1. Futurist

    The French March Onto Berlin in 1936

    Note: I try to limit (perhaps not very successfully, unfortunately :() how much I post on the other parts of this forum (since I don't want to anger the moderators or to take away attention from other people's threads), but I think that the speculative history section here allows for ideas and...
  2. jameen

    Eliminating Chinese Communists in the Long March

    What are the flawed tactics used by KMT the reason the Chinese Communists were not all eliminated and what are the right tactics that should be done instead?
  3. Futurist

    Hitler occupies the Baltic countries instead of Czechia in March 1939

    What if Adolf Hitler would have occupied the Baltic countries instead of occupying Czechia in March 1939? For the record, the logic behind this would be that the Baltic countries would be a more logical Lebensraum destination than Czechia due to their lower population density.
  4. tuesdayschild

    29th of March

    That is the day that Britain leaves the EU. I was asked by my daughter to vote "Remain" as I am too old to worry about the outcome. Your thoughts?
  5. jameen

    KMT's flawed tactics during the Long March

    What are the flawed tactics of KMT troops when eliminating the Chinese Communists during their Long March? What should the KMT army do instead in order to eliminate all the Communists during that March?
  6. notgivenaway

    Options other than a march to the sea.

    Let's say that instead of the March to the Sea that Grant and Sherman, with Abe's approval of course, launched an assault on Virginia? There is no way the CSA could hold off this, and Grant and Sheman knew that Atlanta was a safe holding. It may also have quickened the war, as there were few...
  7. B

    Military Casualties on Sherman's March

    Wikipedia lists the casualties for both sides as "?". The documentary I saw showed the Home Guard, made up of wounded soldiers, boys, and old men, being mowed down. It also said that many of the parties sent out did not return. It showed that Sherman's forces found one of the parties tied...
  8. grey fox

    Theft and vandalism and Sherman's March to the Sea

    The thread "Were the Southern generals traitors?" on the American History subforum digressed into the question: Was Sherman a war criminal? The digression largely focuses on whether or not Sherman violated the Lieber Code and/or any other Codes of Warfare or contemporary standards of warfare...
  9. S

    Muslim 'peace march' held in Germany but turnout disappoints

    They were expecting thousands of Muslims, but only a few hundred showed up. Germany's largest Muslim association refused to participate. "The Turkish-Islamic Union argued it would send the wrong signal by suggesting that international terrorism is mainly a Muslim problem." And therein lies the...
  10. E

    Ides of March - Choose a side

    You are a Roman Senator. You are approached by another senator who has asked you and you want to join a plot to publicly murder Caesar. Would you have joined them? I would have. Everything Caesar's worst enemies believed about him was true. He really did want to dismantle the Republic and make...
  11. JoanOfArc007

    1917 Petrograd March for Women's Suffrage

    Considering the upcoming 100th Anniversary of the Petrograd Womens March, LLOQASmngrE The Womens March was a part of the February Revolution February Revolution begins - Mar 08, 1917 -
  12. DeadCorn

    Moving a scorpio on the march

    I have seen Scorpios depicted in stationary repose, even so in battle. But how were they moved? Atop a horse drawn flat-top or drawn upon it's own wheels by carrier, ie: mule or horse? How was a scorpio moved across virgin terrain?
  13. Vintersorg

    Jihad: Brussels explosions, several injured after multiple explosions

    22 March 2016 - Brussels Terrorrist attacks Well, it seems that it's our turn here in Belgium. This morning, two bombs exploded in the Zaventem Airport, killing at least one person. Somewhat later, a bomb exploded in the Brussels metro. This happened one week after a police raid discovered...
  14. P

    74th annivesary of ST. NAZAIRE RAID MARCH 1942

    This week just gone marks the 74th anniversary of ''Operation Chariot '' when the former USN destroyer ''USS BUCHANAN'' -packed with hidden explosives blew up in the St Nazaire dock that Tirpitz could have otherwse used with lots of German officers oon board when she blew. One ironic fact about...
  15. N

    please let me know this ottoman march

    at 2.26 what's the song name??? seriously.
  16. D

    This Day in History: FDR Founds March of Dimes

    Even though I was aware of his battle with polio, I didn't know that FDR founded the March of Dimes. Here's some more information on what prompted him to do this in 1938: This Day in History: FDR Founds the Marches of Dimes
  17. Futurist

    A Mar. 1918 article about the possibility of a German annexation of the Baltic states

    Take a look at page 21 of this book to see and read this specific March 2, 1918 article :)...
  18. Vintersorg

    What if "Stonewall" Jackson had been in Sherman's place during the March to the Sea

    What if "Stonewall" Jackson had been in Sherman's place during the March to the Sea I've been reading Bruce Catton's excellent book This Hallowed Ground and I keep thinking about this specific passage: Considering how Jackson is quasi-deified and Sherman is totally vilified by some people...
  19. F

    Russian coup d'état in March, 2015?

    Last week there was widespread speculation in the press and media about tha absence of Mr Putin for several days. The reasons for his absence ranged from the banal - he had a cold - through his girlfriend gave birth on to the dramatic, there had been a coup d'état and Mr Putin had been...
  20. S

    China invasion of Johnson Reef of Vietnam on March 14th 1988

    China invasion of Johnson Reef of Vietnam on March 14th 1988 On March 14th, 1988, China used force to occupy the Johnson Reef of Vietnam. China's navy used heavy arms to massacre underequipped Vietnamese sailors. Such brutal acts were strongly condemned by international community. However, China...