1. Q

    Local famous name of ibex in Sindh.

    Kindly give correct answer . Ther poosh Gud Sarah Sent from my TA-1053 using Tapatalk
  2. Oldhistory1823

    youtube channel on regional history

    awhile back i created a youtube channel to document the history of the areas around Appalachia, im slowly working my way around when time permits, feel free to share it around, give constructive criticism or what have you. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtJ0iY3t46d4Pd2fS8kmW3Q
  3. P

    Local history project for ks2 children year 5

    This is the first time I have posted on this forum, so I am hoping that someone can give me some advice. I am a Primary school teacher and am starting a local history project with year 5 children. We are going to be visiting a local care home to interview some residents and talk about their...
  4. King Arthur

    Who were the traitors, Saxons or Local Britons?

    I read this very interesting work posted by another member, . HISTORY OF BRITAIN, 407-597, by Fabio P. Barbieri What fascinated me the most was the author's claim the Britons essentially deserved what they got, when they refused to pay the Saxons. The version of events I keep seeing is that in...
  5. Commodus

    Your local history

    We discuss global history here often, but I thought it might be a nice change of pace to discuss our local areas. Our small towns, villages and larger cities, and the history others may not know about them. It seems that everywhere has some story or another, things only a local might know. So...
  6. EmperorTigerstar

    Examples of Countries and Empires Rewriting Local History

    What were some times in history where a country or empire decided to rewrite the local history. Not by accident through ignorance from lack of discovery, not by burning/banning a specific political writing or book because it's dangerous, but actually rewriting history and teaching to the locals...
  7. M

    Local History Myths?

    As with the famous Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, MA. I read a book on the subject of historical myths and the "rock" was discussed. It all started with an English newspaper journalist (female) that wrote an article about what it must have been like when the Mayflower landed in the new world...
  8. tigertank06

    The effect of Watergate on state and local elections?

    What was the effect of Watergate on state and local elections? I'm asking because I wanted to know if Jerry Brown got elected because of the ramifications of Watergate. I know that the 76 election was a "payback" election against the Republicans by the people. So I wonder if the election of...
  9. G

    WWI local history

    I may have asked this before but anyway. My family comes from a small and remote valley in North Wales. I can find out who from the area died in WWI from the war memorial but what if I want to find out who served and survived? I suspect there's no easy answer - I'm not aware that there was a...
  10. rvsakhadeo

    Great Actions on a Local scale in WW 2

    What I desire from our well read and well studied historum posters is to compile a list of great actions on a local scale in WW 2. Such actions often display initiative and daring and great bravery, which gets masked in large scale battles, where individuals are just cannon fodder. As examples...
  11. F

    How would military intelligence determine if a local guide was trustworthy?

    In the movie Lost Command, some of the leading characters were searching in a city for whereabouts of FLN rebels. They meet a local man who claims to know where the rebel leader was hiding. The French paratroops trusted their advice and took him as their tour guide......... It turns out he was...
  12. olly

    Police helicopter crashes on my local !!

    This is mad a police chopper has crashed into the Clutha vaults pub in Glasgow, me and the mrs were due up there on sunday for a gig with her friends from work!!, she just said the other day she felt something bad was going to happen :o BBC News - 'Police' helicopter crashes into Clutha Vaults...
  13. chagatai

    Israel’s Mossad chief meets head of Turkish intelligence13, Your time is 6:

    LOCAL - Israel?s Mossad chief meets head of Turkish intelligence Any comments? What are they going to talk about?
  14. Isoroku295

    Do you know your local history

    My uncle once said "Eddie, you know so much about history. Rome, WWII, Japan, and even American. But how much do you know about your counties history. Or even your states?" How much do you know about your local History?
  15. beetle

    Local Jews, Muslims & Christmas

    Here, locally, Christmas Day marked the Second Annual Jewish and Muslim Christmas Day of Service. A year ago volunteers from various local Jewish and Muslim organizations decided to get together and relieve the many persons of various Christian denominations who for years had been giving up...
  16. sylla1

    Almost one million days ago 17:51 (local time)

    Or more exactly, 948,320 days ago, Wednesday 28 May 585 BC, the indecisive Battle of Halys river (modern Kizilirmak) between the Medes of Cyaxares I and the Lydians of Alyattes II was stopped by a total solar eclipse purportedly predicted by Thales of Miletos. (Herodotos, Kleio LXXIV) Due to...
  17. Sankari

    Richard III possibly discovered in local car park

    Pretty amazing discovery if true! (Source). '...blows to the skull consistent with injuries received in battle.' Or a typical mugging in Leicester. :D
  18. Brisieis

    Space - Will we stay local?

    Let's assume we do not completely wipe ourselves out (or nature does it for us) in the next few thousand years at least. Do you believe that we will only be able to space travel (and possibly colonize) locally in our own solar system? Or will we make new scientific discoveries that will make...
  19. CIowa

    Local paper makes a big point

    Woman given 3-year prison term for lie | The Clarion-Ledger | clarionledger.com How is it that the big fish get off light and this lady gets the harsh sentence? Is our justice system just that screwed up?
  20. L

    would you say all communities are, by definition, always local and small-scale.

    also do you think in time, with the technological world we live in, communities will even exist in first world countries? just a thought..