1. H

    Western Europe and the Med 1492-1512 (or so)

    I'm opening this thread because I'm hoping to learn a bit about what was happening in western Europe and the Mediterranean region within about the first 20 years after Columbus's discovery of the "New World". As far as European history this isn't a period I'm well read on so it'd be great if...
  2. Visigoth Panzer

    Did Middle Ages Barbarians in Eastern Europe use Cataphracts?

    Did any of the middle ages barbarians (after fall of western empire) in eastern Europe (such as Avars, Bulgars, Magyars, Lombards, Cumans, etc...) use Cataphracts? Some of them had extensive contact with the Byzantines (Bulgars especially), did they pick up on their use of it? The Sarmatians...
  3. Sobo

    Austrian foreign minister: close down med / abolish geneva convention nonsense...

    I fully agree with the new plan from Sebastian Kurz regarding the mediterranean route. He closed down the Balkan this spring and i´m very thankful for that. His new plan for the mediterranean sea is perfect as well. He plans to adopt the australian model All boats will be stopped on high sea...
  4. W

    Eastern Med as a coherent unit?

    In the later middle ages? Would it be fair to deem it as such or are the cultural differences between polities too huge by now?
  5. davu

    New Infor on Med. Volcanoes

    Thera eruption post info and documents and anything else with this and I do agree with Ouroboros --- lots of action but the dating is just screwed up. And the physical sciences are in conflict with the "recorded" history. And the recorded history is in conflict with the "recorded history"...
  6. R

    Hi from the very center of the Med sea

    Hi there .... I'm an 18-year old Maltese student who's heading on for university within a few months. My interests are mainly Middle-east history and European history, though I have a fondness for Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. Nice to meet you all :)
  7. corrocamino

    Bronze age boy near Stonehenge came from Med
  8. M

    Med :D:D

    Hello hello hello Im Med. Im from Birmingham and Im male and I like history. Phewww feels good to get that off ma chest :p Seriously though, I enjoy history - for some reason I like Tudor history and generally European medieval history. Im not doing owt academically linked to history, just...