1. Moses George, Christian Nubian king of Makuria and Alodia

    Moses George, Christian Nubian king of Makuria and Alodia

    Wall painting from Faras depicting king Moses George, who ruled over the kingdom of Makuria, a Nubian kingdom in what is now southern Egypt and northern and central Sudan as well as the kingdom of Alodia, another Nubian kingdom even further south, from around 1155-1190. He is depicted richly...
  2. Swagganaut

    The Kingdom of Makuria and it's warfare

    THE KINGDOM OF MAKURIA - HISTORY Makuria was one of the initially 3 Christian kingdoms of Nubia, succeeding the Kushite Kingdom of Meroe. After the fracture of Kush due to Nomadic invasions, expeditions of Aksum and a decline of trade with Rome, Nubians took control of Kushite territory...
  3. W

    Info on Makuria/Nubia in the Middle Ages?

    Recently while reading about Raynald of Chatillon and his Red Sea raids I began to take an interest in the history of Sudan during the medieval period. I was really intrigued by bits of information I read about the Christian Nubians in this era, and a Nubian Christian state known as the Kingdom...