1. Futurist

    France doesn't fall in 1940; Stalin makes a move on Subcarpathian Ruthenia

    Here is the scenario: Due to the French Seventh Army not being sent to the Low Countries and instead being kept at either Rheims or the Ardennes sector, France is able to stop the Manstein Plan (the Sickle-Cut) in its tracks--thus preventing the Fall of France in 1940 and causing World War II to...
  2. Futurist

    If Austria-Hungary makes peace in 1917, does this prevent Russia from going Red?

    If Kaiser Karl would have been willing to make peace at any price in 1917 in order to get Austria-Hungary out of World War I, would the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia have been prevented? Basically, if Austria-Hungary is willing to make peace on terms that are acceptable to the Allies (which...
  3. H

    what makes certain syonyoms treated differently?

    Late is less offensive than dead, antithesis is viewed as more complex and forceful than opposite, and certain words are considered vulgar while another synonym is totally acceptable. Many profanities have synonyms that are not viewed as profanity.
  4. M

    Eagle Scout makes documentary on USS Arizona survivor

    Hi, all! I wanted to invite everyone to take a look at my son’s (near) professional quality Eagle Scout Project documentary about Mr Lou Conter, USS Arizona survivor a bomber pilot in the Pacific war. Run time is 50 minutes. The link to the ad-free You Tube video is
  5. T

    What makes the Persian Empire.. Well.. Persian

    There were three groups of people. Persians, Parthians, and Medes? right? Now when thinking of the Persian empire, I always just thought of the Achaemenid Empire that was conquered by Alexander, never realizing people grouped the later dynasties a part of the Persian Empire. My question is, if...
  6. SirOrmondeWinter

    Historically what makes the US unique in the world?

    For me it has 3 features that set it apart from other nations; 1. Religious equality (not freedom as the Act of Toleration sorted that out for Britain). Nearly every country in Europe had an established religion, even famously libertarian Britain and those who were not in the established...
  7. W

    What makes Marine Boot Camp so Special?Is it because it trains Civilians as infantry?

    There's so many arguments online ranting over special USMC Bootcamp is. Some people attack their Bootcamp, saying its only slightly harder than Army Bootcamp, others say its harder than Army Infantry. I remember however a commentary on a documentary I seen once. One of the instructors stated...
  8. K

    What makes Kosovo a Serbian land and why should it join Serbia?

    I wanna know what makes Kosovo Serbian? Out of all the empires that held it and all the people that stepped foot in that land; Bulgarians, Albanians, Romans, Byzantines, Greeks, Vlachs, Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Turks, Ottomans. Illyrians, Thracians, Dacians etc What makes Kosovo originally a...
  9. WhatAnArtist

    What period of history or historical figure makes for the best story?

    By story I mean exactly that; a series of events told in a fashion that is meant to entertain or excite. Disregard many important things we usually consider when discussing history like the morality of the events or actions, the success of them, the legacy of them, the lessons of them, etc, and...
  10. Earl_of_Rochester

    History makes more sense when you're drunk

    History makes more sense when you?re drunk | Natalie Haynes | Opinion | The Guardian "For all the raised eyebrows this show will doubtless provoke, there’s something to be said for mixing history with alcohol and a lack of reverence. Firstly, there are some periods of history that make more...
  11. holoow

    What makes a political regime illegal?

    For example, Rhodesia's unilateral declaration of independence (1965) was condemned by the international community and regime in Rhodesia was considered as 'illegal'. For the first time in history, United Nations imposed total economic sanctions against Rhodesia. On the other hand, such brutal...
  12. Karl XII

    What makes a victory "decisive"?

    Since the very beginning of warfare every commander has dreamed of that one sweeping victory that ends the conflict. But this is often very difficult to achieve under even the most regular standards, especially when the two sides are so evenly matched. If we were to conclude that the only...
  13. R

    What makes a historian a good historian?

    Hey guys, As I started reading the classic The age of extremes, by Hobsbawm, I started wondering myself 1). the skills or characteristics that make a historian a good historian. Is it a matter of memory, capacity of relating things, simply intelligence, what? Also, 2). why do we consider Eric...
  14. stevapalooza

    Smithsonian makes available vast Asian Art collection

    Thousands of hi-quality scans of ancient art from around the world are now available for viewing (and downloading) on the web. Just search under "collections" to choose an area of the world. Open F|S | Collections | Freer and Sackler Galleries
  15. Paladin

    Czech TV makes game of nazi era Nazi era is too serious to make a reality TV show, it's not a good idea.
  16. P

    what makes for mass hysteria?

    I am trying to understand if there are any commonalities during events that are defined as being “Mass hysteria.” These 3 well known examples came to mind They are very different: 1. The Salem witch trials. 2. 2. The Wenatchee, Washington, child abuse of 1994 -95 also called the Wenatchee...
  17. heirtothewind

    One man with courage makes a majority

    Whether Andrew Jackson actually said it, this quotation sums up his character- The expansion of suffrage in the 1820s by eliminating property qualification for voting or holding office ushered the ‘’’age of the common man’’ into American history. I see a correlation between the participation of...
  18. M

    What makes Patton so great?

    What makes Eisenhower so great compared to Monty, Eisenhower and Bradley? Wasn't he just some guy who commanded a single field army and did what he was told? Wasn't Eisenhower who came up with the encirclement strategy at Caen and later the Battle of the Buldge?
  19. The Alchemist

    Who makes your clothes?

    Clothes are one of the most personal aspects of our lives. But do we reflect on who and where those clothes are made and in what sort of conditions? Imagine what you're wearing was made by a child who works 7 days a week under 12 hour shifts. She never goes to school, never has time to play and...