1. Commodus

    Favorite Civil War story?

    The American Civil War is an incredibly interesting time in history, full of big personalities and big leaps in warfare - from tactics to the technology armies used. And as it's a subject of such interest to this forum, and so many of you are very learned on the issue, I thought it would be nice...
  2. Moros

    Chronology of Luke & Acts

    The author of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles are supposedly the same. If I were to consider that the Gospel of Luke places Jesus' life as 6/7 AD - 35/36 AD, is there anything in the narrative of Acts that would disagree with this? (see thread...
  3. Salah

    Who was Theophilus in the Gospel of Luke?

    I put this post in the Ancient History forum rather than the Religion forum; even though it is on a Biblical topic it has nothing directly to do with religion or spirituality. The books of Luke and Acts in the New Testament are both addressed to a man named Theophilus. Is there any way, two...
  4. C

    Luke in the Bible

    Was Luke a gentile or a jew?