1. MinecraftEsportsPro

    Is Alexander the Great actually as bad as some people say he is?

    The main criticisms that I hear some people have of Alexander the Great is that his Army was already trained by Philip and that the Persians had a very weak army and incompetent leader. Of course he had a great army, and I'm sure it helped, but I don't believe all the credit should go to the...
  2. T

    Bucharest Treaty 1913

    After the finishing of the second Balkan War Macedonia (North now) was devided between The Hellenic Kingdom (Greece now) which took the biggest part Kingdom of Serbia (Serbia now) Bulgarian Kingdom and Albania that took little part of the pie. My question is was the treaty after 100 years it was...
  3. Simba

    Were the Thracians the majority in Macedonia?

    This picture shows the original borders of Macedonia. When Macedonians occupied Thrace, Thracians did not just die. Quote from Strabo: ''Hecataeus of Miletus says of the Peloponnesus, that, before the time of the Greeks, it was inhabited by barbarians. Perhaps even the whole of Greece was...
  4. D

    Macedonia and Macedonia

    Hello everybody.Why the government of Greece contest with so ferocity the name of the republic of Macedonia ?
  5. skapeti

    Macedonia: A Greek region and a country.

    Today Greece and FYROM agreed to rename the second as ''Northern Macedonia'', the citizens of the country as ''Macedonians'' and their language as ''Macedonic''. I wish to know what is your opinion. They claim that the ancient Macedonians were not Greek and they have create an entire...
  6. EmperorTigerstar

    Macedonia has Officially Changed its Name

    After 27 years of disputing, Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia have come to an agreement over Macedonia's name. They've decided on the Republic of Northern Macedonia.
  7. Valens

    FYR Macedonia's Claims on Ancient Macedon Herritage

    This is still a controversial subject in the Balkans, especially for Greeks and Macedonians. I thought we could discuss it in the historical, but also cultural and, inevitably political context. The modern country of Macedonia, became a...
  8. NBSHistory

    How "Great" was Alexander the Great?

    MOD EDIT: Video removed I have received a large amount of backlash for some of the things I brought up in this content and would love to hear more opinions on the matter. I don't deny he was Great in any way, only brought up flaws of his character and actions. For example his "temperament"...
  9. A

    Macedonia parliament stormed by protesters in Skopje

    Macedonian police fired stun grenades on Thursday evening to disperse protesters outside the parliament and clear the way for the evacuation of lawmakers still in the building. Protesters stormed into Macedonia's parliament and assaulted the leader of the Social Democrats on Thursday after his...
  10. Valens

    Macedonia on the verge of civil war?

    Protesters storm Macedonian parliament after ethnic Albanian elected speaker - Just one of the potential Balkan hotspots.
  11. Marcellus

    Alexander, the Great, returns to Macedonia

    Octavian Augustus was impressed by Alexander's neglect of the administration of his conquests. It is likely that due to Alexander's personality, that he planned to conquer other cities (Rome and Carthage were on a supposed list), or perhaps take more Indian territories What would happen?
  12. Excalibur

    Plan B - Stopping refugee wave in Balkan

    V4 countries came with plan B - stopping or decreasing the refugee wave in Balkan. V4 countries attempted to make a deal with Bulgaria and Macedonia during a recent V4 summit in Prague. The deal works with Macedonia yet. Bulgaria we under a strong pressure of Brussel. We are sending our...
  13. VHS

    If Alexander's Macedonia had a great equal power next door

    Achaemenid Empire was a large but decadent state, much like the Polish-Lithuanian Confederation during its later stage (in spite of the size, it lacked in real strength). Let's say a state about the military and economic strength of the State of Qin was next to Alexander's Macedonia, with the...
  14. TsarDushan

    Hi from Macedonia :)

    Hello people! I'm 17 years old boy, student in gymnasium. My fields of interests are History(mainly Middle ages and 20th century),Philosophy, Politics and stuff like that. Football is my favorite sport, and I'm big fan of Chelsea FC. Also, Photography is my biggest passion, and I hope future...
  15. EmperorTigerstar

    Macedonia during the Peloponnesian War

    Often on maps I'll see that Macedon / Macedonia is on the side of the Spartans but there don't appear to be any battles in the country or a major Macedonian invasion of the Delian League that I'm aware of. Did Macedonia become an ally militarily at all or was it more of unspoken or financial...
  16. G

    How will Macedonia survive without the EU

    It is a landlocked nation. Plus due to the naming controversy it cannot be in EU which affects its economy. Plus the people there are busy creating a fake nationalist identity. An entire country is living on lies and creating an identity for itself which it has nothing to do with its history...
  17. Valens

    Turmoil in Macedonia

    FYR Macedonia is currently experiencing both political and security problems. After an attack on a police station earlier this year a wave of protests against the government shook the country. More recently Gunfire, explosions in Macedonia as police pursue 'armed group' | Reuters Macedonia...
  18. J

    Social history of Macedonia 1200-300 BCE?

    Can anyone suggest a good history of Macedonia from around 1200 BCE up to Alexander? I'm looking for something that goes beyond the names and palace intrigues of the kings. I am particularly interested the stages of social development: transition from tribal to whatever replaced it; level of...
  19. B

    Alexander the Great

    Words attributed to the Macedonian king Alexander III of Macedon (356 –323 BC). http:/ If you have any Alexander quotes please post them below
  20. Aleeacerix the Gaul

    Macedonia name issue and cultural claims.

    Should the Republic of Macedonia or the FYROM claim the name Macedonia as their country's name and claim that they are truly the cultural descendant of the Ancient Macedonians( not genetically). My opinion on this issue is that FYROM can keep it's name as Macedonia, but they should drop their...