1. M

    historical concept of unconditional love

    Does anyone know when parents or significant others started to love each other unconditionally? Like when the concept originated? I know in the middle ages people married for political reasons. In Sparta children were trained rigorously to become soldiers. Doesn't seem like unconditional love...
  2. Tammuz

    The Origin and Psychology of Courtly Love

    The idea to love a person from afar was the basic idea of the medieval courtly love poetry (or Minne poetry) which was created in the 12th century by French knights. Their theme was the poetic expression of love and loyalty to a socially superior woman (e.g. the feudal lord's wife), which -...
  3. E

    Hi All, Love this place already

    I found while looking for Hallstatt - La Tene info on Google. I found a most intriguing thread and was reading it for almost an hour before I joined up. My main areas of interest in history are pre-history and ancient textiles. I'm also a big fan of etymology, so I may have some...
  4. T

    Did Alexanders Generals Love Him Towards The End?

    SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE ALEXANDER (2004) I have spent the last 4 hours watching the 2004 movie Alexander. Towards the end, Ptolemy 1 (the narrator throughout the movie and one of Alexanders generals) suggested that it was them who poisoned the King so they no longer had to deal with conquest...
  5. P

    What we love about the British

    What we love about the British. No criticism, no blame. Only what you like whether you're British or not. I'll start. I have never been to Great Britain so what I know is based on reputations and personal encounters, so restricted. Not exhaustive and without order of preference. Pop Music...
  6. Glasha

    With love from Russia

    Hello! I'm Aglaya from Russia. I'm studying medicine in my city. Since my childhood I'm obsessed with history. I especially like the history of the antique world, the history of Christianity, the history of medieval ages and the history of Eastern-Europe. I'm also interested in languages...
  7. M

    Ancient romans had fallen in love with greeks

    Ancient romans had fallen in love with green.
  8. AlpinLuke

    Heroes and love

    I've just noted a copy of the "Orlando Furioso" in my library. Probably out of Italy no one knows that work [it's a pity, but reality is reality]. Ludovico Ariosto in XVI century submitted to the attention of his illustrious readers [illustrious and rich] an other version of the eternal tale...
  9. analysis17456

    What do you love most about science?

    Not the most scientifically literate? Doesn't matter here in this fan thread. What around you do you think is due to science and what do you love about it? Like e.g. computers, painkillers, antibiotics, satellite communications infrastructures etc.
  10. PhantomSoldier

    El Alamein: The Love Story

    This short 3-minute videoclip depicts an unusual relationship that developed between two male officers from opposing armies during the Battle of El Alamein. gPn6yGZT8Co #althistory #altwnak #altalt
  11. R

    The most beautiful royal love stories

    It's undeniable that most royal marriages, from prehistory until recent times, have been of the dynastic type: pre-arranged in order to create or strengthen ties between different nations. Yet, on occasions, monarchs have been able to choose their own spouses, marrying the great "love of their...
  12. A

    love to study history, great to be here

    Greetings all, I've been into history all my life, mostly military, but other stuff as well. Looking forward to learning and sharing. I'm a special education teacher. I get to teach World History and am always looking for new documents and areas of study to work into my class.
  13. dlnewhouse

    Betsy Ross love affair

    The current wikipedia page she fell in love with a Hessian, but if i'm not mistaken the story used to be that it was a British general. Can anyone help out?
  14. R

    'Chess' the musical. Political drama, chess and love story

    Hello, I am a big fan of chess (although my ELO is not that high), and I would like to write a book [and that's the reason why I joined this forum] with a main character who is a chess player. I sent my main character and his Russian friend to the musical and well, now I am stuck. I hope some...
  15. H

    why US TV shows love to portray fights against chinese army

    let sum some of those I heard of the bellowing would list the show name, and position of the "fight" 1. 007 Tomorrow Never Dies south china sea (by bad guys) 2. The Last Ship taiwan sea 3. The Brink pakistan(not chinese force, only "made by china" plane) 4. Battlefield 4 (i know it is a game...
  16. B

    love or hate him, was Napoleon the best tactician in history?

    Open question, feel free to give your selection for the best and why. I'm voting Napoleon for the genius that was Austerlitz. Sure the L'ordre Mixte formation was a great idea and hammered through a lot of opposition. But Austerlitz is pure genius. And yes I'm biased but my second choice...
  17. V

    God is love

    "God is Love", but how do we define it? The American Heritage Dictionary defines love as "an intense affection for another person based on familial or personal ties". Often this "intense affection" stems from a sexual attraction for that other person. We love other people, or we say we love...
  18. F

    How many freely married people consider their spouses the love of his/her life?

    Excluding the ones who are literally forced to marry, what percentage of married people considers their respective spouses the love of his/her life (topping one's list of affections and passions) - 1) as newly-weds? 2) after several years of marriage? My estimate of 1) is 20% - is it too...
  19. Wenge

    I Love it When:

    Add your historical footnotes to things you love. For example: I love it when a British person has the wherewithal to say, God Bless America and the American has the wherewithal to say God Bless the Queen.
  20. Dont invade Russia

    I love this place

    I signed up a couple of days ago and I have enjoyed my time immensely. I just want everyone to know that sexy Stalin loves you.