1. R

    The best loved Greek gods

    In your opinion, which of the gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon were most venerated and loved by the average man, woman or child? Was more piety and fervour displayed in public cults, or private?
  2. F

    Why are less democratic governments more loved by their own citizens?

    If you are a known critic of -- the Chinese government, you will be hated by 80-90% of the Chinese; the Russian government, you will be hated by 70-80% of the Russians; the British / American governments, you will be hated by 30-50% of the Brits /Americans
  3. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    LOL, Wikipedia really loved this old Algerian Tuareg man

    I was doing some reading on the tuareg and other berber peoples and couldn't help but notice that this guy appears in quite a few photos, 2 that I've found, and a few more that I've seen before.:laugh: I just thought it was funny, maybe he just liked posing for pictures. I notice he has a...
  4. No Bias FTW

    Successful and Loved Rulers Who Had Committed Patricide/Matricide

    I know that I have heard, however vaguely, of a few rulers who were successful and loved by their subjects even after they had committed the wickedness of fatricide, filicide and/or regicide. I cannot, however, remember ever seeing successes for those who had killed their parents. Were there...
  5. amazedkat

    stevie smith was accused of never having experienced love

    but how important or true is it for a writer or artist to have experienced that of which they claim to capture. dickens was never a woman nor stubbs a horse. thoughts?
  6. Brisieis

    Leaders Loved by the Common People

    What Kings, Queens, Leaders of all types, have been loved by the common people on a grand scale?
  7. HistoryFreak1912

    Let's say I was alive during the Napoleonic Wars, was American, and loved Napoleon...

    ...Would it have been likely for me to go over and volunteer for Napoleon's army? Would he care at all as long as I (speakin French, of course) assured him that I'd help secure a victory for him? Or would he be a tad suspicious and have his officers keep an eye on me in case I decide to defect...