1. ydq328

    Have the sahel heavy cavalry ever used iron horse armour

    sehel cavalry(yan lifida),The image is generally,use quilted armor and iron chanfrons I'd love to know,Just like Sasanian and Byzantium cataphract ,Do they have them? Only in a chad cavalry seen the iron armour Do you have more pictures? chain mail and scale armour I am sorry that my...
  2. Shoulders of Giants

    Episode 6 Mansa Musa

    Episode Six! We finally got around to telling a story outside of European cultural roots, Mansa Musa. If you've heard his name it was probably because he is thought to have been the richest human being to have ever lived. The ruler of the Malian kingdom in Western Africa in the 14th century...
  3. trhowd

    Mali Empire art

    We see a lot of art from the Mali Empire, usually terracottas. But I've seen texts from Arab scholars talking about how the Mansas were adorned with gold all over their body etc... Also how the population was wearing gold jewels. I would like to see more gold(or metal) artifacts from the Mali...
  4. Ahsenhaukeh

    African History and Folktales, Sahara/Sahale/The Sudan, The Mali Empire........

    Hi my interests are: African History and Folktales, Sahara/Sahale/The Sudan, The Mali Empire, The Ghana Empire, Shonghai Empire, Sumer, Turkic Mythology, Swadesh lists, comparative linguistics, comparative mythology, and more, ill edit this....
  5. wskim

    Jails In Medieval Mali

    I was reading about the Malian empire and saw that Mansa II according to Ibn Khaldun was thrown in jail and some others had been imprisoned. I was wondering if anyone here knows what these jails would've been or looked like. Does anyone know anything about them?
  6. B

    Extant records of Sudano-Sahelian palatial architecture

    I have been researching the design and construction of late medieval Malian buildings in preparation for making a speculative Lego model of Mansa Musa's now-lost royal palace "ma dugu" at Timbuktu, which he built on returning from his pilgrimage to Mecca in 1325 CE. I am mostly drawing from...
  7. J

    Musical instruments in mali empire?

    What were the instruments used in the mali empire?
  8. R

    Ghana and Mali Empires

    How powerful were the Ghana and Mali empires? Were they more powerful than the European kingdoms? Also, what time did agriculture reach west africa?
  9. wskim

    Ghana and Mali Empires and Their Scholars

    So, lately I've been reading more and more about these two empire and also the Songhai empire lately along with reading about other kingdoms and states that popped up in precolonial west Africa, right? I've been reading books, articles online, posts from Historum and other sites, archaeology...
  10. R

    could Mansa Musa and Mali defeat any 14th century European army

    richest man of all time is it fair to say 14th century Mali under his rule would of beat any Medieval European army
  11. H

    The Wheel in Ancient Ghana, Mali, and Songhai?

    Before I start, I just want to clarify that I'm not one of those people who thinks that the wheel is a caveman technology like fire or stone tools. I'm aware that the invention of the wheel has only ever happened independently maybe 2 or 3 times in history. Likely Europe and the Middle East and...
  12. A

    At least 27 dead in Islamist siege Raddison hotel in Bamako,Mali.

    At least 27 dead after Islamists seize luxury hotel in Mali's capital Even thought this attack is on Mali, it is indirectly on France too, as it is mocking and baiting France which has stationed more than 3500 troops in Mali.
  13. R

    Timbuktu, Mali and Songhai empires

    was there any European power during the 14th, 15th, 16th century that could compete with Mali or Songhai in fact i believe Timbuktu was the ricehst city in the world...with one of the world's largest libraries for knowledge.... much richer than any European city or the jolof, kaabu, great...
  14. C

    Someone knowledgeable of the Mali Empire needed!

    Hello, I am going to try to create a mod for the game "Medieval II: Total War" and my goal is to add the Mali Empire as a faction to the game. So if anyone who is knowledgeable of the Mali Empire wants to help me, that would be great. I would need to know what military units to add. I would...
  15. johnincornwall

    Medieval Export - tombstones from Spain to Mali

    Fernando Ballano is an Afrophile who has researched and visited many little-known areas of Spanish interaction with Africa. Maybe Son of Ra you have an angle on this? The quarry of Macael in Almeria Province (now) was famous far and wide for it's carved and decorated marble tombstones and it...
  16. TripleD

    Resource Recommendation? Common life in Medieval Mali

    Can anyone recommend a good resource for learning about day-to-day life in medieval (1000 -1500ish) Mali? Ghana or Songhai would also be okay. I've been fascinated by the empires of West Africa since high school, but most of the history I've read is very top-heavy. Kings, wars, international...
  17. P

    Mali's search westward

    As the Kingdom of Mali expanded to the west coast of Africa the king, Abubakari, wanted to find the furthest limit of the ocean. Legend says he equipped 200 ships with men, provisions and gold with the command not to return until all the food is gone. A single ship returned. (I have no idea what...
  18. Emperor Trajan

    Did Mansa Abu Bakr of Mali really reach America?

    A rather new theory that I only found out from Lost Islamic History's facebook page. It claimed that Mansa Abu Bakr of Mali sailed across the Atlantic ocean 181 years before Christopher Columbus did. One account Columbus made was that he had saw a mosque in Cuba. The theory is that Mansa Abu...
  19. N

    Loropeni (Burkina Faso), Na-Yiri Palace (Burkina Faso) and Timbuktu

    This is an episode of "Reflets Sud", a program produced by the Belgium TV station RTBF. Reflets Sud is a program [intended to reflect the true richness and beauty of a South often portrayed by desolation and disaster. "Reflets sud" presents a South which contributes to our world threatened by...
  20. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    I've been thinking about the historic sites in Mali being destroyed

    Mali's history goes up in flames: Pictures show priceless texts torched by Islamist fighters fleeing French forces at Timbuktu | Mail Online It's just crazy, Al Qaeda fighters burned manuscripts and destroyed old tombs(some dating back to the 10th century) and I'm not sure but apparently Askia...