1. Princess Of Manchester

    Bloody Mary

    Why does everyone talk about Elizabeth 1 but they never talk about Mary 1? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Princess Of Manchester

    Was Mary Queen Of Scots To Emotional To Be Queen?

    Was Mary To Emotional To Be Queen? Example; Going Back To Scotland Even Though It Was Dangerous For Catholics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Tammuz

    Goddess Isis as model for Virgin Mary

    Good witnesses for the origin of Marian devotion from polytheistic cults are early Christian church fathers like Epiphanius and Anastasius, who opposed the Marian devotion, exactly because it had a pagan background, but without success, since the need among the people for a replacement for the...
  4. JaddHaidar

    Mary and Elizabeth Tudor's relationship

    Of course it's beyond dispute that Mary Tudor, the future Mary I of England, despised Anne Boleyn, whom she thought of as as a homewrecker who broke up her parent's marriage, as the culprit of her and her mother's ill treatment, and her deteriorating relationship with her father. To Mary, Anne...
  5. LatinoEuropa

    Mary Celeste

    Mary Celeste (also misnamed by Marie Celeste was an American merchant brigantine that was found adrift and unmanned in the Atlantic Ocean off the Azores on December 4, 1872 Someone has more information about the boat Mary Celeste. In portuguese O Mary Celeste (também designado, erradamente...
  6. JaddHaidar

    How did James VI and I feel about his mother, Mary?

    I'm certain most people interested in Tudor England and 16th century Europe overall, like I've grown to become, are familiar with the events regarding Mary, Queen of Scots, the eventual succession of her son James which paved way to the union of England and Scotland and the shaping of Britain as...
  7. JaddHaidar

    Mary Stuart's marriage to the Earl of Bothwell?

    Mary's marriage to Bothwell confuses me the most. Bothwell and Mary appeared to be chums for quite a while. Mary and Francis received him in Paris and as he put it "The Queen recompensed me more liberally and honourably than I had deserved", she kept him at court even when he proved to be...
  8. W

    Collegiate Church of Mary Magdalene in Poznań

    Reconstruction of Collegiate Church of Mary Magdalene in Poznań (demolished in 1802) TywJsybD5iA The height of the combined tower and spire from ground level was 114,8 metres. A painting showing Sigismund II...
  9. F

    Mary Draper (Inglis)

    A series on local TV Brave New World tells the story of the Ulster-Scots in America. Just watching part 3 which tells of Mary Draper and the abduction of her and her children by the native Americans/Indians. It said that she was taken into slavery but along with another woman escaped and...
  10. AlpinLuke

    Only two Gospels and the Koran make reference to the virginity of Mary ...

    Only the Gospels by Matthew and Luke report the virginity of Mary. The curiosity about this is that the only other Holly Text stating the virginity of Mary is ... the Koran, not the other two Gospels! There are other not canonical Gospels reporting this, but those Gospels have been dismissed...
  11. D

    This Day in History: William & Mary gets charter

    On this day in 1693, The College of William & Mary receives its charter, becoming the second institution of higher learning in America. This Day in History: February 9
  12. Balian

    Mary, Queen of Scots

    I am not sure if this is actually the rigth place to put this question. But i was looking at the wikipedia page of Mary, Queen of Scots and i noticed that is says that she was 1.80 m tall. Is that actually true was she really that tall ?
  13. C

    Mary, Queen of Scots and Francis II of France's son

    Francis II of France died at 16 after two years of childless marriage to Mary, Queen of Scots. Now imagine they had a son and that won was brought up as a protestant. This son would have been the rightful heir of France and Scotland, but also England and Ireland. Such an union could have major...
  14. Balian

    Is it really fair to only name Mary I as Bloody of the Tudor Monarchs?

    I may be wrong but i read some where that she had far less people executed on average in a year than the other Tudor monarchs. So why is Mary I the only one that is called Bloody. I mean based on what i understand the other Tudor monarchs was just as bloody if not even more. Yes i know she...
  15. M

    Early Christianity

    I have a few questions i need answered for my sanity please help if you can... 1. Was Mary magdeline really a prostitute? 2. Could she have been Jesus' wife? In some of the gospels that weren't included in the bible refer to her as the companion of Christ, what is your interpretation? It also...
  16. J

    A New Look at the Mary Celeste

    Greetings everyone! I was doing research recently on the unsolved mystery of the Mary Celeste. For those of you who don't know, the Mary Celeste was a ship that was to transport 1,700 barrels of alcohol from New York to Portugul in November, 1872. It was boarded by crew members of another ship...
  17. P

    10 year old Mary Hooton Industrial slave?

    Ellen Hooton*was a ten year old girl from*Wigan*who gave testimony to the Central Board of His Majesty's Commissioners for inquiring into the Employment of Children in Factories, 1833. *She had been working for 2 years at a*spinning frame, in a*cotton mill*along with other children. She worked...
  18. S

    Mary Queen of Scots

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea for my historical investigation i have to do at school. I am very interested in the history of the royal family especially Mary Stuart. I was thinking of the Murder of Lard Darnley and the Casket letters, or her mental stability and...
  19. CathareHeretic

    The tomb of Mary Magdalene discovered in France

    an imaginary line that leads with the help of the author of Peter Pan, James M. Barrie, to the tomb of the most famous and enigmatic woman in history: Mary Magdalene. This imaginary line, we named the ULN, the Neolithic Sacred Line, the line crosses the largest religious cities worldwide. And...
  20. H

    If Henry had to judge Elizabeth & Mary's reigns

    We are all familiar with King Henry VIII struggles to produce a son as his successor to his throne and the lengths that he went to in order to achieve this. From what you know of Henry's worldview, if he had been able to see the reigns of his two daughters Mary and Elizabeth whose reign do you...