1. T

    Aethelred, "Lord of the Mericans"

    Who exactly was this rather obscure historical figure and what exactly was his rank? Was he just an earldorman, a client king of Alfred's, or does the title "Lord" suggest something in between? He seems to have been a rather able and important figure in securing the Midlands from Vikings and...
  2. funakison

    To what extent was Lord Byron the first celebrity?

    Mobbed in public, poetry that sold out on the day of publication, the life of Lord Byron certainly seems to mirror the celebs of today.
  3. Lord Zaihus

    Lord Zaihus' Introduction

    Hello, fellow historians and members of this beloved community! I have recently noticed this community not so long ago, and decided that this area would be the exact place to visit to share opinions, thoughts and stories with each other, meet individuals and people, gladly. Now, I'll start off...
  4. Devdas

    Despite surrender in America why was Lord Cornwallis made Governor General of India

    After he wasn't able to save 13 British colonies from rebellious Americans, why was he still trusted to lead as the governor general of India when British empire was expanding in India.
  5. Rex Hiemis

    What determines the title of an independent feudal lord?

    What determines the title of an independent feudal lord? For example during the First Crusade when crusaders took Edessa, Baldwin became the "Count" of Edessa and in Antioch Bohemund became the Prince of Antioch. Both were independent states. So instead of becoming kings, why did they become...
  6. F

    UK needs migration 'because native Britons are bloody stupid', says pro-EU lord

    UK needs migration 'because native Britons are bloody stupid', says pro-EU lord | The Independent Another proof the pro-European elites want to replace the white race by immigrants I understand for whats nationalism and hate against the elites rise in entire europe
  7. Kapyong

    The Lord's Prayer = NO Oral Tradition

    Greetings all :) The "Lord's Prayer" was allegedly taught directly from Jesus' mouth to the ears of his followers. The very epitome of a critical piece of oral tradition - what could be more important than the very words of Jesus Christ himself ?! Surely the oral tradition would have...
  8. I

    Lord George 1793 document

    Hello: I purchased this document and am curious to know if anyone knows what it's really talking about or the type of document. I can make out 1793 and Lord George over Great Britain. I just received it and haven't had a chance to try to transpose it and write it out. For now it is framed. Any...
  9. Bishop

    Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley

    This rather clean-cut chap was the second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots. Their short and tumultuous marriage gave them one child, the future James VI of Scotland (later James I of England). But, Darnley was, by all accounts, jealous, paranoid, and desperate for power. [The Jealousy of...
  10. Moros

    Survivors of Lord Anson's circumnavigation

    In 1741 Lord Anson set out from England with 8 ships and over 1,800 men in order to disrupt Spanish activities in the Pacific. After a largely disastrous voyage Lord Anson returned to England in 1744 with but one ship (the Centurion) and only 188 of the original men. Despite this great loss of...
  11. C

    lord and client

    The Celtic period in Ireland had developing systems of lord patronage where a person's rank was identified by the number and type of clients he could afford and retained. One group was the aire desa where Catalan and Greek desa meant "share" the portion of wealth paid for protection by the lord...
  12. W

    What caused the extinction of Meiolania on Lord Howe Island?

    Since there's no evidence of people having once lived on Lord Howe Island before its European discovery (according to Wikipedia), what caused the turtle's extinction there? Just curious.
  13. P

    Lord of the rings & Worls war 1.

    J R R Tolkien was at he front during World War 1 from July through October 1916. It is said that during this time he began writing notes and ideas that later would become the Lord of the Rings trilogy. What parts of the books do you see as possibly being influenced by his experience? (I take...
  14. Spikey

    Lord's Prayer - a hapax legomenon

    Historumites, I was wondering if someone can help me with informations on the Lord's Prayer. Any kind of insight is welcome. In studying the Cathar texts preserved in Lyon, I noticed it gives their version of the Lord's Prayer as somewhat differently translated than the Protestant version I...
  15. A

    Lord ikshvaku and the suryavanshi clan

    i was hoping to gain more info on this topic as i recently read amish tripathi's "scion of ikshvaku " and have been wanting to to know the real facts about the clan . yeah i could have wikepedia'd it but (but wikepedia sudddenly seems to have no info on idian culture and if so is quite brief ...
  16. O

    Dwarka- Solid proof of Lord Krishna's existence & AIT's death

    Hello, All the findings at Dwarka city indicate strong supports of Krishna's existence but for many years Western indologists have shut their eyes to this wonderful glory for some reasons I don't know. :notrust: One of many important findings was a conch seal that established the...
  17. F

    What if Lord Halifax had been made UK Prime Minister, not Churchill?

    Would Lord Halifax have made peace with Nazi Germany and preserved te Empire, or would war still have been unavoidable, but maybe later?
  18. Sindane

    Lord Byron and the Bloody Code

    Bloody Code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "The Bloody Code is a term used to refer to the system of laws and punishments in England between 1688 and 1815. It was not referred to as such in its own time, but the name was given later owing to the sharply increased number of crimes that...
  19. D

    Aryavarta version of lord of the Rings

    A novel way, literally, :), of studying the history of India. lets use the events and nations and characters and geography of the story and link them with real events and kingdoms and characters and geography to maybe learn something new. Ok, so who is Sauron, Jesus or Mohamed? Which...
  20. Naomasa298

    Lord Halifax as PM

    Why wasn't Lord Halifax appointed as PM in 1940? It seems that he was acceptable to just about everyone, including Churchill, who was willing to serve under him. The only person who didn't seem to want to be PM was Halifax himself, but he nonetheless accepted a Cabinet post under Churchill and...