1. rvsakhadeo

    On reading Locke

    I was just going through ' The Dictionary of Philosophy ' , published by Penguin Books, 2nd edition, 2005, compiled by Thomas Mautner, ISBN 978-0-14-101840-9. It is very good compilation , 664 pages thick and contains all the required information about Western Philosophy. A long entry on John...
  2. Domhnall Balloch

    Locke and Rousseau on Property

    Is it me, or are there far fewer differences between these two than it feels like there ought to be? I can pick out barely a few, not really enough for what's said to be a great clash of ideologies.
  3. El Cid

    Are people in your country aware that Locke and Kant had racist view?

    Recently I watched a history document about slavery and racism. Professor Charles Mills from University of Illinois stated that it is not general knowledge that great philosophers like Locke or Kant indeed shared racist views: from 35:00 Racism: A History [2007] - 1/3 - YouTube It...
  4. sylla1

    Philosophical differences between Descartes & Locke

    The title is self-explanatory. Any kind of phylosophical issue relative to these authors may be included. Please name as many differences as possible. And please explain them as detailed as possible. Any contribution, commentary or input in general will be highly welcomed. Thanks in adance...
  5. spellbanisher

    Arguments for and Against Absolutism

    Absolutists believe that power has to be centralized in one person for unity to prevail. They learned from the Protestant Reformation that power could not be shared. Men would often use the pretext of religion to try to undermine the throne and establish their own power. If power is divided, a...
  6. F

    views of HOBBES,LOCKE and ROUSSEAU on Social

    Can anybody compare the views of HOBBES,LOCKE and ROUSSEAU on Social Contract and Sovereignty.
  7. P

    Locke and Hobbes

    Who do you take the side of? John Locke...man is essentially good, or Thomas Hobbes with the idea that man is selfish, violent and corrupt? Give reasons why.:cool: