1. Azad67

    Were Marathas really threat to Islam?

    Pakistani literature emphasize a lot that Shah Waliullah wrote letters to Abdali that come to India and rescue Islam from Marathas , that Islam would have vanished from India like it vanished from Spain...... Marathas are considered champions and heroes of Hindu cause by today's Hindu...
  2. G

    Why did Marathas not grab Delhi for themselves rather than reinstating Mughals

    Even if the Mughals were subservient and paying taxes to Marathas and were also ruling only a small suburb in Delhi. Why did Mahadji Shinde not take Delhi under the Peshwai control rather than keeping it under ceremonial Mughal headship. Would adding Delhi to the Confederacy and thus making it...
  3. G

    Would the Marathas have unified India if the Brits never came

    Would the Marathas have managed to conquer the following kingdoms and unified the core of Indian lands 1. Tipu 2. Nizam 3. Bengal 4. Awadh 5. Sikhs 6. Rajputs 7. Jats
  4. G

    Would the Marathas have conquered whole of India if not for British

    Had the British not invaded India would the Marathas in such a scenario have completed a full fledged Hindu reconquista of the Indian subcontinent or atleast all the Hindu majority areas of India? Also under this scenario how would the modernisation of India take place. Would it accelerate or...
  5. Azad67

    Daler Khan Afghan : the scourge of Marathas

    Diler Khan Daudzai
  6. Azad67

    It was Malik Ambar who introduced Marathas to Guerilla warfare

    From book: Aurangzeb and his times
  7. G

    why and how did the marathas lose the battle of burdwan against ali vardi khan

    They were the strongest power around that time in the subcontinent. They had also beaten Bengali nawabs in orissa as well parts of Bengal in bishnupur. Why is it that they lost the decisive war at burdwan against nawabs of Bengal. Had they won this war they might have captured large chunks if...
  8. G

    What if Peshwas raised the banner of a Hindu crusade during their peak

    What if during their peak when they were battling powers such as Nizams, Bengal, Awadh, Tipu etc. as well as the battle of Panipat with Afghans. Would it have been better for Peshwas to use the banner of a Hindu resistance, Hindu reconquista or a Hindu revolt against Muslim hegemony. Like asking...
  9. Azad67

    Civilian Maratha pilgrimage in Panipat. Were Marathas taking Abdali non-seriously?

    I have went through some Indian sources and according to it there were more than 3 lakh (300 thousands) pilgrims, mostly women , who accompanied Maratha army to the site of battle which was anticipated to be bloody. There are some points which does not make much sense and raises questions, 1-...
  10. DrvanNostrand

    Why did the Marathas succeed in their mission but Vijayanagar didnt?

    Both Shivaji and the founders of the Vijanagar empire felt their mission was the liberation and protection of Hindus. While Vijayanagar did indeed uproot Muslim power from the south and defended Indic culture for nearly 3 centuries, it was playing defense for the most part and collapse while the...
  11. G

    Why did Marathas raid Sringeri Mutt

    There seems to be some coresspondance letter between Tipu and the Mutt mentioning his sadness that Marathas raided Sringeri. Why the hell would the supposed torch bearers of Hinduism at that time attack the Shankara Mutt? Considering that Marathas at Jingee and other places were reasonably well...
  12. Azad67

    Marathas never reached Attock let alone Peshwar and Khyber Pass

    Some Maratha Historians hold that the Marathas planted their banner on the walls of Attock, a statement which is not borne out by facts. The Maratha adventure in Punjab has been acclaimed by some historians as "carrying the hindu paramountcy upto attock. It is doubtful if the Maratha army...
  13. G

    Why did Marathas and Rajputs not cement an alliance

    The Marathas claimed some kind of descendency from Rajputs and both came from places where the common Hindu populace had suffered hugely under Mughal rule. Rajputs had cemented some marital alliances by marrying their daughters to Mughal rulers. Why would they not want to do the same with their...
  14. G

    Why could the Marathas not vanquish Adil Shahi and Nizam Shahi themselves

    Despite gaining several victories with Shivaji at the helm why did these deccan sultanates not eventually get defeated by Marathas but rather the Mughals. Why could the Marathas not strike the final blow? Because having defeated them especially Bijapur would have given them greater resources to...
  15. G

    Why did Marathas not rebuild temples in Mathura, Kashi etc.

    When they conquered places in North India why did they not rebuild destroyed temples. I mean its hard to believe that a Hindu empire did not see any symbolic significance in building temples in such iconic pilgrim towns and yet carrying pilgrims to the battlefield in Panipat at the time of war...
  16. G

    Why did the Marathas keep a Mughal puppet in Delhi and not rule it themselves

    When they had the power to do so, why did they not directly rule it and keep Shah Alam as puppet? Wouldnt this have been better for them to keep an eye on Afghan invasions as well and control India through Delhi? Was it a sign of inferiority complex that only a Mughal man could rule Delhi even...
  17. G

    What if the Sikhs under Ranjit Singh fought the Marathas

    Who do you think would have won the battle
  18. G

    Would any of these alliances have helped the Marathas at the 3rd battle of Panipat

    Rajputs, Sikhs, Jats, Gurkhas, Ahoms, Mysore and the Brits-French? For the Jats they would have had to put Suraj Mal's dummy in Delhi(atleast till the end of the war) as a puppet ruler. I think this was the easiest demand to meet. Rajputs they just needed to suspend the heavy taxation of...
  19. Modest Learner

    Was it right for Marathas to form a Confederacy?

    Maratha Empire was already very large, well-administered, and the most powerful one in India. Then, it was divided into the knights, and made a Confederacy. Was it a wise decision?? Why couldn't a single ruler rule the whole Maratha lands?? Mughals were doing this for years, then why Marathas...
  20. Underlankers

    On this day in 1674:

    Shivaji, the Hindu warlord who consolidated the Maratha Empire was crowned in a traditional Hindu ceremony as the Rajah of the Maratha Kingdom. His coronation marked the dawn of a state that would last into the 1810s, and proved to be a formidable enemy to Mughal and British alike. Shivaji was...