1. W

    Madagascar trade port names

    Hi folks, I've seen various articles saying there were trade ports along the Madagascan coast in the Middle Ages founded by Arab and Bantu traders but can't find any names or locations. Does any one have any info?
  2. G

    What if Madagascar became a Jewish homeland

    What if Madagascar became a Jewish homeland as planned and Aliyahs took place there. How differently would history pan out?
  3. HusKatten

    Medieval Madagascar merchantry

    when i read about the trade networks of the medieval Indian Ocean, Madagascar is just briefly mentioned and not at all very elaborated on. Going from the Madagascar wikipedia page, it says that the arab trade posts introduced in the range between 600-900 A.D were important. But how important...
  4. BloodyPirate

    Captain Kidd's treasure found in Madagascar

    Pirate Captain Kidd's 'treasure' found in Madagascar - BBC News Temptation is always worth a pretty penny.
  5. G

    What if Hitler choose to implement the Madagascar plan rather than Holacaust

    What if Hitler choose to implement the Madagascar plan rather than Holacaust. Madagascar becomes a destination for Jews in his lands. How would this have changed history of Jews, Germans and Madagascar?
  6. Ruiy

    Madagascar and the biodiversity.

    I understand that the republic of Madagascar (Malagasy: Repoblikan'i Madagasikara [republiˈkʲan madaɡasˈkʲarə̥]) is one of the countries with the greatest diversity of fauna and flora (wildlife) not found nowhere else on earth. In this thread I will go posting...
  7. G

    What if the Madagascar Plan for Jewish relocation was implemented

    What if it was implemented and all European Jews immigrated to Madagascar and formed a new Jewish nation there? How would it affect the history of the Jewish people across the world and how would this nation fare? What about the relationship of these Jews with the natives and other immigrants in...
  8. T

    Madagascar -the real reason for British conquest.

    After briefly coming out for De Gaulle and the Free French in 1940, Madagascar reverted back to Vichy control later in 1940, creating worries for the British and South African governments because of the arrival of German and Italian technical ''advisors'' in 1941. Diego Suarez was also a...
  9. Inc

    Madagascar Coolonised - when exactly?

    Recently read that "it is well known that the South East Asians conolised Madagascar, thousands of miles across the Indian Ocean, albeit only in the first millennium AD. ("The Great Divide" - Peter Watson) A - Is this true? B - When did this occur?
  10. Naomasa298

    The Madagascar Plan II

    We all know that the Madagascar plan was unrealistic and could never have worked. But how about this scenario? It is early 1943. After the disastrous loss at Stalingrad, the Third Reich needs to make the best use of all its resources for the war effort. Himmler has made an offer to the Allies...
  11. Naomasa298

    Madagascar plan

    Sorry if this has been discussed before. What do you suppose would have happened if Hitler's Madagascar plan to move Jews there had worked? Was it even feasible? Would this have affected the course of the war in any way? For example, would the Allies have been willing to accept a conditional...