1. Futurist

    English King Henry V Lives

    What if English King Henry V would have lived? Would he have been able to conquer all of France? Also, would he have done anything else of note had he lived much longer?
  2. Futurist

    Paul von Hindenburg lives until 1950

    What if Alien Space Bats would have allowed Paul von Hindenburg to live until 1950--when he would have been either 103 or 104 years old? How would this have affected Germany in the years and decades after 1934? Any thoughts on this?
  3. F

    Most comfortable lives n lifestyles ever?

    What do you think are/were the most comfortable lives and lifestyles in terms of leisure and pleasure? Being too prominent often entails too many responsibilities and security concerns, that's why I think being a generic socialite in the halcyon days (e.g., the Belle Époque) could be the most...
  4. K

    The Queen lives

    Empress Meyongseong wasn't assassinated by the pro-Japanese soldiers and that the empress managed to keep Korea independent and modernize it?
  5. maTiasddsm

    The lives of ohers (german movie)

    Has anyone seen this great great movie. What do you think about this?..... If you were in recently reunified Germany... and you wanted to know if there is any file about you after any spying on you.... Is there a public archive where you can check as easy as the guy does in the last part of the...
  6. Kuroda Kanbei

    William III lives

    Lets imagine that William III of Orange wasn't eliminated by that mole assassin. How would this affect the war of the Spanish succession? How would his survival change things and his assets and flaws effect the war. Would he have been a better political leader than Queen Anne. Despite my...
  7. Kuroda Kanbei

    Crassus lives

    Lets imagine Crassus managed to win the battle Carrhae and round up his Parthian war with a modest victory. He lives up to the civil war and presumably keeps his Syrian command. How would this change things and who would Crassus side with in the war? Its tempting to point out his rivalry with...
  8. tomar

    What's the point of reincarnation if one cant remember past lives ?

    Several religions have a concept of "reincarnation" To simplify, the soul after death inhabits a new body (which could be human or animal) is, so to say, recycled But what is the point since we do not remember our past lives and thus learn nothing from them ? An additional question is...
  9. Jake10

    Whose lives should be saved if medical resources are rationed?

    So, let's say only some people can receive medical aid. Who should be saved...
  10. Brisieis

    5 Cops Assassinated at Black Lives Matter Anti-Cop Protest

    Dallas police shooting: Five officers killed, six hurt by gunmen - BBC News
  11. A

    APC or MRAP? Which are the ones that save lives.

    Let's leave Tanks out of the equation, since we know that they are powerful. Now as the title says. And we know mraps and apcs are technically armored vehicles. But which of the two saves lives during war time. Of course APC's made their debut in the Korean war by american soldiers, while the...
  12. VHS

    Did the atomic bomb on Japan really save lives?

    Japan really didn't have the power to stand, and it could have surrendered before the nuclear attack. Anyway, the nuclear attack happened. It was speculated Japan might fight to the bitter end if the atomic bombs weren't dropped (or if it noticed these were the only bombs that were made at this...
  13. civfanatic

    Monarch and Bureaucrat in Old Kingdom Egypt: Comparing the Lives of Weni and Harkhuf

    The Old Kingdom of Egypt, spanning some eight dynasties and five centuries (c.2686-2160 BCE), was one of the earliest centralized states in human history. Operating this powerful state was a vast bureaucracy, collecting resources for the pharaoh and waging wars on his behalf. In the surviving...
  14. weezer17

    Men whose lives boiled down to mere minutes

    My question is about the men and women of history who would not have been important at all were it not for a single role they played: "right place, right time" people. I don't mean people who had significant events that changed the course of their lives or careers (Washington at Jumonville Glen...
  15. Haardrada

    Edward IV lives into his 80's.

    What would Henry Tudors prospects of success have been had Edward IV not died in 1483 (aged 40).This means he would have lived long enough to have been opposition to Henry and that his son (Edward V) would have survived into adulthood and Richard III would not have reigned?
  16. EmperorTigerstar

    Sanjurjo Lives

    Jose Sanjurjo lives by not packing too much on his plane to Spain and does not crash. How would the Spanish Civil War and possibly World War II change? Would he become the Caudillo? Would Franco try to stop him and thus divide Nationalist forces? If Sanjurjo remains in control does Gibraltar get...
  17. stephen mills

    Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives by Alan Bullock

    If you've read this book please do leave a review. :)
  18. 1759

    The Lives of Others. A Stasi film like no other

    My all time favourite film about east Germany during the 80s has to be The Lives of Others. Has anyone seen it? Brilliant cast, music, and plot. Any other cold war era secret police dramas people like?
  19. B

    Lives of the Ancient Persians: Artaxerxes II

    The life of the Persian king Artaxerxes II, son of Darius II and the elder brother of Cyrus the Younger. Still need...
  20. Thaladan

    The Selection of Plutarch's Lives

    A more casual topic of discussion... Are there any omissions or inclusions in Plutarch's Lives that you find interesting? Personally, I've alway thought it a little strange that Scipio Africanus doesn't merit a Life of his own. Discuss. :)