1. Kirialax

    Augustine's 'City of God' in the middle ages

    The importance of St Augustine's writing to Latin Christianity cannot be overestimated, but how did scholars and theologians of the middle ages access Augustine, and especially, 'City of God'? Were they able to sort out fake texts ascribed to Augustine from real ones? Who actually had copies of...
  2. Vulkov

    Book recommendations : Illuminated manuscripts ?

    I was wondering could you please recommend to me books or encyclopedias with collections of illuminated manuscripts and hand written documents, quran, old and new testament, maps, business documents etc.
  3. Dios

    Need Help: How do you search ancient books archived in Venezuela?

    I'm looking for the "Saint Felix Manuscripts". They come from Venezuela Copies of an original Latin manuscript in a library at Salamanca These are copies made by "Father Jacobus" Reported given to "M. Nierenstein" I don't know where the manuscripts were filed ... some repository in Venezuela...
  4. L

    Pre-Carolingian Monastery Maps?

    Hello, Does anyone know a good place to find a relatively modern map of European monasteries / manuscript production centers, preferably pre-Carolingian? I know that's somewhat specific, sorry! Let me know if you have any advice. Thanks!
  5. DaveK

    Illuminated Manuscripts on Coursera Jan 30th

    Another course I don't have time for but I'm doing anyway. (Yes, it's free). Part of the description: In this seven-week course, students will explore the material creation, content, and historical context of illuminated medieval European...
  6. R

    Is there any "stories" of ancient manuscripts being brought to Scotland or Ireland

    Is there any "stories" of ancient manuscripts being brought to Scotland or Ireland What made me think of asking this was the historical jotting down of ancient texts by monks and the occasional palimpsest found with some ancient knowledge hidden. Myths, legends or verifiable facts welcome!
  7. aldo12

    Buddha:Time Gap Between his Life and Earliest Manuscripts.

    For Buddha we have no written records on him from his lifetime, nor in the centuries following his death. The oldest surviving Buddhist manuscripts are the Gandhāran Buddhist texts reported to have been found in eastern Afghanistan. They are in the form of 27 scrolls dating from 100 BC to...
  8. EAdama

    African Writing

    Drawing inspiration from Son of Ra's thread,, I thought it would be a good idea to continue to dispell myths surrounding the history of Africa. We all know of the Egyptian scripts...
  9. Kookaburra Jack

    Late Latin Irenaeus manuscripts & Damasus

    I'd like to discuss the possibility that a substantial portion of what we read as the original Greek works of the heresiologist Irenaeus (2nd century) were instead the products of one or more Latin authors during the rule of Pontifex Maximus Damasus (d.382 CE) in Rome. There are a number of...
  10. Earl_of_Rochester

    Vatican library plans to digitise 82,000 of its most valuable manuscripts

    Vatican library plans to digitise 82,000 of its most valuable manuscripts - Telegraph This should be of interest, standby all undercover illuminati.
  11. Druzhina

    Early Spanish Beatus Manuscripts, 10th-11th Centuries

    Some of the earliest illuminated Spanish manuscripts are of the Commentary on the Apocalypse by Beatus of Liébana. Here is a selection from early copies from the 10th & 11th centuries: The siege of Jerusalem, The Valcavado Beatus Codex by Beatus of Liébana, Spain, 970 The Four Horsemen of the...
  12. E

    Venezuelan railroad related manuscripts

    Hi everyone. In this post I'll share some XVIII century venezuelan manuscripts. At the moment I can't post the link but don't worry, it's coming soon. The first manuscript is named "existing culverts deviated water courses" and it's written in english. I hope you enjoy it. Remember, the link...
  13. jehosafats

    Askiyah's Questions and al-Maghili's Answers, and other manuscripts from Timbuktu ...

    Timbuktu, founded around 1100 as a commercial center for trade across the Sahara Desert, was also an important seat of Islamic learning from the 14th century onward. The libraries of Timbuktu contain many important manuscripts, in different styles of Arabic scripts, which were written and...
  14. TheBlessedTraitor

    Oldest existing manuscripts?

    Most of the writings of the ancient world have come down to us not as the original pieces of paper they were first written upon, but by being copied by monks and others throughout the centuries. What i find far more fascinating, however, is the pages that were extant at antiquity. For example...
  15. Kookaburra Jack

    Dating manuscripts from Oxyrhynchus rubbish dumps before its population explosion

    It appears to be accepted that the city of Oxyrhynchus underwent a massive population explosion during the mid 4th century, at which time the city within the walls was filled and another city outside the walls grew at an unprecedented rate. One might therefore generally expect that as a direct...
  16. tombyers

    Did any of those monks prepare ahead for a dark age?

    Those monastic scriptoria did us a great service preserving important manuscripts through the most recent European dark age. Did any of those monks see the dark age coming ahead of time? Or did they just do their best once it hit? Sure would be great if somebody hid a whole library in some dry...
  17. fire_of_sekhmet

    Rare medical, astronomical manuscripts A number of rare and invaluable medical and astronomical manuscripts have been found at the National Library of Egypt (also known as Dar al-Kotob). A senior official at Alexandria Library said Saturday that the...