1. A

    Welsh Witches: narratives of witchcraft and magic in 16th and 17th century wales

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  2. DaveK

    Magic in the Middle Ages on Coursera - Who wants to join?

    Sorry that this is last minute. The (free) course starts today, though you can sign up whenever. Here's the link: You can download the Coursera app on your phone, as well as the individual videos, and watch/listen whenever. I'll probably listen...
  3. W

    Magic and Ritual in Ancient and Early Medieval India

    Does anybody know of any decent discussions of this? I've been reading the A.Ved. lately and this has got me thinking about these things. So I thought we'd have a general thread where we could discuss magic, rituals, folk cures and folk tales, beasts and so on.
  4. K

    Magic at the Fleet

    According to local Cornish legend, a bearded man dressed like a magician was seen before the appearance of a great storm that sunk part of the Spanish Armada. What if this legend was true? There are three usual Suspects for the "bearded magician" - John Dee Edward Kelley and Merlin the...
  5. koseku

    Origin of magic

    İf magic does not exist, how did it come to literature?
  6. H

    Viking tale - Strygil magic sword

    Hi all, As a kid I remember being told a tale of a magic viking sword called Strygil. When it was pulled from the sheat it will not go back into the sheat before it has tasted blood. Does anyone know where to find the full text? Anything in English, German, Norwegian, Danish or Swedish would...
  7. P

    The "magical" magic square

    From Lo Shu's "divine Turtle, a 3X3 magic square 17th B.C. to Durur's Melancholia with its magic square, a 4X4.,_melancholia.aspx What made the magic Square so "magical"?
  8. Northern Line

    Your Ancestors

    Do you ever think of your ancestors personally? I am fascinated by the fact that I descend from somebody who was once my age (19) who the Bronze Age in a little roundhouse in Britain. I love to imagine how they experienced the same emotions as I do. I believe it's often...
  9. J

    The Story of Magic

    Magic. A wide-ranging theme, it means different things to different people. So, there is plenty of scope for discussion; from cultures, countries, and their histories. Starting with conjuring, "mysterious tricks, such as making things disappear and reappear, performed as entertainment" (The...
  10. Rasta

    Belief in magic and fear

    A thought occured to me while reading the "which movie made you cry" thread. (I know, not really related, by my mind tends to wander) Scary movies stopped being scary to me after I stopped believing in magic. I love scary movies by the way, they just affect me differently then they used to...
  11. Nick

    Nazis fight WW2 with magic

    In this alternative history Hitler gives priority to Himmler's occult research. By 1942 Himmler has trained SS wizards to harness the dark arts: casting spells that cause widespread destruction, resurrecting dead soldiers and summoning demons to intervene in the war for world conquest. The...
  12. pinguin

    Magic in WW II

    This may sound weird, but it is for real. A magician (yes, an illusionist... not Merlin the wizard) that served to the British actually contributed quite a bit to the success of the allies effort. This is something that should be better known. Jasper Maskelyne And his history...
  13. cptJACK

    Someone stole my magic sword!

    Organized crime targeting video games? If someone steals your sword in a video game can you call the cops? Interesting questions indeed. Microsoft: MMO games face security risk SEATTLE, Washington (Reuters) -- All too familiar with hackers looking to exploit security flaws in its software...