1. Kirialax

    Normans vs spiders - who would win?

    Spiders, obviously. Hence why it's not in speculative history. From Geoffrey Malaterra, The Deeds of Count Roger 2.36 (trans. Wolf, p. 114) "Setting out from there, in the year of the Incarnation of the Lord 1064 with five hundred knights, the brothers crossed the sea at Faro and passed through...
  2. P

    Different images of warrior peoples in Greco-Roman litterature

    In surveying the corpus of Greco-roman litterature dealing with politics and warfare, there is a consistency between them as far as rating the fighting qualities of different peoples, usually opponents of greeks and romans. For instance, european peoples like thracians, celts, germans...
  3. Kirialax

    Online resources for studying Byzantine History, Feb. 2019 edition

    About a year and a half ago I posted a list of resources available online for studying Byzantium. I've made some updates and since the original thread does not permit editing at this point, I'm making a new one available to you here. This is just a sampler and a general guide; there's a lot more...
  4. Kirialax

    Augustine's 'City of God' in the middle ages

    The importance of St Augustine's writing to Latin Christianity cannot be overestimated, but how did scholars and theologians of the middle ages access Augustine, and especially, 'City of God'? Were they able to sort out fake texts ascribed to Augustine from real ones? Who actually had copies of...
  5. T

    Did a queen have the right to abort her unborn child by the king?

    In Medieval Europe, if a queen became pregnant with a child by the king but she didn't want it. Let's assume the king didn't have any child yet. Did she have the right of abortion?
  6. Kirialax

    Military logistics to A.D. 1500, a very incomplete bibliography

    Some of my recent work has concerned pre-modern military logistics, and I thought that I'd share some of the bibliography that I have built up. This is primarily medieval and eastern Mediterranean, and heavily focused on scholarship written in English. I'd appreciate additions from anyone who...
  7. Balsamo Medieval Coat of Arms

    Balsamo Medieval Coat of Arms

    Balsamo Medieval Coat of Arms
  8. B

    Medieval hammered silver coins

    I collect them. They are awfully thin. I guess that was the idea so they wouldn't have much silver content. They are fragile now. It seems like they could break easily. It would be easy to take off pieces of them. Was they what the crime of coining was? Did coining only work on hammered coins...
  9. Visigoth Panzer

    Medieval Middle-Eastern Two-Handed Melee Weapons

    What kinds of two-handed melee weapons were used in the middle-east (the general area including and around Egypt-Turkey-Persia) during the later middle ages (1300-1600)? I see occasional references to halberds, axes, spears and lances but were there any other or unique types?
  10. chansey

    Can medieval noble women knights defeat male mobs?

    If a woman trained in combat and put on the best plate armor of the 15th century, can she beat a male mob wearing a leather armor? As far as I know, a good plate armor is very expensive, and few people can afford it except the nobility. If she can ride a horse, can she beat more male mobs...
  11. Rex Hiemis

    Illiteracy of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa

    In his book "Frederick Barbarossa: The Prince and the Myth" John Freed claims that Frederick Barbarossa was illiterate. Is it true? I don’t understand this how could an emperor of Holy Roman Empire be illiterate? I know that illiteracy was high among commoners but how was it among nobles? If an...
  12. M

    Were the Medieval Polish Composed of Barbarian Tribes Like in Germany?

    Because of the close proximity and lack of any real kings, it makes me wonder, "Were the Poles barbarians during the Middle Ages?" What was their history like during this time?
  13. T

    warfare history questio, 1939 nazi Germany and medieval world

    I have historical question: imagine that 1939 nazi Germany territory exists earlier, with population, cities, industry, supplies, equipment, ground naval and air forces, and whole world outside of Germany is from previous period of history. Would nazi Germany be able to conquer United Kingdom...
  14. M

    Why Does Poland Have No Medieval History?

    Like ever looked up books on medieval Poland? They're some of the most non-existent books ever. You can find plenty of information on Hitler's invasion of Poland, but that's about it, which I find very disappointing. :deadhorse: What is the history of medieval Poland, and how does one go about...
  15. W

    America discovered earlier

    What would have happened if the Americas had been discovered earlier, e.g. in the 13th century. By 'discovered' I mean publicly discovered with everyone to actually know about it. Maybe the caravel gets invented in the year 1200 and so it goes. By the time of European arrival in America their...
  16. Visigoth Panzer

    Types of Medieval Military Crossbow Bolts

    For medieval military crossbow bolts, what kinds were there? I've heard of bodkin and broadheads, as well as a type I recently found called square-faced bolt heads. These are described as having square-faced heads with four small points, one at each corner of the head, so that they might not...
  17. Visigoth Panzer

    How Powerful of a Medieval Crossbow is Needed to Penetrate Mail?

    How powerful of a medieval European crossbow (poundage wise) do you need to penetrate riveted mail at close range (using bodkin points)? I've seen numerous articles and videos that don't give clear answers on this (some use butted mail, normal bolts, modern crossbows and other variables). This...
  18. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Interesting Examples of Medieval Statuary

    The art of statue carving is generally associated with antiquity and the renaissance, and perhaps justly so in large part, but this association can lead to a passing over of the rich traditions of statuary which existed in many different times and places in the medieval world. The goal of this...
  19. N

    Wiping arsch in medieval times.

    From wiki, which lists arsch-wiping things in pre-toilet paper ages: "Elsewhere, wealthy people wiped themselves with wool, lace or hemp, while less wealthy people used their hand when defecating into rivers, or cleaned themselves with various materials such as rags, wood shavings, leaves...
  20. J

    Economic history of medieval Netherlands/Flanders/Brabant

    Can anyone suggest a good economic history of the rise of the Netherlands/Flanders/Brabant, especially for the period 1000-1500? Thanks.