1. MinecraftEsportsPro

    Is Alexander the Great actually as bad as some people say he is?

    The main criticisms that I hear some people have of Alexander the Great is that his Army was already trained by Philip and that the Persians had a very weak army and incompetent leader. Of course he had a great army, and I'm sure it helped, but I don't believe all the credit should go to the...
  2. R

    Macedonian Byzantine Army Vs Comnenian Army

    So which of these was better, the Macedonian Byzantine Army of the late 10th century or the mid-12th century Comnenian army?
  3. Constantine V

    Macedonian "Peltasts"

    Ok. So i was reading on the macedonian army and found out about the peltats. Apparently they are not the peltasts in the traditional meaning. They were a early legionary of sorts. It is said they fought with the hoplites and pikemen but were more versatile having a spear, sword, thrown...
  4. H

    Qin Pike Square vs Macedonian Phalanx

    Whose cuisine reigns supreme? Qin pike squares are shieldless, whereas Phalangites are shielded. I imagine that the pike square is more manouvrable andcan charge at the enemy in formation similar to how Tang infantry could; wielding the pike with both hands also allows more frequent thrusting...
  5. C

    Why the Roman legion was superior to the Macedonian phalanx

    I've been thinking about this issue for a while now, but I think I've come to a conclusion, at least in my own head, and would like to know what you guys think of it. I think it's quite simple: The Roman infantry could act as its own flanking force, and therefore it's own decisive arm, whereas...
  6. A

    Roman Cataphracts: Macedonian vs Komnenian?

    I have come to a realization that Byzantine cataphracts that we have seen in books, illustrations, church art, manuscripts, and even in media are based of the Komnenian Reformation/Komnenian Dynasty. However! Correct me if I'm wrong, what of the Macedonian Dynasty/Macedonian Renaissance. Sure...
  7. That guy

    Possible Macedonian conquest of Arabia

    If Alexander lived If Alexander lived longer and actually attempted an invasion of Arabia how do you think the campaign would go? What strategy would he use to control the loosely spread population in the desert? If he did conquer Arabia how would he control it and how would that affect world...
  8. Duke Valentino

    Questions about the Macedonian Army

    Hey, I've got some questions I'd like to ask regarding the structure of the Macedonian army that I could perhaps glean without purchasing the plethora of books on the subject. 1. Philip's phalanx. The name of the file leader was dekadarch, which means "leader of ten". Is it natural then to...
  9. Gasparov

    Late Republic roman army and Philip II macedonian phalanx

    First of all, this is my first thread on this forum and with this occasion i wish to salute all members :) . I first discovered this forum a year ago but this is the first time joining in... so HELLO :):) Good, let's start by saying that with this thread i'm not seeking to create another topic...
  10. T

    Ptolemies - Macedonian pharaohs or foreign usurpers?

    Ptolemies ruled Egypt nearly three hundred of years. What is your opinion about them? Did Ptolemies deserved to be called "last pharaohs"? Or were Ptolemies foreign dynasty, who despite pharaoh's disguise, remained strange to Egypt and Egyptians? 1. Culture. Ptolemies were born and imbued...
  11. R

    What made the Macedonian army during the time of Alexander so effective

    what were the main military innovations, tactics that Alexander brought to the Macedonian army?
  12. RomaVictrix

    Academic sources on ancient Macedonian culture, society, technology, & engineering

    Academic sources on ancient Macedonian culture, society, technology, & engineering Hello everyone! As I've mentioned in my new user greetings thread, I am very interested in academic sources focusing on ancient Macedonia & its people, covering in particular its art, architecture, literature...
  13. JeanDukeofAlecon

    How much power did the higher ministers have in the Middle Byzantine empire?

    While reading byzantine histories I've noticed that there were quite a few exceptionally powerful ministers in the middle byzantine period (mostly excluding the komnenian period though), sometimes seemingly exercising powers rivaling those of the emperor himself. What I'm wondering is how much...
  14. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Functions and powers of the Byzantine senate in the Macedonian period?

    The byzantine senate seems to be mostly ignored in conventional byzantine history, but Byzantine historians themselves seem to pay much more attention to it. Micheal Psellus writes things like: Though Psellus lived in the post Macedonian empire, the administration remained the same until...
  15. R

    Found a coin from the Macedonian Empire...

    I'm vacationing in Key West Florida when I stumbled into a jewelry store and it just so happens that they've got a necklace with a coin with the face of Alexander the Great on it. The lady claimed it had papers of authentication but I didn't have time to look. In my joy I forgot to snap a pic...
  16. Aham Brahmasmi

    Was Alexander the Great, a Macedonian or a Greek?

    I am really confused right now. All my life I thought Alexander was Greek, and as far as I know the word "Alexander" is Greek for "the one who protects men". but now according to my friend (from Russia) he was not a Greek but Macedonian with Albanian roots as well. not only that he even claims...
  17. A

    Macedonian titles?

    During and after Alexander the Great, a number of functions and titles were applied, such as: Regent Guardian Lord of Asia What were they called in Greek (still in Latin letters)?
  18. Hozhabr

    Why was Alexander halted in India?

    Did Macedonian Alexander finally meet his match in India or no? if yes or no or other please explain. What was the factor?
  19. Darren Singh

    Who actually founded the Macedonian Empire

    Who actually founded the Macedonian Empire. Was it Alexander or Philip
  20. Highlander

    Albanian Terrorists Storm Macedonian Border Post

    Around 40 armed men wearing the insignia of a disbanded ethnic Albanian paramilitary group, the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK), have attacked a border post in northern Macedonia, detaining four Macedonian border officials for about an hour before releasing them. Kotevski said the attackers...