1. G

    Why Did French (Mostly) Disappear in Louisiana, But Not Quebec

    Louisiana and Quebec both started off as French colonies with a substantial number of French-speaking settlers. Both came under the rule of English-speaking powers (Quebec became British in 1763 and Louisiana became American in 1803). They both exist in a North American economy in which the...
  2. W

    Louisiana Slave Legislation/Slave Codes/Black Codes

    Hello, I'm looking for Louisiana legislation from 1859 (or the 1850s will do) regarding slave codes and codes for Free Blacks. I can only find information for the Code Noir (1724 and 1742) as well as the Slave Codes (1803 - 1834). If someone could help me find slave laws there after that would...
  3. M

    Louisiana Purchase

    Why did the United States purchase the territory of present-day Louisiana in 1803.? and) Since the Congress was entitled to a declaration of war b) Because Congress can appoint ambassadors and consuls c) Since the President had the ability to sign treaties
  4. danceswiththewolves

    Louisiana Purchase-Why the US could buy the today territory of Louisiana in 1803?

    Why the US could buy the today territory of Louisiana in 1803? I found that: " Jefferson agreed that the U.S. Constitution did not contain explicit provisions for acquiring territory, but he asserted that his constitutional power to negotiate treaties was sufficient." So iss it true that the...
  5. B

    The 1864 Election in Louisiana and Tennessee

    These states were mostly under Union control and submitted votes for Lincoln which were not counted, but I don't see any figures of the popular vote. How was the Presidential election conducted in those states?
  6. Z

    What if the USA invaded the Louisiana Territory instead of purchasing it from France?

    I always wondered what would happen if the USA invaded Louisiana. Would Napolean decide not to deal with it and hand it over or fight back? And if he did fight back would the USA be able to defeat the French?
  7. EmperorTigerstar

    Spanish Impact in the Louisiana Territory

    Spain had a short rule of the Louisiana Territory from 1763 - 1800 by acquiring it from France as compensation for its participation in the Seven Years War. It would lose it to France in 1800 as a part of a deal with Napoleon. France already had influence in the region through its founding of...
  8. L

    Hello from a humble Louisiana man

    Hey guys, I am a history teacher living in Dallas, but I was born and raised in Louisiana, went to LSU so I bleed purple and gold and love learning about LA. I am currently considering going back to school for a masters degree in education and hopefully a second masters (or even doctorate) in...
  9. M

    louisiana purchase

    Hello all I'm an English Philology student and this year I'm writing my B.A. I would like to focus on Louisiana Purchase. Unfortunately, a university library isn't well-equipped and I'm forced to order some books online. I'd be incredlibly grateful to anyone who would help me deal with it and...
  10. BoilerL1

    150 Years Ago Today--2nd Mine Sprung under 3rd Louisiana Redan

    The explosion was not followed by an assault. Things were looking very bad for the rebels in Vicksburg by this date as several Federal approaches were literally at the counterscarps of the rebel works, "crowning the covered way" as they used to say. Below is the rebel view from the Square Fort...
  11. tjadams

    Texas Annexation & Louisiana Purchase

    During President Jefferson's administration, we all know he was at the head of acquiring the Louisiana territory from the French. By the definition of the Constitution, he did not have the power as president to acquire foreign territory and this bothered him. In 1845 the Republic of Texas...
  12. Q

    What was the reasons why Louisiana was settled?

    I wondering what were the reasons why the Louisiana territory settled after the westward expansion.
  13. Irish Yankee

    French language in Louisiana

    I know that much of what is now Cajun French has arrived with Acadian exiles in the 18th century, but Louisiana was a French colony prior to this. Did the French language have a significant presence in the area prior to this? Has the language been in decline in recent years or has it been...
  14. Stefany

    What was Sherman's role in Louisiana Military Academy?

    I was reading about William T. Sherman that he was superintendent in the Louisiana Military Academy before the Civil War, but I am quite confused as to what function exactly did he carry out? I looked up the word in the dictionary, but in Bulgarian in means like he was a "supervisor", "manager"...
  15. T

    Hello from Louisiana, USA

    Hi everyone, I am a Junior undergraduate from Louisiana in the USA. I'm here to learn from others and gain confidence in discussing history. My interests include: Middle Eastern History (Particularly the Ottomans and Islamic Tradition) South and Southeast Asian History (Particularly the...
  16. B

    The Louisiana Slave Code

    Hello Everyone, Well, I'm a French Student in College and really need your help about something. I Have to do an Oral Presentation about The Louisiana Slave Code ( 1834). The problem is i hadn't found any stuffs about it in my library and even on the internet, so if you could give me a help...
  17. tjadams

    Louisiana Purchase War: US vs France

    What if France never sold the LP (Louisiana Purchase) to Jefferson and the United States? Do you see the western US states along the Miss. River snapping off huge chunks of land for themselves and setting up independent countries? Do you see the US forced to fight the French over the land?
  18. Vladd

    British Louisiana?

    In another thread it was stated that if France had not sold the Louisiana Purchase to the US then maybe Britain would have occupied it after the breaking of the Treaty of Amiens. Any ideas what the ramifications of this action would be? It would have added a new dimension to the war of 1812.
  19. Jake10

    Reasons for sale of Louisiana?

    We might say that at $15 million, this was the best deal the US ever made. But, what are the reasons for the French letting Louisiana go for so little? Napoleon abandoned plans to rebuild a French New world, but did they have a choice?
  20. X

    US expanded from the Louisiana Purchase to the California Gold Rush

    Describe how and why the US expanded from the Louisiana Purchase to the California Gold Rush. Include the ideology behind the expansion.