1. A

    What id Alexander looked west instead of east?

    How different history might look if Alexander had turned his sights on Europe instead of Asia after conquering the Persians?
  2. F

    From 1917 on: what would the better alternatives have looked like?

    Since so much of later 20.th - and 21.th- century history are intimately related to the years 1917- and 18, it seems a relevant topic to discuss how things then could have been done better. At least if we agree (most of us) that the road from then was so far from being a "happy" one, but more...
  3. Draki

    What are all of the reasons Germanic nations looked down on the Slavs?

    Very straight forward question. Some things are obvious, but there must be some more obscure reasons for this. Any ideas?
  4. V

    Did the Original Ottomans looked Caucasoid or Mongoloid like the Turkmen from Merv ?

    On wikipedia of the Ottoman empire. It says the foundation were from these Central Asian turks that came from what is now Turkmenistan Merv. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ottoman_Empire " Ertuğrul, the father of Osman I (founder of the Ottoman Empire), arrived in Anatolia from Merv...
  5. Luke of Suffolk

    Would the election of Trump as US president be looked upon in highsight as a mistake?

    I know that this partly overlaps with political, but this isn't focused solely on the political aspect. If Trump did get elected, and he dod everything that he ssid he would, do you think the world would look back at him in a positive or negative light, in regards to the state of the world?
  6. G

    What would India have looked like today if it was Islamized

    How different would things be in India and the world today if it had Islamized progressively from the beginning of the Sultanate to the end of the Mughal rule? Would India if it had Islamized have become the centre of Islamic Universe? Also would there still be some surviving bastions of...
  7. purakjelia

    Ming painting reveals how Ming infantrymen looked like

    I found a Ming painting on Chinese internet sites. It is said that this scroll painting depicted the battles between the Ming army and the Wokou pirates. I think it provides us some valuable information about the armors and weapons used by the Ming infantrymen.
  8. K

    How happiness looked in 1946:

    How happiness looked in 1946. I don`t know where this picture is, probably post - war Europe, or may be some other place. Looking at it, I remember my grandparents stories how happy they were of the small and real thinks. like oranges for the New Year, sent in a parcel from the city, etc...
  9. D

    How ancient Athens more or less looked like

    Very interesting. Athens Tech Demo Siggraph 2013 on Vimeo
  10. wingerman

    Zhou Gong and other ancient Chinese looks

    Zhou Gong Satsang Mooji, a spiritual guru who has the Indian and Chinese clinal features. This is Tibeto Burman at its best and what Zhou Gong must have looked like.
  11. WeisSaul

    What would the CSA have looked like?

    People generally think that an independent CSA would have been like the pre-war south. I think that this is a very incorrect statement. This is just my best guess, but I think it'd be interesting to have a full discussion on the topic. Before the full argument, I'd like to say that the south...
  12. K

    Genghis Khan looked Asian, Eurasian, White?

    The chances he would have looked caucasoid is very slim, because almost every Mongolian looks like 100% Asian but are few or some that have that Eurasian look. So I'm willing to bet he could either looked Asian or Eurasian. Genetics shows that the paternal descendants of Genghis Khan is...
  13. A

    Iceman Mummy as he would have looked

    He looks like he had a rough life... kinda like you would find him living on a street corner homeless. I find it a little disturbing and uncanny. http://news.discovery.com/archaeology/o … 10225.html
  14. Commander

    What if North America looked like Africa?

    What if when discovered, the North American continent looked a lot like Africa? The same terrain, a huge desert, no real mountain ranges, vast plains with little water. Would the European colonists still want to settle?