1. R

    Did the Mongols start to lose their nito after the 1250s?

    If you look at history, the 1250s seem to be the dividing period between when the Mongols basically were univerally successful, VS. when their success rate starts to dwindle, is this due to the Mongols starting to lose their mojo, whatever it was, or were Mongol commanders after the 1250s...
  2. AssyrianMelodies

    Could Trump lose in a Clement Attlee Styled landslide?

    I believe this is a real possibility despite what some may actually think because I see America as going leftward. Under this idea, I see it as likely that the Social Democrats will take over the Democratic Party in 2020 and use it to defeat Trump in an upset landslide.
  3. S

    how did Rome lose the territory it got in 117 ad

    I remember Rome gaining a territory in 117 ad, but then losing it less than a year later. Did Romans simply not care for the territory, or where they attacked out of it.
  4. Futurist

    Was it in France's best interests to quickly lose in 1940?

    I've been thinking about this a lot over the last couple of years: Was it in France's best interests to quickly lose in 1940? For the record, I would say Yes. I mean, sure, France did get occupied by Nazi Germany for four years, but it then ended up being liberated by the Western Allies and...
  5. TrueHistory77

    Why the Italians won the Greco-Italian War of 1940-41.

    From what I've understood, it was the Italians who won the Greco-Italian War of 1940-41 for the following reasons: a) the Greeks failed to defeat the Italians even though the Italians were pushed back b) the Greeks formally surrendered to General Ferrero on the 23rd April, 1941 b) it was the...
  6. A

    Why did the ERE lose Italy three times.

    I just wanted to know one simple question. Why did the Eastern Roman Empire lose the Italian peninsula and Dalmatia three times. First! Odaocer's Kingdom of Italy (476-493) was a vassal state (possibly territory) of the ERE. But lost it to the Ostrogoths. But later reclaimed by Justinian but...
  7. Satuf

    Hunter-Gatherers Always Lose to Farmers?

    I've very recently started reading Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. Early on in the book, the author makes the argument of how agricultural societies almost always win against hunter-gatherer nomadic societies. But, what about the early Arab Islamic invasions of Persian and Roman...
  8. civfanatic

    Do Anatolian Turks still have tribes? If not, when and how did tribes cease to exist?

    Most of the Turkic peoples, including the Oghuz Turks, were divided into different tribal groups. For example, one of the Oghuz tribes was the Kayı tribe. The Ottomans claimed that Osman was descended from this tribe. When the Turks conquered and settled in Anatolia, what happened to these...
  9. L

    The end of Reconstruction: was it the South showing they did not lose the w

    How do historians from the South or North view the 'Reconstruction' period and its brutal demise with the Mason Dixon line when the Northern Armies left was it 17 years later? Was it a show of strength, or a 'regrouping' to show they did not lose the war, and happy to return to their pre civil...
  10. LatinoEuropa

    Portugal was the last country in Europe to lose its empire

    Portugal was the last country in Europe to lose its empire, with the delivery of Macao to China on December 20, 1999 only that the history of Portugal would remain alive for ever, a small nation that made great nation.
  11. notgivenaway

    Did France win or lose WWII?

    France is considered amongst the Allied winners, but then did it technically win or lose? Was it both? France surrendered in 1940, and the Third Republic was abolished. But after Paris was liberated in 1944, de Gaulle set up a provisional government, which controlled the French troops that went...
  12. R

    Why did Carthage lose the Punic Wars?

    -despite being more technologically advanced than Rome - and having Hannibal (no roman general could match him) if Carthage never called back Hannibal? would he of won?
  13. L

    How did Churchill win the war but lose 1945 elections

    VE Day was widely celebrated and VJ Day. So did Churchill and his party believe the popular up beat mood would sweep them back into power? Were they complacent? Why did the country vote in for the first time a new untested Labour government over a successful coalition headed by Churchill? From...
  14. G

    why and how did the marathas lose the battle of burdwan against ali vardi khan

    They were the strongest power around that time in the subcontinent. They had also beaten Bengali nawabs in orissa as well parts of Bengal in bishnupur. Why is it that they lost the decisive war at burdwan against nawabs of Bengal. Had they won this war they might have captured large chunks if...
  15. L

    During the Cold War did NATO admit they would lose a conventional war Russians?

    Did they have a viable plan to defeat them? Or was the plan to simply big them down when they crossed the iron curtain? I recall hearing frim strategists how out numbered we were against them im men tanks aircraft etc. Was that scaremongering to increase spending? Just how good were the...
  16. T

    The allies lose WW1

    What would the world look like today, would WW2 and the Cold War ever have occured?
  17. Menshevik

    Why did the Zulus lose the Battle of Rorke's Drift?

    It seems to me, that had the Zulus committed all of their troops, all at once, instead of piecemeal, then they could have easily overrun the British. Please explain if you disagree.
  18. S

    English lose Agincourt:

    Let's suppose the English longbow's effectiveness was completely negated at Agincourt because the English had failed to take advantage of the terrain for some reason and the muddy condition did not exist. What this would mean is that the French don't get caught in a bottleneck charge that...
  19. Futurist

    Why didn't Italy & Japan lose massive amounts of their territory after World War II?

    Why didn't Italy & Japan lose massive amounts of their territory after World War II? Why didn't Italy and Japan lose massive amounts of their territory after World War II like Germany did?
  20. bartieboy

    What made France lose interest in Italy?

    Sadly the Italian renaissance is not anywhere near my terrain. Still from reading Machiavelli and a paper here and there I have come to understand that for a long time in the middle ages France was quite keen on slicing a piece off of the Italian pie. How did this work out? Besides that, what...