalent was literacy in pre modern China

    many Medieval Europeans were illiterate, however what about their counterparts in China? Could the average Chinese read and write?
  9. Jax

    What Do We Know About Literacy Rates in the Ancient World?

    Wealth in the early principate from Augustus to Hadrian seems to have been at a all time high that would not be seen again for another fifteen hundred years. This would seem to indicate a rather high rate of educated people as a consequence, and is indeed known as the Golden and Silver age of...
  10. mansamusa

    The Sokoto Caliphate and Literacy.

    Did the Sokoto Caliphate of Nigeria do a better job than either the British colonial authorities and the Independent Nigerian government in educating its citizens? The Sokoto Caliphate became a colony of Britain in 1903. Founded in 1804 by Uthman Dan Fodio, it was an Islamic State which strived...
  11. mansamusa

    What was the Literacy level of New World African Slaves?

    This is the famous image of the Jamaican Maroons signing a peace treaty with the British after the partially successful 1st maroon war(1739--1740): The peculiar thing about this image is the headgear of the maroons, which has been interpreted as evidence of Islam, which, considering the...
  12. unity

    Complex non-literate societies

    There were several complex societies who managed to maintain a functioning state and government without literacy. The best known example is the Inca Empire. It reached an extremely large size with a fully functioning government, infrastructure and it kept records by the means of knotted cords...