1. C

    WWII-Operation Barbarossa - Order of battle map for 22nd Jun 1941

    I'm researching on WWII armies deployment maps. Can anyone help me in finding map on 22nd june,1941 (Operation Barbarossa). It should be detailed upto "Corps" level??
  2. A

    Animated Maps of WW2

    I found a good channel on Youtube that has some very well put together maps of various fronts in WW2, which do a great job of showing the immensity of the war, and how operational campaigns and even strategy were formed. Well worth the watch, especially if you have a background of knowledge...
  3. MrKap

    16th century Africa maps (Climate Change)

    There are quite a few maps from the 16th century that depict Africa with rivers. Big rivers. Bigger than the nile. FROM: Is there any archeological evidence on port trading cities, or perhaps...
  4. 9

    European Theater Maps WWII

    I just finished retracing my grandfather's complete history during his time in Europe during WWII. I am wanting to do a nice presentation for our family. Mainly his 6 children. I have searched everywhere for a large map or maps that would allow me to show his footsteps from England into France...
  5. Futurist

    A series of maps about Germany published in Fortune Magazine on September 1, 1939

    Here is a series of maps about Germany published in Fortune Magazine on September 1, 1939--on the eve of World War II: And here is a larger resolution version of these maps: It's quite interesting to look at what Germany looked like almost 80 years ago--at the start of World War II.
  6. Naima

    ancient maps of asia

    hi I would like to know of ancient map samples ... not modern maps ... I woukd like to see art styles from India to China and Japan possibly.
  7. Futurist

    Ethnic maps of Romania in 1930 and Yugoslavia in 1981

    Basically, I found various ethnic maps for Romania and for Yugoslavia in 1981. All of these maps are in English and since I don't think that anyone here has previously posted either of these map series on this forum, I felt that I myself should do this. Thus, here goes: Romania in 1930...
  8. Y

    World History Maps from 3000 BC to 2000 AD

    I made a world history maps from 3000 BC to 2000 AD. The maps show the historical situation of the world at the beginning of every 100 year. I made it with reference to various materials and sites. (,, ...) If you...
  9. O

    What if Columbus had modern maps and charts?

    What if Columbus with his three little ships, as primitive as the were, had modern maps and charts, and the ability to use them, and the determination to go to Asia sailing west, what could he have accomplished? With knowing where everything was, and avoiding bad weather and bad people how...
  10. Dayton Lavon Kitchens

    Looking For World War Three Maps (1985-91 era)

    As someone who has always been interested in alternative ends of the Cold War and inspired by elevated Russian hostility to U.S./NATO interests in Eastern Europe recently, I was wondering if someone could point me to speculative maps of a Soviet led Warsaw Pact invasion of West Germany and...
  11. H

    South America / Brazil video map on YouTube

    Hi, Just wanted to share some of the work I've been doing, I am trying to video map most countries from Latin America. I received positive comments on another thread so posting here my second video about Brazil: lBt6G_ni160. Gathering the necessary information for this isn't easy and the video...
  12. L

    Pre-Carolingian Monastery Maps?

    Hello, Does anyone know a good place to find a relatively modern map of European monasteries / manuscript production centers, preferably pre-Carolingian? I know that's somewhat specific, sorry! Let me know if you have any advice. Thanks!
  13. Naima

    Historical climate change maps?

    Hello are there any historical maps that show how climate changed over time from lets say the dawn of men and written words up till modern time and how men impacted slowly it?
  14. Futurist

    A collection of historical maps of the Baltic region

    Here is a collection of historical maps of the Baltic region: Historical Baltic Maps ? 19th and 20th century maps of Estonia and Latvia This collection also contains some maps of Europe in general. Basically, I find this collection interesting because it both shows the styles of 19th and early...
  15. Yordie

    Hey, Hey Everyone

    I'm a history enthusiast from Florida, USA. My interest includes American, European and Asian History. I also have a special interest in Ancient Rome, Science, Wars, Religion, and Maps. I'm educated in the sense that "I never let schooling interfere with my education."
  16. civfanatic

    Mapping the Early Chalukya State: Epigraphic and Linguistic Distributions

    I decided to make two maps of the early Chalukya state (Chalukyas of Badami), one showing the distribution of the find-spots of Chalukya inscriptions, and another showing the district-wise distribution of languages used in the inscriptions. The results were rather illuminating, and quite...
  17. civfanatic

    French Map of South India, June 1737: One of the First Accurate Maps of South India

    The map below was created by Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville, one of the greatest geographers and cartographers of the 18th century. His map of South India is more accurate than any previous map of South India. It is notably absent of all mythological elements, and its matter-of-fact...
  18. C

    Looking for ANY data on vietnam war (but especially graphs, tables, maps etc.)

    Hello, i'm looking for any data on the vietnam war that you might know of. I'm especially interested in things like costs of US-involvement in Vietnam over time (per year), American govt. employees in Vietnam (not just soldiers, but beginning with the CIA), over time maps of territory with...
  19. leakbrewergator

    Japanese Historical Maps

    I was made aware of this really cool resource. It is a collection of old maps of Japan and Tokyo. The site offers an outstanding feature in which the map is overlayed over a current Google Earth view of Japan. Its really interesting to see how the art of cartography developed over time in...
  20. PaKeeza

    The World according to The Ancients - Maps

    What was the known world to the ancients? I was looking at map by showing the world according to Herodtus. So I played with Google Maps and I tried to transpose Herodotus's known world and this is what I ended up with. If others feel like adding thier versions or move along the timeline please...