1. JaddHaidar

    Interpreting the symbols associated with Mecca's three chief goddesses

    pre-Islamic Mecca's three chief goddesses were Allat, al-Uzza and Manat, the goddesses of war, fertility and fate respectively. Those three goddesses, thought by the Meccans to be sisters, like many other deities around the world had their unique symbolism which they were associated with...
  2. K

    Crusaders attack Mecca

    Sometime during the crusades, crusader knights from the Kingdom of Jerusalem dragged several galleys overland until the reached the Gulf of Aqaba and from there, they went on to raid several Muslims ports in the Red Sea until they were eventually caught. What if, the Crusaders launch a somewhat...
  3. Garlaban

    Iran Bans Pilgrimages to Mecca

    " Iran has banned all imports from Saudi Arabia and told Iranians they can't join pilgrimages to its holy cities of Mecca and Medina. The announcement Thursday follows Saudi Arabia's decision to break off diplomatic and economic ties with Iran after its embassy in Tehran was attacked. Saudi...
  4. Frank81

    Mecca: 717 people killed in human avalanche

    Worst stampede in decades More than 700 killed in Saudi Hajj stampede - Al Jazeera English And this happens after more than 100 people got killed by a falling crane very close to the Kaaba.
  5. SafavideIrani

    Why did the Qarmatians sack Mecca in 930?

    As the title says: Why did the Qarmatians sack Mecca in 930? The reason i ask about this is because i find it weird that Muslims would be so aggressive to sack their own ''holy city.''
  6. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    year of the elephant(aksumite expedition to Makkah

    Year of the Elephant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Year of the Elephant | The Life of Muhammad The Prophet | by the Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project Very interesting, this great cathedral in Sanaa intrigues me. Have any archaeological remains survived? I...
  7. N

    When was Mecca known to the West?

    This triggers me a lot. Exactly when was Mecca (of course, as a holy site in Islam) known to the West? I have always been curious about the records.
  8. D

    Byzantine-Sassanid War (603-618) on the rise of Islam

    Examine in detail the 1.) political, 2.) economic 3.) religious impact of the war on pre-Islamic Arabia and how it caused specific changes in Meccan society that led to the establishment of the Submitter community and its eventual success over polytheists. What initial reactions to the war still...
  9. P


    In your opinion, when would the first night club be legally opened up in Mecca?
  10. Mohammed the Persian

    1979 Siege of Mecca

    During the siege of Mecca in 1979, Around 500 armed Islamic dissidents shocked the Islamic world by seizing control of the Masjid Al Haram (the mosque of Mecca). The insurgents declared that the Mahdi or redeemer of Islam, had arrived in the form of one of the insurgents' leaders and called on...
  11. Mohammed the Persian

    1987 Mecca Massacre

    July 31, 1987 : Iranian pilgrims in Mecca and Saudi Arabian security forces clashed with each other. Originally to have been a demonstration against the West for its support of Iraq during the 8 Year Iran-Iraq War, Saudi forces cordoned off the planned path of the demonstration, which led to a...